I watch you every day of my life. Every day I turn on the computer, and put this channel on. And I listen to (Supreme) Master (Ching Hai), I listen to the testimonies. And I love that there are people who feel and think about this different way of living. And well, I love you very much, and here we are in touch. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary. We've been working with Supreme Master Television for quite a while now. And it's been a very positive experience for us. With your satellite TV channel, it's managed to get the message out to a bigger audience, a wider audience, and ultimately, that helps in the movement.

Hallo, enchanting viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants for a very festive celebration of Supreme Master Television’s 5th Anniversary! Today we present the first in a two- part series featuring memorable highlights of the past year’s shows.

And what a year it’s been - filled with profiles of fascinating wild animals from around the world, stories of the heroics of noble, dedicated search-and-rescue dogs, amazing insights from telepathic animal communicators and visits to fantastic animal sanctuaries. We start with the 80 adorable Giant Pandas living happily at the Chengdu Panda Base in China.

In their natural habitat, pandas’ staple food is bamboo. Bamboo makes up 99% of their diet, so 99% of their nutrition comes from bamboo.

In the wild, they mainly eat bamboo. There are more than 60 types of bamboo that pandas eat; about 27 types are their favorites. They also eat other things like wild fruits and other plants, such as angelica. Sometimes they eat tree bark and grass.

When Supreme Master Ching Hai attended the COP16 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, she was greeted by a magnificent zopilote or American Black vulture, who perched regally on her hotel balcony one day just to say “Hallo.”

Zopilotes, wow. So big, big. Majestic, and powerful. He feels powerful, but he came so sweetly, like a pigeon. Even in the eyes, he’s so sweet, so sweet, full of love! My God, melts my heart, you know. I could just sit there forever, forever, forever. The two of us sitting there, looking into each other’s eyes. No words spoken, and he was so loving, love, oh, my God. If all humans were so loving like that, ah, we would have peace.

Alexander Nevzorov is well known in Russia. He is an inspiring, enlightened trainer who compassionately teaches complex movements to horses without using anything that could potentially hurt or cause pain to an equine including reins, bits, bridles, saddles and even riders!

This is Perst, who is also ‘Tashunko Vitko’ – the furious horse, has proven himself capable of love and forgiveness.

Now raised on the principles of Haute Ecole without punishments, bits, or any infringements of liberty, he has revealed himself as a wise and noble animal, and working with him never requires any bits or force.

Actually, it is hard to find a horse without a heart of gold in the whole world, I believe it is impossible. They all have golden hearts.

In India, our hearts were warmed by the work of Maneka Gandhi, a Member of Parliament, champion of animal rights and the honored recipient of the prestigious Shining World Compassion Award.

I simply cannot see the difference between a two-legged animal and a four-legged one. And I can’t see them think differently. I can’t see them love differently. I can’t see them talk differently. We have to respect them, as they respect us. In almost every which way, they’re cleverer than us. They can fly. They can navigate. They can make straight lines without rulers. They can do millions of things we can’t do. So to simply destroy a superior species, or to eat somebody who’s related to you, you know genetically, the closest relation to a human is the pig. So to eat your first cousins, seems to me to be gross.

We also met many animals who serve us in humble, noble ways, such as the search- and-rescue dogs who willingly risk their lives to ensure the well-being of others.

They’re so driven that we actually have to monitor them to make sure that they don’t work themselves too much, especially in the heat. They’ll work themselves until they drop if we don’t, so we’re very cognizant of it, we’re very aware of what our dogs are all about. We know when they’re working and, and what their limits are, and hydration and care and everything else. So the bond between the partner and the dog is very important.

This has also been a wondrous year filled with reports on animal heroes, such as Pinky, a friendly little Boxer who allowed herself to be stung 40 times by a swarm of bees to save her caregiver’s life. In recognition of her bravery, loyalty and devotion, Pinky was honored with the Shining World Hero Award.

Shining World Hero Award Laureate

Every time I get hurt, she always goes directly to me.

I think that Pinky herself has a sense of loyalty that I do believe most dogs have; I think that the dog picks you, you don’t pick the dog. And Pinky has been a special part of our family. Her heroism was completely unexpected. It goes to show that they have loyalty. You just have to wait and let it show, let it shine.

The past year also saw many touching stories of humans who saved animal lives, such as Ray Cole of Australia, a Shining World Hero Award laureate, who courageously rescued a helpless kangaroo from drowning.

They tried to save the kangaroo, but as they went to get it, the current grew taller than the kangaroo, and pulled it further into the river. My boy looked at me and said, “Can you save the kangaroo, Dad?”

And so we went out for about 19 meters, that’s how deep the water was according to the markers. And from there it was a struggle trying to stay up in the water to get the kangaroo; I was able then to grab him, right around the neck, and lift him up on the debris.

