Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Aulacese (Vietnamese), with subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

In Aulacese (Vietnamese) culture, cải lương (modern folk opera) is a popular theater art that dates back about three centuries, when the flourishing South was a new land. Among those who settled in the South at that time were musicians from the royal palace in the ancient capital Huế. Since then, the kind of ceremonial music often heard in the palace became more widely known among the populace. Eventually, new songs were composed. Many amateur musical groups were formed, adopting music and song as a form of elegant entertainment.

From about 1912 to 1915, the artists of these musical groups began to combine gestures to their songs. Since then, a new genre called ca ra bộ was born. Performers conversed; sometimes a song would be used as dialogue. Ca ra bộ continued to develop to create the theatrical art that is now called modern folk opera.

The orchestra for Aulacese modern folk opera usually consists of the six-string guitar, the moon lute, the pear-shaped lute, two-string fiddle, sixteen-string zither, and monochord zither. The themes of Aulacese modern folk opera highlight humanitarian and moral values. The dialogues are profound, the song lyrics and tunes are rhythmic and rich in melody. These are some of the reasons cải lương (modern folk opera) has an enduring place in the hearts of the Aulacese people.

In the Lunar New Year 2007, during an outdoor gathering with our Association members in Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai was moved to spontaneously sing a folk opera song “Spiritual Practice is a Source of Blessing” written by Mr. Viễn Châu, which she knew by heart since her youth. We now invite you to listen to an excerpt of this folk opera song through the voice of Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Kneeling down, she sobs in the main hall of worship
As the temple bell sounds the hour of prayer
O young devotee, why do you wish to be a nun?
Finding comfort in the scriptures, and acquainting yourself with spiritual practice?
But how can you achieve enlightenment when earthly traces are still evident on your seasoned countenance?
Are you rid of worldly debt or are still entangled?
Did you renounce the world because glory and fame have lost their appeal and life seems like an abyss?
Or was it because of a fleeting moment of jealousy and distress that you intend to hide yourself behind the temple’s gate to bury your grief and forget your sorrow?

On Enlightening Entertainment, Supreme Master Television is pleased to introduce different forms of arts from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), as well as from other countries in the world, in order to share the beauty and cultures of the peoples on our planet.

The modern folk opera “The Heavenly Lamp” recounts the tale of the fairy Bạch Giáng Tiên who was chastened for transgressing divine laws. Only when those who loved Bạch Giáng Tiên could help her find the light of wisdom would she be liberated from the regressive bindings that she herself created.

We now invite you to enjoy the conclusion of the modern folk opera “The Heavenly Lamp,” written by playwright Bạch Mai

with performances by Vũ Linh as Hữu Lương the student, Ngọc Huyền as Bạch Giáng Tiên the Fairy and Hữu Nhân, Thanh Thanh Tâm as Liên Hoa Fairy, Chí Linh as Deity Dương Tiễn, Đức Lợi as Hữu Sinh, Minh Long as King, Linh Châu as Ten Great Monks, Tào Thành as Prime Minister, Minh Thâu as Pampered Young Nobleman, Trung Quang as Giant Heavenly Dog, Đức Vinh as District Chief, Hồng Nhung as Mẫu Đơn Fairy, Vân Hà as Hồng Nương Fairy, Bạch Mai as Fabric Seller, Bạch Thu as Hồng Loan a village young woman, Bạch Lan as Hữu Phùng, and other artists.

Hữu Lương was a poor student who excelled in both literary and martial arts skills but faced misfortune in passing royal court’s examinations. On the way home from the capital, he met fairy Bạch Giáng Tiên at the Seven Fairies ancient shrine. Upon discovering that she had fallen deeply in love on Earth, Bạch Giáng Tiên’s eldest brother, Deity Dương Tiễn, together with heavenly soldiers, compelled her to return.

Since his separation from fairy Bạch Giáng Tiên, Hữu Lương, in pining for her, fell seriously ill. Determined to care for his father, Hữu Nhân went out to demonstrate his martial arts skill to earn some money for medicine. However, while defending a helpless person, he harmed the Prime Minister’s eldest son and was subsequently pursued by soldiers.

In this urgent situation, Hữu Lương disclosed about Hữu Nhân’s kind mother’s origin in Heaven, hoping to send Hữu Nhân off to search for his mother and escape danger. Helped by his aunt Liên Hoa Fairy, Hữu Nhân courageously rescued the Ten Great Monks who were detained in the celestial realm. In gratitude, the Ten Great Monks showed Hữu Nhân how to save Bạch Giáng Tiên from the Thunder Wind Tower.

