Welcome open-minded viewers to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television. On today’s show, we feature the second and concluding episode of our interview with Dr. Vernon Woolf on Holodynamics. Dr. Woolf is the chairman of the US-based International Academy of Holodynamics and author of 10 books, including “The Dance of Life: Transform Your World Now!”

He is an internationally known public speaker, an experienced trainer, seminar leader, therapist, and entrepreneur. Dr. Woolf has a bachelor’s degree in physics, a master’s degree in religious education and educational psychology and a doctorate in child development and family relations.

Holodynamics is the “application of holographics, quantum physics, developmental psychology, information theory and other modern sciences to the understanding of consciousness and the unfolding of life potential.” Holodynamics involves identifying holodynes, or “self-organizing information systems that control thoughts, feelings, actions and consciousness of individuals,” that are Dr. Woolf says, “the root cause of the challenges in one’s life.”

In order to find solutions to our problems he teaches we must access those holodynes that block potential and employ constructive transformation of our holodynes. Dr. Woolf’s research has found that these holodynes form within the water molecules of microtubules. Microtubules are tiny tubes, 23 nanometers across, that are a part of human cells.

And when you’re in an information trap that closes in, it’s a closed information trap. Now it has potential so your full potential can see what it’s potential is but you can’t because your eyes are over here locked inside your belief system. It has blinders on and you can’t see that. You think it doesn’t exist because you don’t know it. So if you don’t know it, it can’t exist.

According to Dr. Woolf, Holodynamics is consistent with the late quantum physicist David Bohm’s explanation regarding the nature of our world.

Everything has an implicate order of growth; that’s David Bohm again. He had this concept that everything grows according to a built-in order. So you have stages of development for humans, like kids you grow up. So everything grows up according to a pattern. They can take a plant, and basically look at the formula by which it grows up, the pattern, and then put it into a computer and the computer will literally grow the form on the computer.

I think they have most of the plants on the planet done that way. So they simulate it on the computer and so holodynes are the same. They have an implicate order for growth. Now I know, I’m a little ahead of the leading edge, but nevertheless, this is the crest of learning, and we’ve known that for like 50 years or 40. So we’ve been applying that.

So you can’t just say to a holodyne, “Grow up,” anymore than you can say to a kid, “Grow up.” It doesn’t work, but you can introduce the kid to his full or her full potential self, and the growing process becomes much easier.

Dr. Woolf also found that we can solve many of the complex social problems that humanity faces through the application of holodynamic principles. Holodynamics has been used to help resolve family conflicts, end drug addiction, address mental health issues, and rehabilitate inmates.

If you go to Aurora near Toronto in Canada, a group of doctors, they have all been trained in holodynamics. And now the government sends them all their cases of cancer that they don’t have any hope for. And they healed more than 95% so far. And these are the ones who they’ve given up on. Chemotherapy didn’t work; nothing else worked, and yet this group of people brings these people to their full potential self, and the full potential self begins the communication with all their cells.

It is just like Budakovski did in Russia. Budakovski is a researcher there and he took a holographic picture of a fresh raspberry that was really healthy, and he projected that picture onto a tumored, diseased dying raspberry. The tumored, diseased, dying raspberry got better. So guess what happens when you get the picture of your full potential self and put it all through your body?

Every cell in your body gets a message. Some of these holodynes have been working for centuries. You inherit them, through your microtubules, and the memories of all your life span and all your ancestors’ life span, all the holodynes are there in your microtubules. So all of these holodynes are living entities. They’re living information systems. They have the power to cause.

Dr. Woolf says that the science of Holodynamics can also be used to solve global environmental issues as well and gives the example of plasmic arc technology as how fresh thinking can transform our world.

In 23 years we’re going to run out of resources according to the best estimates, World Bank, State of the World Forum, they can all see it. Here we are in this world that’s consuming so many resources that in 23 years the world is going to run out of resources. What do we do with the resources? Well we make stuff and what do we do with the stuff? We use it for an average of six months and then what do we do with it?

Oh well, we throw it in the garbage and then what do we do with it? We burn it or we put in it landfill, what do you think? It’s just garbage, right?

So look at that from just a little higher point of view from a birds-eye view. You’re taking all the stuff off of the planet, all the resources, the copper, the metals, the steel, everything, platinum. All the resources we have, all the wood. We’ve killed 95% of the forest in the United States. Ninety-five percent because there’s a forest under the forest and we haven’t allowed that forest to eat and it’s died.

Now they’ve got a few little trees growing up here but basically the loggers come in and take the big old trees because they’re worth a fortune. Super plasmic arc is a new form of matter. That’s when you take an alternating current and a direct current and you put them in perfect half wave synchronization, and you overlap them and it forms a new plasma. It’s a plasmic arc.

It’s something like a lightning bolt, it just stays there. So you look at that and you say okay, what what’s happening here? Well the temperature goes up and up and up. Now first it burned everything out in three and a half seconds so they didn’t know what to do with it. Now we have a way of sustaining it. So now you say, okay we’ve got the arc, what can we do with it?

Well if you take an old junk car, say this is an old junk car and you’re taking this old junk car and you put it in a garbage dump. You take everything off by hand that you can and then you start getting the car closer and closer to the arc. The arc can go up to the temperature of the surface of the sun. Everything melts off so we take it off, then what we do? We refine it and put it through to make a new car.

The key is of course to have enough conscious people involved and if you have been a caterpillar, fine, it shows you have great potential to be a butterfly because the age of the butterfly is here. This is being alive with tremendous intelligence, compassion, sensitivity and just creativity. It's a new dimension of relationships. It's not about how much money you can get. It's really about how can we get the job done.

And that goes for solving our environmental challenges.

Would you believe that we know how to really transform, basically all of the Superfund sites in America and that’s 15,000 of them? That's so toxic, nobody would go near them. We can solve that problem in two years, totally transform them.

So they're no longer toxic or… we take all the valuables out of them and destroy the rest and turn it into pure energy. Do you know that we know five different ways to create all the energy that people would ever have to have no matter how many people we have on Earth?

Endless supplies of energy?

Cold fusion was one example and of course, take blue energy, for instance. They put devices under the bridge or in the ocean currents. So here's this river running under the bridge, right? Guess what? It's producing endless energy.

This is the living action of Holodynamics.

Yes, it’s the application of conscious people, because they become conscious of multiple dimensions of their own consciousness. And they become self-organizing and self-corrective. This is why they say that humanity is now going through the greatest transition in its history. It’s better to be aware and present.

There are millions of people in the world who have not heard of the wonderful science of Hlodynamics. What would you say to them, something that they can do to help bring a greater, higher consciousness to the planet?

It starts at the micro level. You must be conscious of your own relationship with your real self.

Do you have any closing thoughts you would like to share with our viewers?

It starts with you. If there’s going to be any change in this planet, in our collective consciousness, all you have to do is make the change in yourself. The first step is to get to know who you really are. And the other steps just follow naturally.

Beautiful. Well said. I really appreciate you spending this time to share this very important information with us, and our many viewers out there.

It’s an honor.

We wish Dr. Woolf much success in his continued research regarding the nature of the Universe and unlocking the enormous potential that is within all of us.

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