Victoria:(Q3) Our next questioner became a vegan a few years ago, when he realized that it was a more compassionate and noble way of living. Mr. Alex Arndt, songwriter, musician, and lead singer of the band Sonic Paradigm now promotes the vegan diet through his songs.

Mr. Alex Arndt (m): Hallo, everyone. Hi, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Hallo.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Hi, Alex.

Mr. Alex Arndt (m): Hallo. I just wanted to say thank you for being my fan, I am also a big fan of yours, and I am so happy to ask you this question. My question is: As a musician, it seems to me that one of the most powerful things is art, in our world, and it connects us as human souls. Why do you think this is? Does the beauty of art remind us of another more noble way of life? Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, sure. Sure, Alex, sure. It's so nice to see you, a smart, handsome, compassionate musician. Voice of the voiceless, torchbearer for many people. I'm one of your fans as well. I wish you all the best as you continue to write and sing from your heart. Your songs are very touching and ringing with heartfelt truth and feeling, like 『There are No Slaughterhouses in the Spiritual World.』 So why would we want any on Earth, right? That's it. Your songs are powerful, very powerful, and art is powerful. You know that.

Art can speak to us deep inside without any explanation and language. It just goes straight to our heart. It can elevate a person's mood, dissolving the barriers of prejudice or preconceived notions, and going beyond the need for human language, for a perfect expression. And you know, Alex, artists like you are considered half-saints already. You are a vegan artist, so perhaps you are more than 50 percent. Congratulations. Aren't they nice? I could talk forever in this kind of atmosphere.

The artists are able to emulate the heavenly melodies and the beauties from above and try to express them on Earth as much as they can through their physical instrument and vocal. Because in Heaven, everything is so glorious and beyond imagination - full of divine Light and celestial sounds of music. That is what we call the higher vibrations of the universe, which we can hear anytime.

Like now, I'm speaking to you, I don't have any instrument and nobody is playing any harp around here, but I can hear the heavenly music at the same time. The inside melody, this music, is the real music, is the real inspiration behind all the greatest compositions on this planet. I know it because I myself experienced it. In ancient times, the spiritual practitioners who are connected to Heaven, at times tried to replicate the mesmerizing, wonderful music of the celestial abode by creating instruments. So, many of the instruments we have - like the harp, the piano, the violin, the flute, the Scottish bagpipes, etc. - they all correlate with the sounds of real Heavenly realms, except the real ones are much more incredibly uplifting, for this matter.

I know it because I can compare, because I hear the inner music and I can hear your outside music or other artist's music, so I can compare. Though the paints and the gold and precious gems can never be as brilliant as the ones in God's Kingdom, they also still help to remind people of their glorious, divine nature, or awaken to something beyond the ordinary world.

So, all artists help to awaken the noble qualities within humans. So, you are right to say that the beauty of art does remind us of our real Home. It's not just the aesthetic pleasure, but it resonates with our origin. The beauties we adore so much, are us. The nobility, love, and compassion, are us. Therefore, we are grateful to the artists, such as yourself, who have enriched our lives through their beautiful contributions. Let's continue working together until we create our own spiritual world paradise, Alex. Thank you. Heaven bless you.

Mr. Alex Arndt (m): Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Continue with your music.

MC(f): And we thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for your words are actually artistic to our souls. They're music. It's heavenly and we are moved with the compassion and passion of what your wisdom is all about. So thank you once again.

MC(m): Our next questioner is also a musician. He goes by the pen name DiViNCi and is renowned for his dynamic form of hip hop. He is most notable for doing many things simultaneously, and can even play music with his feet and face.

DiVinci (m): Thank you. I'm here with my group, Solillaquists of Sound, and we've dedicated our lives as both people and musicians to inspire everyone to recognize the power that they have as individuals. And it feels really great to be among so many other people that have dedicated their lives to the same thing, so thanks to everyone here, as well as Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Wow.

DiVinci (m): Can you comment on the children that are being born these days? Children like Akiane, they seem to be born with great gifts and maturity, and wisdom that's well beyond their years. What is their role in this time?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, I'd be glad to inform you. You just remember, there was one little beautiful girl, Akiane Kramarik. She is one of the, what we call, Indigo children or Crystal children. They're born from a different dimension, from a higher dimension, but unlike us they have the ability to retain their divinity, or at least some part of it, so that they can bring to this world some different gifts for us. We are all born from different dimensions, Mr. DiViNCi.