But before mother and son could rejoice in their reunion, Deity Dương Tiễn appeared to chastise Hữu Nhân for disturbing Heaven.

Thank you for your company on today’s Enlightening Entertainment. Coming up is Words of Wisdom. Please tune in on Supreme Master Television next Thursday for the Aulacese chèo traditional opera entitled “The Lullabies of Two Mothers” by playwrights Nhật Minh and Doãn Hoàng Giang. May you and your family be graced with bountiful spiritual blessings. We bid you farewell for now.

Liên Hoa Fairy dared help the earthling, causing disturbance and harming the Heavenly Dog. You slight the Five Thunder Genies’ power, or are you attempting to change hands and rank? Your offense is obvious! Repent now. I’ll let you join younger sister Bạch.

I bow to you to forgive me. It’s all because I pity my younger sister Giáng Tiên and my innocent nephew Hữu Nhân. They’re not strangers; how could I betray them?

I’ve suffered much already. Please reconsider, eldest brother. Don’t divide us, mother and son.

I bow to you, Uncle, to take pity on me. It’s for filial duty that I transgress the law, not that I dare abuse my power.

Enough! Be quiet! It’s your fate. You disturbed the Palace. Celestial soldiers, carry out your duty!

Brother Dương!

Brother Dương!

Stop it!


Elder brother, don’t sever family affection. A human fate is like a floating water fern. Looking at my innocent nephew, I have no heart to refuse. O gentle brother, please forgive him. Giáng Tiên is heartbroken. How can you be heartless?

Please pity your younger sister and extend your help. My husband on Earth is charged with a felony; his life is at risk. I can’t remain indifferent to his suffering.

O brother, hear our plea.

I plead with you.

Elder brother!

Stay out!


Having attained the true state of a fairy, I realize the karmic binding: a boat must return to its old pier. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t bother thinking about it. I’d let you drift on the vast sea, life after life. The Earth is where karmic retribution works its tempestuous course. Don’t be attached to nor share bed and board with earthlings, lest you will perish one day. Hữu Nhân needs to return to the earthly world. I pardon Liên Hoa of her willfully providing guidance. It’s Hữu Lương’s fate to meet with danger. Trying to rescue him, Giáng Tiên will violate the earthly precept.

I’ll listen to your advice, but allow me to see him one last time to bid farewell and entrust my young son to him, then I’ll return to the Fairy Land.

I don’t want you to get caught in a karmic debt. If you go against my order, I won’t tolerate it.

I must rescue my mother to fulfill my filial duty. I bow to you, gentle Uncle, to pardon my wrongdoings.

You brat! You dare trespassed the Fairy gate. Celestial generals and soldiers! (Yes.) Besiege and arrest him for his punishment.

Elder brother!

Be quiet!

Hold it, O eldest brother, Deity Dương Tiễn! How have you the heart to destroy Giáng Tiên’s child and sever their bond? As a fairy who has escaped the earthly binding, I still can’t help shed tears, when a young child, out of love for his gentle mother, struggles against the celestial soldiers. Please have great mercy to let him meet his mother in peace. She’s endured loneliness in the Thunder Wind Tower. As an enlightened spiritual practitioner, please spare an unintentional offender.

Be quiet! Don’t be foolish and interfere! I won’t tolerate anyone who committed violence. Celestial guards! Arrest him!

Stop it, respected Deity Dương Tiễn, please receive Holy Mother’s letter.

Respectful greetings, Holy Mother.

Deity Dương Tiễn, Bạch Giáng Tiên has gotten entangled in her bad retribution. Have compassion to help her escape from her karmic affinity. Let her unite with her past karma (retribution) on Earth and save her husband to fulfill her conjugal obligation. Then she’ll bid him farewell to return to the Celestial Palace. Do not go against my order. Holy Mother’s Letter

I dare not disobey Holy Mother’s words. Bạch Giáng Tiên, you and your young son may go down to Earth. But remember: after you rescue Hữu Lương, hasten back to the Fairy Land. By then, the six fairies and I will go there to bring you back.

Order obeyed.

I loath to part with Giáng Tiên, feeling sorry for my sister who is still burdened with worldly debt.

O elder sister, it’s heart- rending to bid farewell. Caught in my bad retribution, I must endure hardship.

In the higher realm, I’ll long for Giáng Tiên. How come I feel weighed down with melancholy?