We met people who devote their lives to ensuring that animals are respected and protected, such as veterinarian Dr. Elliot Katz, founder of the US-based non-profit organization In Defense of Animals which was honored with the Shining World Hero Award by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

I felt it was important for people to start thinking and acting as a guardian of that animal as opposed to the owner or a master. It’s a whole different relationship. But the next generation of kids growing up thinking themselves as the guardians of the animals will change the paradigm.

In addition, we met fellow animal lovers, such as Jennifer Parkhurst, an Australian wildlife photographer and artist who has spent years living among, and documenting the lives of, the delightful, dignified dingoes of Fraser Island.

The emotional life of dingoes is what makes them so special. They’re a very family-oriented animal. And just the way that they interact with each other, it’s really clear that they do have emotions and that they do care about each other. Also, dingoes are unique as far as wild animals go in that they have a long history of companionship with people. They like companionship with each other. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, how hot it is or anything like that, they always snuggle up close together when they’re having their daily naps.

We featured interviews with many delightful telepathic animal communicators who shared their knowledge of the inner lives of our animal co-inhabitants.

Listen to the animals. A lot of people are scared to hear what the animals have to say. Don’t be. If you can hear what your animal companion really has to say, what their wish is, what their dream is, then you can also enhance the animal companion’s life.

A lot of them say, “Be true to yourself Do the things that you love and really don’t let people tell you what to do; this is your life.” So a lot of animals say that.

We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Director of the Primate Research Institute in Japan who explained the deep, tender, loving nature of chimpanzees.

One of the most impressive things that sticks in my mind is that the tie between mother and child is very strong. Concerning a chimpanzee’s child-raising, the mother wholeheartedly brings up her child until the child becomes five or six years old, and then starts to give birth to the next child. Therefore, I think that the bonds between parents and their child are very strong.

A chimpanzee's mother never scolds her child. She never scolds, nor beats, nor ignores her child, nor treats her child roughly. The child can no longer live if treated like that. On the basis of the security or dependence, the child can gradually part from the mother, and become close with companions of other groups. The safe base from which to explore the outer world -- that is the role of the mother. I think that is how the mother shows her affection toward her child, and how love grows between the mother and her child. I think it’s splendid and beautiful.

And Worku Mulleta, a vegan from Ethiopia, introduced us to his beautiful friends, Coocoo and Ilu the chickens and Katy the canine.

They’re very pure, and they love you, they're very pure, and because of this, I love them very much. We give them housing, we give them food, we give them the attention they need, we play with them, they love (it), and they also give us (love), too.

This past year, we also visited a radiant, royal jewel, Her Highness Princess Maja von Hohenzollern of Germany, a lover of all animals.

Animals definitely have souls. Animals are precious. They are very precious. And a day without an animal is definitely a lost day. Everybody who dedicates themselves to animals has my highest respect.

For our 5th Anniversary, Princess Maja sent us the following caring message.

You are the only channel which really shows and depicts the connections between respectful and dignified living, between faith, between cosmopolitan lifestyles, between the vegan and vegetarian diet, between love for animals, between love and dignity of life and today’s current situation.

I send my warmest congratulations for the 5th Anniversary of Supreme Master Television.

What’s the best way each of us can protect our innocent animal co-inhabitants? Wayne Pacelle, CEO and President of the Humane Society of the United States, another of our distinguished interviewees, shared his thoughts.

Well, I do believe that if we’re going to be active on animal protection issues, we need to take steps in our personal lives to kind of wring the cruelty out of our lives, and the daily behaviors that we engage in, whether it’s food or clothing or buying products tested on animals, and opting for the alternatives.

Our animal friends are truly special and without them, our precious planet would simply not be the same.

So they all have their code, secret code. I told you, one of my birds, the two green ones, the two of them, they were left wild. Actually, they have never been tamed, but I can tame them if I use the code. You know, for the female, I say, “Smart bird,” yes, and she responds to that, she likes that. And the male … that was the female, I said, right? (Yes.) That’s female, yes. And for the male, I said, “Beautiful bird!” Then he likes that. Imagine? It’s supposed to be the opposite, but that is the way it was. Female, “smart bird,” she likes that; and male, “beautiful bird,” he likes that.

I wish that people do understand how to treat the animals; how to make them respond also. It is not that difficult if you have love. They will respond and you can be easily tuned in with them.

Esteemed viewers thank you for your company on today’s program. Please join us tomorrow on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants, as we present the concluding episode of our 5th Anniversary special, featuring more highlights from past year’s shows. May all animals be forever loved and cherished.

For five years you have given people the chance to communicate about the good on Earth. I congratulate you warmly not only as a man, as Jacek Bozek, but also as an environmental activist and defender of animals. Keep doing it. We'll support you as you are supporting us. All the best again.