We are all divine. We are all born from a higher level of consciousness, from what I know. It's just that we have been degraded, we have come to this world and we have been confused, and the negative force of this realm has been deluding us and making us into what we have not willed to be. We should have been much better than what we are. That's why we are never satisfied with ourselves, no matter how much money we have, no matter how successful - big house, big car - something inside us always makes us feel… something's missing. Something… we don't know what. That is our divine origin trying to wake us up.

Indigo Children are the children who have exceptional talent for their age. They know more, way beyond their years. And people who have studied or spent time with these special, gifted children have told us about them. These are the youth who are born from higher dimensions and can retain some part of their intelligence, their wisdom and their talent, their quality of the higher dimension. Many children, don't have to be Indigo children, from the time of their birth until about three, four years of age, many of the children still can remember Heaven.

Sometimes they talk with each other about Heaven. Sometimes they told their parents about Heaven, but the parents would not listen, would not understand, because the parents have already forgotten. After 3-4 years of age we have forgotten our origin. So the Indigo children are the ones who still continue to remember after 4 or 5 years of age. Lucky for them. Perhaps it's Heaven's will to let these children come and remember their divine quality so that we have hope, so to remind us that we could attain like that. We could be like them, or perhaps we were like them. Yes, we are like them, Mr. DiViNCi.

Through my meditation, through my search of Heaven and Earth, I know we are all divine, Mr. DiViNCi. If only I can show it to you. If only I can let you know what I know. If only I can remove all the obstructive substances that many of us have been misled about and put into this temple, the divine temple, and blurred our consciousness. That's the reason we have forgotten our Godly origin. That's the reason why we forgot that we are truly the children of God. We've all heard that we're children of God but we don't know it. We don't really know it because we obstructed ourselves, because the negative force in this world is too heavy: they kind of surround us, they kind of oppress us so that we could not struggle to fight against it. And then we succumb to this negative force and degrade ourselves more and more every day.

That's why many Masters came to this planet since times immemorial to try to lift us up, to try to remind us. But the thing is, it's not that easy because we have been sleeping too long. Now, we're talking about the children, that they have retained some part of their divinity.

They've come because they've found that the atmosphere, perhaps, on our planet has become more suitable, more refined and brighter for them. Our planet has been changing recently for the better, you see, as more and more people are doing virtuous deeds, practice deep meditation, spiritual disciplines, and adopting the compassionate, vegan lifestyle. Nowadays, because the communication is so advanced, so the vegan lifestyle or spiritual lifestyle spreads very easily, unlike the time of Jesus.

So, nowadays, we don't have those harassments from misunderstanding like the time of Jesus or the time of Prophet Muhammad. Also, our human evolution has benefited from the spiritual Masters who have been gracing our Earth throughout history to bless us. So, the atmosphere of our world today has become more purified, despite the setbacks that we have also, at the same time, due to the uncompassionate way that we have been misled into living. Nevertheless, the part that can be purified, it has been purified, so our planet atmosphere has been receptive, uplifted to these higher dimensional levels.

So, some higher dimensional beings can come here - perhaps more in the future. These so-called Indigo or Crystal children have come to join us; as we continue to purify our world, we'll have more and more of them. They serve as innocent inspiration and reminder towards our own innate higher qualities, as we see their good energy, creativity, intelligence, wisdom and love put into practice.

For some of us who may not know much about these young people, I'll explain a little more. These children, they are born with many talents, including both the artistic and technological, way beyond their tender age. Their faith in the divine gives them a simple but clear sense of life's purpose. And, not only do they share their creative talents freely with the world, but they also have a lot of inborn virtues. Their nature is of unwavering honesty that can never be compromised by this world. They're lucky. They dislike suffering and injustice. They have more or less telepathic talent. They have intuitive feeling - very strong - so they are very sensitive to other people's feelings and animals' feelings.