I still hope for our reunion. Let not sorrow keep you from having joy and harmony.

May the time quickly come to receive you back. Then rainbow dance and singing will fill the air.

I take leave for Earth in hopes of saving my husband from distress.

Seeing Giáng Tiên off, we long for your return.

O Heaven, how could you heartlessly inflict tragedy? Husband and wife are separated; an innocent child had to drift to a strange land at an early age. I now bid them an eternal farewell. Where is hope of a happy reunion, as my physical form will soon decay? I pray to Heaven that my son grows up fast to meet his mother to satisfy his yearning.

O master, have you been subjected to very painful torture?

Hữu Sinh, why do you two still come here?

O master, I’m so sorry that you’ve met with misfortune. How could I heartlessly hide away? So I’ve come to ask to take the death sentence in your place. I’d rather die yet feel at peace in the other world.

I thank you for your loyalty, but he who sins must bear the consequence. I’ve accepted this death already. You still have an innocent son and a gentle wife who need your loving care.

O master, only in time of trouble shall loyalty be proved. My husband’s family for many generations has been indebted to yours, so even if we must die, we gladly accept it to repay a favor as immense as the sky and sea.

Master, we can’t help shed tears of sorrow. O Heaven, why subject a righteous man to calamity?

We vow to requite your kindness. Should our bones turn to smoke, we’d smile happily in the other world. We wish to sacrifice this physical form to save you and repay the favor.

I appreciate your loyalty. On my behalf, please raise my young child to become a good man.

O master, why is the fate of a virtuous person so distressful? I’m frustrated with my incompetence as to let my life be swept by the whirlwind of authority. O High Heaven, why sow sorrow and trouble and make the virtuous suffer many misfortunes while the tyrants remain atop?

Being born a human, one must live as such to not feel ashamed when looking at the surrounding plants and grass. If you still think of me, you two should take care of Hữu Nhân until he grows up.

No matter how life changes, I won’t forget your noble words. I pledge to take care of Hữu Nhân wholeheartedly so that you are at peace in the other world.

O master, I feel like the wild grass, being of no help to you in your difficult time. So I’d rather be a kind of fertilizer to nourish the trees, making them lush, so that you may live on and be able to help the world later.

That’s our heartfelt wish. Please kindly accept it. Right now, in his life, Hữu Nhân needs your guidance and protection.

I’ve made up my mind. You two should leave this place quickly if you still consider me your master.



If you two still don’t listen to me, then we have nothing else to talk.

Master! Yes, we will leave this place right away.

Then I’ll feel at peace. All right, you two take care.

Hey, that couple there! Get out of the way quickly! The high-ranking official is coming. Leave quickly!

Master, I’m leaving now.

Master, I’m taking leave.

That man, do you agree to hand over your son? Or you want to die for him? Speak up! It’s been three days already. I can’t wait any longer.

District Chief! I’m in your hands; just kill me. It’s a waste of your time hoping. And my son, you’ll never see him.

Very well! You’re still stubborn. I’ll let you see what I can do. Upon my order, your life will be ended.

You’re a parasite to people and the country. For luxurious living, you’d slave at the tyrants’ feet. Your turn will soon come.

Death is near, and you still talk with airs. You’re indeed someone who knows not his time. Then don’t lament why your life is full of bad luck. You’ve chosen poverty instead of wealth. So don’t blame me for it!

I only regret that being a student, I couldn’t mend the sky and fill the sea with my hands, so you guys freely rule and harm the good people, creating many sorrowful plights.

I’ll see if your flesh is made of steel. Guards! (Yes.)

Beat the drum of command! As soon as the drum stops sounding, I want that man beheaded. Start now!

Behead him!

Hữu Lương! Wake up, beloved husband!

I’m still alive? Whose voice was it from a distance? Was it...

It’s me! It’s Bạch Giáng Tiên, darling.

O cherished, we’re hand in hand, yet I still think it’s a dream. The swallow of yore who left for the lone horizon without hope of a return day, leaving me with my vow of faithfulness. I’ve spent the past 12 years in loneliness. Looking at my young child, I miss my beloved of old. There were nights when dew fell gently on the stone doorway, I thought they were the footsteps of my love coming back. I hurried out with warm open arms and was disappointed to see but the lone shadow of a waning moon.

From now on, we’ll no longer pine for each other or suffer woes. I feel sorry that you had to raise our young child all by yourself.

The boat now returns to the old shore to re-tie a love thread.

