Sometimes people say that the meat industry, being so powerful as it is, they can lobby anything – lobby government, lobby congress, lobby parliament even – to support their business. To them it’s just business, but to the people, to the consumers, it’s life and death, it’s suffering or happiness, it’s intelligence or dull-wittedness.

It’s not a business. A business should be providing to the people what they need, to benefit them and then meanwhile benefit yourself as well – that should be a good business. A business is not to give people poison, either ignorantly or purposely, to cause them harm, sickness, suffering, agony of any kind, just to profit ourselves. That is not a proper business for a Christian, for a Muslim, for a Buddhist, for a Jain, for a Sikh – none of us, none of these people should do any of these kinds of businesses. Business to kill people, business to harm people, business to kill the innocent animals - they are no-good businesses. They are contrary to God’s will and thus we should avoid.

I told you meat industry is very powerful: they can buy the government, lobby the parliament, bypass congress. What do you think? Why are there so many advertisements about meat and milk everywhere? Even I didn’t know that milk was harmful to humans’ health, until recently that we did research. And when we had mad cow disease in those times even, they even said, “Oh, milk has nothing to do with mad cow disease. Milk is safe.” And people believe it! How? How can you take something safe from something sick? And mad cow disease is not curable even, it’s deadly. It’s fatal, every time!

So how many more people do we want to die for this piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many children do we want to kill for that piece of meat that we put in our mouth; that we could even change for tofu or gluten, any other things, and still stay healthy, happy and better even. Do you understand? This is the question we should ask ourselves. No plan B. No. Never. Now that we know the truth we just speak it out: no plan B. No compromise.

Whatever we say, if it’s concerning people’s lives, children’s health, families’ happiness, we have to do it wholeheartedly. Some young people die now - young people even ! - die from flu! Imagine how their parents suffer. Imagine how their sisters, brothers suffer. Some pregnant women die, full of hope in them: hope for the child to be born in their family, to bring happiness to her husband, to the parents, to grandmother, father, just die like that! Flu, swine flu; for the piece of meat that we want to put in our mouth, which is filthy, poisonous, bloody, inhumane. So there’s no plan B, is there? (No!) Okay.

Hallo, Master. Hallo, Mr. Sanpipat. Should the issue of global warming be made into a national agenda? If so, what actions should we take to make this happen?

First of all, and foremost of all, we should use government system to encourage new projects, like new levels of citizen cooperation, namely, we must let people know it’s urgent now and it’s time to stop the global crisis. Time is short and we must all act as one to save our world from disappearing, to save our lives and all the lives on the planet. Everything else takes too long. I have told everybody many times.

Technology takes too long; even if it helps, it takes so long. So the fastest and easiest way is to stop animal products and to stop the consumption of it. Then we will have more time to develop better technology and scientific advancement. If we stop livestock raising and the cruel practice on humans and animals, the result will be a miracle. The result will be almost immediately, within a few weeks. If everybody stops eating meat right now, 8 weeks’ time the weather will change into a benevolent one – immediately changing.

Everything that has been damaged will be returned to normal in 8 weeks’ time. If everybody on the planet stop eating meat and turn into compassionate heart, then the result will be immediately. It’s just like we want to go south but we are heading north, so the only way to see the south is to turn to the opposite direction and head south. So the way we are doing right now, we are killing animals, killing humans – it’s not benevolent, it’s not respecting lives. It’s wrong. So, if we want the opposite effect for ourselves, for our life, we have to do the opposite. That is very simple and logical and everyone understands that. Thank you so much.

In September 2008, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – he’s the one that got the Nobel Peace Prize together with Vice President Al Gore and others – he stated that scientists had called to tell him – they called to tell him – that the emissions from livestock were much higher than previously estimated. You see, before, they said it was 18%, in the “Livestock’s Long Shadow” report in 2006, but, now, the emissions from animal farming are actually higher than that.

As far as how much higher, they are not still very sure, but Dr. Colin Campbell, author of the bestseller of the nutritional biochemistry book, he said that his colleagues found that 50% plus of total greenhouse gas emissions right now are coming from livestock raising – and that is not even the sure percentage yet.

Dr. Campbell revealed that this information is not yet the highest that they have estimated, that they have researched. They think it could be more. And he has revealed this information to us in an interview with the Supreme Master Television. Right now climate scientists are telling us more and more that if we reduce livestock industry, we’d reduce methane – and that is the most immediate way to cool the planet, because CO2 from fossil fuel may take tens of thousands of years – tens of thousands of years – to leave the atmosphere and cool the planet, according to the research. But methane is 23 times more potent, “hotter” than CO2, and dissipates on average over 10 years or 20 years.

So, the latest report from IPCC scientist Dr. Dr. Kirk Smith in the USA said that methane is a much “hotter” gas than currently reported. He said that it could be 60 to100 times “hotter” than CO2, averaged over 20 years. So methane goes out of the atmosphere in 9 to15 years. It disappears, compared to up to thousands of years for CO2. So, if methane is reduced, the warming will be reduced immediately. You understand the logic?

Because CO2 stays longer in the atmosphere, but methane goes and disappears quick. So, the way we reduce the methane is by reducing animal agriculture. If we ban meat, ban livestock raising, then the methane gas will be cut for, up to date, at least 50%. Can you imagine? It’s a very big chunk! And then the planet will be cooled immediately, compared to CO2; it takes tens of thousands of years to cool off. Right now, the most problematic gas that heats the planet is methane because there’s a lot of it.

According to the scientists, it’s already 50%, that they say more than 50% even. So, if we stop methane, meaning stop the animal raising, then we stop 50%. They say just 50%... at least 50%.

In Mexico, the news has spread about new deposits that have been found, new and rich oil deposits. This would turn Mexico into the third oil world power. What can we do to stop this pollution from oil which is destroying our planet? Dr. Cano, oil is not the worst. So, although we don’t want oil to continue, we can have oil even. We can have oil if that helps the Mexicans to become more prosperous and self-dependent, self-sustained, because oil is not the worst thing. Oil is not the only thing and is not the worst thing that damages our planet.

It is the livestock industry. It’s actually the most polluting, the most disease-producing, the most energy consuming and the most greenhouse-gas- emitting industry that exists. The United Nations report called “Livestock’s Long Shadow” states that the farm animal industry emits more greenhouse gases than all the transportation on Earth combined. And according to the Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, who himself is a vegetarian, he said, “Meat production is extremely carbon intensive.” This is partly because of

the pollution cycles, including refrigeration, transportation, etc. Not to mention destroying the forest for grazing land, for pasture land and all the costs, all the carbon-emitting from disease - causing and curing etc., etc. That’s why I said, “Just leave the meat alone and we have everything else.”