Oftentimes they could communicate with animals since a young age already. Because their purity naturally repels substances such as chemicals, pollution, and unwholesome foods, these children are also vegetarian or vegan by their own choice, since very, very young, as their nobler selves would only allow them to be so. So, their presence is a blessing; it's a gift for the continued development of our world, and at the same time, they are an encouraging signal that our planet is on an elevating path.

We can only wish that more and more of them may come, and better yet, that more and more of their wonderful qualities will emerge in every one of us. Even as ordinary adults, we can cultivate spiritual consciousness still, or creativity, intelligence, and other abilities similar to what we see in these Indigo children. We all have the capacity and potential to be higher beings. We have just been suppressed by incorrect choices in life. We have been poisoning ourselves by misinformation. But, all these wonderful qualities, divinity, can be awakened any time.

I know that because I have my own experience. I wasn't born enlightened. You see? I searched for enlightenment, and I reached it at around 30 years of age - similar age to the Buddha. Buddha wasn't born enlightened, despite all the myths about him. You see, we still have a chance. In our group, many people older than you practice spiritual meditation and they regain their divinity, just the same like the Indigos or more even. So, we have choices. We have a chance. We can do anything we want because we are the children of God. Just believe it. It's truly like that.

Now, back to Earth. We can always regain all this divinity. Truly, I promise you with all honesty and honor, that we can have it. Every one of you sitting there, whatever age you are, if you don't even have any experience about Heaven, you don't even have any talent before, you don't even know what to meditate on - any one of you can attain this divinity again, reclaim it again, provided we have the right counteraction. And the first step is to switch to a more compassionate lifestyle, because that is what we are: we are compassion. A compassionate, vegan diet is the basic way of a higher being, a mark of a true human being.

A true human being would never kill. A true being would never harm another, even if his own life is threatened. A real gentleman steps wisely, understanding that all beings are connected, and that by taking a life, compromises his own human spirit and bringing the bad retribution of killing upon him. So, it is not solely the responsibility of these children to improve the world's consciousness level - we must all work together to bring Heaven closer to Earth. We can all do it; it's so simple. In my group, even children 5-6 years old can meditate and can hear the inside melody, can talk to God. If we want to bring Heaven to Earth, if that is our wish, so shall it be. Thank you and bless you for being a vegetarian, Mr. DiViNCi.

Mr DiVinci (m): Thank you.

MC(m): Many thanks, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for the scope of your vision and for reminding us that we are all God's children.

MC(f): Our next questioner, Mr. David Canther, is a former pastor and founder of ACTS World Relief. This organization provides hot meals, emotional care, emergency supplies, and medical assistance to those suffering from disasters. ACTS' mobile kitchens and medical units also provide inner city relief.

Mr. David Canther (m): Master, my heart was touched as you were sharing about Hurricane Katrina, and as you know we were there cooking with our kitchens hundreds of thousands of meals when the McDonalds were all closed. And so, we took the quantum leap of faith by offering to hundreds of thousands of people vegan meals.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Bless you.

Mr. David Canther (m): It was actually quite a shock when we put up signs on the top of the large tents that we brought in and we could offer different types of food that we listed what they were. The line that was always the longest was for vegetarian and vegan meals.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Oh! Oh, Incredible, incredible.

Mr. David Canther (m): The Red Cross was so interested in that, that it was a risk and they contacted me later and said,『Actually, you're the first organization that we would like to, in the future, offer to help pay for some of those meals because we can see how the community wants a broader amount of the choice of the kind of food they can eat.』

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Oh, Wonderful. Good news. Good news. Even in such a desperate situation.

Mr. David Canther (m): There are three questions which I have. What is the role of animals' divine presence on Earth? Do their roles and relationships with human beings deeply connect us further? And lastly, are they helping us to reach the Golden Era?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Okay, Mr. David Canther. First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you're vegetarian and you offer vegetarian meals to people, and that you give me the good news that the longest lines are the vegetarian food choice. I'm so happy, that means we have a chance to save the planet because more and more people want to be vegetarian. A very good sign, Mr. Canther. You see, even in such a desperate situation where people have nothing anymore and they just need food to survive, they still adhere to the vegetarian diet. Oh, God be praised.

Now, I answer your question. You deserve it. Only three questions? I would answer you 300.