O darling, we have each other in life now.

I’m only pained that on your day of return, our innocent son is nowhere to be found.

Please don’t be quick to feel miserable, bitter and tearful, because it’s he who helps us reunite. Hữu Nhân has undergone trials and dangers to reach the Five Cloud Cave to find me.

What were you saying? Hữu Nhân already met you?

Yes. It’s thanks to our filial son that I came back here in time.

Father, I’m back! Our family is happy now.

I thank Heaven for giving father and son this day.

Darling, your difficult time is over. As a man, you should establish fame and position.

O Giáng Tiên, I’m already fed up with wealth and honor. I wish to lead a pure and simple life by my gentle wife for the rest of my days.

You care not for position and fame, but remember: Our son must become a useful man later on. Our life was full of hardships. Don’t let our child walk our old path.

So, what do you think I should do?

O beloved, His Majesty is visiting the Western Lake. He is unaware that the corrupt mandarins have been plotting. They want to seize this opportunity to rebel and assassinate the King while he travels incognito among the commoners. It’s hard for His Majesty to secure his life because he is weak and helpless to the wicked minions of the Prime Minister who wants to murder the king to take over the throne.

So, what can I do now to rescue His Majesty as he is a true and wise king?

Before you leave, take this sword. Quickly head to the Western Lake, disguise as a boatman, and wait to rescue His Majesty.

Father, may I follow to give you a helping hand?

It’s a very dangerous task. You should go home with Uncle Sinh first.


Please let Hữu Nhân accompany you. He’ll be of great help to you.

Father, Mother allows me to accompany you already.

All right. You may go with me.

May I follow to take care of young master?

No, no. We can’t afford many people on this important mission.

Beloved husband, I think you should take all with you. It’s probably to your advantage.

Everyone, follow me then.

Farewell, darling. I’ll see you.

Listen to me. When you see me throw the glass of wine, all must jump out to seize and tie up the King for me, you hear?


Remember to capture him alive. You’re not to kill him.

Order obeyed.

Now, you all go back to your place.

Greetings, Your Excellency! How long have you been here?

Eunuch! (Yes.) I’m waiting for your report. (Yes.) So? Is everything going smoothly? (Yes.) Where is His Majesty?

Your Excellency, His Majesty is preparing for a sightseeing trip to Western Lake. And since everything is overseen by me, nothing could ever go wrong.

Very good. I’ll keep in mind your top service. (Yes.) You should remember.

Remember what?

Try to induce the King to leave the boat and enter this island. (Yes.) I’ll take care of the rest.

When you’re in charge, I’m overjoyed. Your Excellency, need I poison His Majesty’s wine?

No need. I want him alive to hand me the royal seal. Then I’ll tie him up, put him on the pleasure boat, and set it on fire. In such a quiet night with a high wind, who can save him in time?

You plan things like a genie. This time His Majesty is supposedly heading to his death. And the throne will fall into your hands.

Now, Eunuch! (Yes.) Are there people on this island?

Your Excellency, this is a small unoccupied island on Western Lake.

Tonight, does His Majesty travel alone or with any royal bodyguard?

Since this is just a tour on the lake, no bodyguard comes along. All stay behind in the inner palace. Only a number of imperial guards and female attendants accompany him.

Excellent! Try not to let the King feel suspicious or take any precaution, so that my work is easy.

Yes, I’ll follow what you said. Now, I’d like to go back to arrange for the King’s journey into his death.

With the title of Chief Eunuch overseeing the three palaces, all the gold (What about the gold?) is waiting for you.

I’ll eat gold this time. I’m very grateful to you. Let me take leave.

O master, I’ll hide in one place just in case. Be careful, master.

All right, I’ll wait here.

Father, I found that there are many soldiers lying in ambush on the island.

All follow me in this direction.

This way, Your Majesty!


Who are you? Why are you blocking my way? Don’t you fear death?

Death? That isn’t for me, but for you.

Prime Minister! You intend to revolt?

Not intending, but doing. Guards! (Yes.) Tie up this king!

I never expected this. I’ve bestowed on you so many benefits and the high position of prime minister, yet you’re still not satisfied.

High, yet there’ still someone higher than me. I’m just a prime minister, not a king. So I very much desire that topmost position.

You’ll pay for your insatiable greed.

That’s way in the future.

Right now, hand me the royal seal if you’re smart. Otherwise...

Never. If you’re bold enough, just kill me. But don’t expect me to hand the royal seal over to a rebel.

You’re being stubborn? You think I dare not kill you, so you raised your voice arrogantly? Don’t hope that someone will come to your rescue. You should know that when I take action, I’ve planned carefully. No one can enter this place.

I never expect luck; I only blame myself for over-trusting you. That’s why today you’re able to abuse your power as such.

Enough, be quiet! If you want to live, hand over the royal seal!

Respected New King, let me present you the royal seal.

What? Eunuch! So you’re involved in everything that took place?

Regretfully, by the time Your Majesty realizes, it’s already too late. Respected New King, please be at ease. All imperial guards were tied up by our men.

Well done! Good job!

Your Majesty, here is the royal seal!

The royal seal? I get hold of it, finally!

Holding it, you hold the entire kingdom in your hand.

And your life as well.

Remember today’s lesson, so you won’t be foolish and harbor resentment in your next life.

Alas! Wealth and fame! What are you that can cause people to be unconscionable?

It’s what makes a wife unfaithful to her husband, a child unfilial to his father, and a subject disloyal to his lord.

Stop it, you betrayer!

What a pity!

Who are you? How did you know that I was in danger to rescue me in time?

Your Majesty, I’m an ill-fated student who was flunked twice by this Prime Minister.

You were flunked twice by the Prime Minister?

Yes. Because I’m the son of the convicted mandarin Triệu Hữu Ngôn who was harmed by the Prime Minister years ago.

You are the son of the Internal Chancellor Triệu Hữu Ngôn?

Yes, Your Majesty.

O Hữu Lương! Forgive me for being so thoughtless as to lose a meritorious state official. Because I listened to false reports, my mind and heart were obscured. Forgive me for my transgression. When I saw my stained hands, I realized they were steeped in indigo.

Your Majesty is the most venerated and a wise king. It’s normal for a king to decree the death of his subject; disobeying is disloyal.

Now I understand everything. I invite everyone to the Palace to be rewarded with ranks and titles. Rescuing the king is a very great merit. I entrust the country to you; please serve it for me.

I await your order.

Quickly bring your helpers, wife and son to the Court to receive your title as Prime Minister of Left Ministry.

I’m grateful to Your Majesty.

I will return to the Palace and wait for you all.

Long live, Your Majesty!

Beloved, thanks to you that I was able to vindicate my father and receive His Majesty’s conferment.

Why did you say that? It’s my duty.

Mom! Dad!

What is it, son?

Mom, Dad! Take me to see the fireworks. People are celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival.

Bạch Giáng Tiên, you’ve fulfilled your vow of love. Hasten back to the Celestial Court to report.

Giáng Tiên, my sister! Heaven is an abode for peaceful enjoyment. The mundane world is a place of karmic retributions.

Elder sister, hasten back to the fairyland.

Finding joy in scripture reciting and leading a leisurely life.

Order obeyed.

Giáng Tiên, my love!


Beloved husband! Hữu Nhân, my child! Bidding farewell to Earth, I’m taking leave. What a grievous and agonizing situation!

You have the heart to leave me, my love? A swallow deserts the flock, leaving her family pining lifelong.

Please lessen your sorrow of parting. Earthly and celestial beings can’t possibly stay together.

O people, try to forget this love bond. Giáng Tiên will dedicate herself fully to her spiritual practice in Heaven.

O Mom, how have you the heart to abandon me?

Our innocent child is crying in anguish.

You people will enjoy a wealthy life on Earth.

I can’t stop the tears, having no hope for our reunion.


Giáng Tiên!


Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly sent gifts to the artists and specialists contributing to the modern folk opera “The Heavenly Lamp,” broadcast on Supreme Master Television, who conveyed their appreciation.

Actress Bạch Thu as Hồng Loan, a young village woman:
Greetings, Supreme Master Ching Hai. I’m Bạch Thu. I heard that Master watched the opera “The Heavenly Lamp,” and Master sent me a gift. I’m very grateful and wish Master lots of luck and good health.

Actor Trung Quang as Giant Heavenly Dog:
Master has sent us gifts and remembered us. I am very grateful to Master and wish Master good health and to be forever young.

Actor Chinh Nhân as Pampered Son of a Nobleman:
First, I’d like to thank Master for sending us precious gifts and heartfelt words that Master very much loves Aulacese modern folk operas. “The Heavenly Lamp” was made with elaborate efforts by artists Bạch Mai and Đức Lợi, who are my parents. I’d like to share further why we should be vegetarian. Being vegetarian means we eat fruits, roots and vegetables. Being vegetarian is very beneficial. It keeps our body completely pure and not aging.