Nice to hear good news. Nice to see good people. Mr. Canther, the role of all wondrous animals and their presence on Earth is to bring divine love onto this planet. The animals are so close to God, we humans can hardly imagine. We hear about plenty of examples, like the dogs that rescue disaster victims who otherwise would not have been found without their extraordinary abilities. They can guide the blind, they even sense when a person is about to have a seizure and dial the emergency telephone number. And then there are other animals we don't see as often, yet with a Heavenly role that is just as vital.

Like the whales and the seals that populate the vast oceans, covering 70% of our Earth, who bless us tremendously by their powerful and love-filled presence. You know, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), people build some small temples along the coast, many of them, to worship the whales because they want to show gratitude to the whales. Many of the boat people have been rescued by whales from the stormy sea or from a capsized boat; the whales rescue them in number. Since time immemorial, the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people have always built temples in gratitude to the whales. And these are the true stories.

Not only do they bless us invisibly, they also rescue people at sea. And this is very, very common in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). You go there, you see many whale temples. You still can talk to the people who still stay alive due to the whale's rescue. I mean, the story is alive, it's not like a fairy tale or a legend. It is a living story still - even recently. But sadly, they are still seen by some humans as seal fur or whale meat. But these two animals are some of the many animals who literally radiate love to balance our planet.

As we are being deluded more and more into the killing of the animals and destroying the environment, the atmosphere of our planet is also being depleted of love and happiness. Therefore, these animals, they were born here in order to balance it, to help us to fill in the void of love that we lost through our inconsiderate actions. But sadly, we kill them. We kill our benefactors, just because we are blind. We are blind spiritually, telepathically and psychically that we don't see who are friends and who are not.

Sadly, the friends, we can see - like the whales, the seals - but we don't recognize. But the enemies we don't see but we listen to. That is the force of evil, the force of the negative in this world. We don't see the force, we don't see that power, we don't see it manifested, personified, but we listen to it daily. So, we do many wrong things that we regret. Or, at the time of death, we regret because at that time we can see whatever wrong things we do, just like watching cinemas, and we feel very sorry that we have done such things due to not knowing, due to being misled.

So, these animals, they are really our friends, they are our benefactors; but many of us kill them. If we can contact some of the best animal communicators, they will tell you that whales are the greatest love. They house the greatest love of the Divine for our planet; seals also. In one of the conferences last time, I have told the audience about the different quality of love of different animals, and whales and seals are one of the few 『number ones』 in loving power.

Now, that's not me who says that. It is through meditation and I have been informed like that. So, if we kill these beings, we're really killing ourselves. We take out the balance that is greatly needed at this time, especially at this time, in our dire situation. Now, if we let them live, then they will be able to bring back to Earth the powerful, unconditional love, like that of the mother for her child; and they do their noble mission knowingly. They knowingly do it.

(f): Global climate change has always been an issue that I have been worried about but I have never had very much information about it and so it was great to be able to come here today. I always knew that the meat industry had an impact on our climate but I didn't realize, for example, that 18% of greenhouses gases are a result of the meat that we eat. And so I'm really going to take that home with me. I am also going to consider how much dairy I eat. And I also wish that other people could get this information because I think if they had more, if they knew more about what was told today they would change their diet as well.

(m): Be veg! Go green! Save the planet! Conference rocks!

Mr. Ball (m): I know the sub-focus and much of… or, I guess the subtext was on climate change, but the larger theme was the Golden Era. And frankly, I think that was the most important. The fact that Supreme Master Ching Hai has held a conference in the capital, declaring that this is what we're up to, I think is a first and I give her all the credit in the world for doing that. Thank you. And thank you that you're working for her TV station to do that. You truly are creating leadership in the world through that. So I thank the conference for bringing attention to these really vital issues. Thank you so much to you, to the whole TV stationto Master Ching Hai for holding this groundbreaking conference in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Latham (f): It was the first time I heard her (Supreme Master Ching Hai) speak. I felt she is very insightful and just really did a great job of showing the compassion behind what we're trying to do. And while we laid out the science, she highlighted the compassionate piece of why we should really be interested in that, and then tied it into science and health and the impact on the environment. So I thought she did an excellent job with that.