Eating meat, first, is toxic; second, we’d commit the sin of killing. Honestly, I hope you will try to be vegetarian for a month or two, then you will realize that being vegetarian is the best thing. Because nowadays, vegetarian food is sold everywhere. I hope we will watch Supreme Master Television to listen to Master’s explanation. It’s the best.

Actor Tào Thành as Prime Minister:
I am actor Tào Thành. I’ve received Master’s gift and I’m very grateful to Master. I’ll promote vegetarianism to friends and relatives, so they understand the goal of being vegetarian to save the Earth. We should know the benefits of being vegetarian.

First, mentally, we’ll feel at ease and light-hearted, and we show our compassion to all beings. Physically, our body will be clean and have less illnesses. Second, environmentally, we’ll reduce livestock farming to counter global warming. We should be vegetarian, our family should be vegetarian, and the whole world should be vegetarian, because being vegetarian is very beneficial. I wish Master abundant health.

Actor Linh Châu as Great Monk:
My respectful greetings to Master. I’ve received your gift. With all sincerity and respect, I’d like to thank Master. Also, I’d like to inform Master of some good news. I’m planning to produce the opera “Maudgalyayana and His Mother.” A number of artists here have become vegetarian now, because being vegetarian calms and purifies our hearts. We’re no longer plagued with greed, anger, and ignorance. Therefore, many artists are now vegetarian. I hope your program will continue to grow and reach deeply in viewers’ hearts.

Actor Minh Long as King:
Respectful greetings, Master. I’m actor Minh Long. I sincerely thank Master for your gifts. I wish Master live forever in this world to save sentient beings. I hope someday I will be able to go over there to meet Master.

Technical specialist Giang Trường:
Respected Supreme Master Ching Hai, I’m greatly touched by Master’s caring concern in sending me gifts. I very much wish that someday I will be able to see Master. May Master meet with abounding good luck, all wishes fulfilled, and great health to continue contributing to life. October 19, 2010 Giang Trường

Technical specialist Trí Dũng:
Today I received a gift from Master Ching Hai. I’m so touched beyond words. The opera “The Heavenly Lamp” was produced a long time ago, but I’m surprised that Master remembers to send gifts to the film crew. I’m very grateful to Master. I wish Master good health and peace always.

Actress Thanh Thảo as Fairy:
I’m Thanh Thảo. Since I began my career until now, this is the first gift I received from someone from far away who thinks of me. The artists now are very spiritual; they eat vegetarian. For example, during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, everyone in this opera company, from the leaders to the artists, all eat vegetarian for the whole month.

As for any flood relief effort, they all contribute their best. So what Master teaches, we are able to carry out. We’re doing it and we do a very good job. I’d like to wish Master abundant health. And I’ll spread this to our brothers and sisters to together practice and promote vegetarianism. And we artists sincerely wish to send our love to Master from afar.

Director Lê Văn Lộc; opera actors Vũ Linh as Hữu Lương, Chí Linh as Deity Dương Tiễn, Đức Lợi as Hữu Sinh, Đức Vinh as District Chief; opera actresses Thanh Thanh Tâm as Liên Hoa Fairy, Vân Hà as Hồng Nương Fairy, Hồng Nhung as Mẫu Đơn Fairy, Bạch Mai as Fabric Seller, Bạch Lan as Hữu Phùng; lighting specialists Văn Lâm and Đức Thái; designer Trường Quang; and script supervisor Thành Chiến also received gifts and loving wishes from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

We sincerely thank all artists and specialists who have contributed to the modern folk opera “The Heavenly Lamp,” which viewers have enjoyed on Supreme Master Television. We respectfully wish you and your family all the best in the love of Heaven and Buddha, and that the precious genre of modern folk opera will continue to shine to elevate noble values in everyone’s heart.

I am actor Chinh Nhân. You’re watching Supreme Master Television. And let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

I am actress Bạch Thu. You’re watching Supreme Master Television broadcasting globally. Let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

I am actor Tào Thành. You’re watching Supreme Master Television broadcasting worldwide. Let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

I’m actor Minh Long. You’re watching Supreme Master Television broadcasting around the world. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

I am actor Linh Châu. You’re watching Supreme Master Television airing worldwide. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

I’m video specialist Lê Trí Dũng. Greeting, viewers of Supreme Master Television, broadcasting globally. Let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!