Halo kindhearted viewers! Today, we present an animated tale about a boy named Timmy who met some new animal friends, each of whom shared his or her own story. This cartoon was created by our Association members. Please enjoy!

The Adventure of Timmy

Uh oh!Don’t be afraid.

What happened?

An eagle was trying to catch the chicks. I drove it off.

Oh, Timmy you are very brave.

This hen is getting old. It so happens that tomorrow a friend will come to visit us. How about cooking her for our guest?

You want to kill the hen? Then, what about the chicks?

We will raise them. Besides, don’t you love to eat chicken?

I will not eat chicken, not any more. I didn’t know that you have to kill a chicken to eat meat. Please don’t kill her.

Don’t be silly!

Mom, didn’t you always tell me to love animals?

Yes, but Timmy, we have to feed ourselves. We have to eat.

We can become vegetarian (vegan) instead.

You are too young to understand things. But you will when you grow up.

Your actions are in contradiction to your words!

Ouch! It hurts.

Moo, why don’t you look ahead when you run?

A speaking cow?

Did you think only you humans can speak?

I am sorry. Where are you going in such a hurry?

You humans want to kill me, and I am running for my life!

Why do people want to kill you?

It’s because I am old and live in an animal factory farm. To produce milk, we are connected to milking machines several times a day. We have to take injections and drugs, and especially strong hormones. We are forced to make milk 10 times more than we can naturally produce. Every second of our lives, we suffer great pains, physically and mentally. We don’t even know where our babies end up. Now I’m not able to give birth or produce milk, so the farmer wants to kill me to make beef jerky of me. I ran away when they weren’t watching. What are you doing in the woods?

Tweet! Timmy’s parents want to kill my mom for food. So we ran away. We don’t know where to go yet.

How about we take a trip together? Let’s go to a place where everyone can live happily together.

Oh, that’s good, and then we will have companions!

The water is so dirty!

Tweet, I am thirsty, and I want a drink of water!

This water is undrinkable. You will get sick if you do.

Tweet, what is this place?

It looks like a pig farm.

Uh oh!

Oink, I cannot run anymore.

I think we are lost.

It’s all because of you. You scared us to run all over the place, and now we are lost.

I was so frightened. My keeper saw that I was fat, so he wanted to sell me in order to be killed for food.

Tweet, that’s disgusting!

Tweet, that’s cruel!

I have been confined in a narrow cage, and I could not even turn around in there. My keeper forced me to eat lots of food. Although I look fat, I have diseases all over my body. Who would know of my sufferings! Today they were trying to send me to a slaughterhouse, so I ran away.

Why is the stream outside the farm so dirty? It’s undrinkable.

All animal farms are the same. In America, manure produced by animal farms is 130 times that of all the people in the country. This highly concentrated animal waste pollutes the water, the air, and damages the topsoil. The gas passed by animals and methane generated from animal waste is a cause of global warming. It is 20 times worse than carbon dioxide. Just to create more farms, many trees are cleared out and cut down.

The disappearance of trees causes the carbon dioxide in the air to rapidly increase, and speeding up the greenhouse effect. Then, the weather becomes even warmer. That’s why glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic regions are melting, and the rising sea levels are reclaiming land along the coastlines.

The earth relies on the ice to reflect sunlight back into space, to maintain the ocean temperature. Sunlight will be able to enter the ocean directly, causing the ocean temperatures to rise even more. The enormous amount of gas under the ocean might then be released and might poison and kill all the beings in the world.

How do you know so much!

You think only humans would know this kind of information? You humans have limited knowledge gained through language. We animals know many things from inside. You even think that we are dumb!

That’s right. The humans call us stupid pigs! They eat meat and then become too fat, have cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and many other problems. Animals are fed and injected with many kinds of hormones and antibiotics. When eating meat from animals, these substances are absorbed into the human’s body and will damage the immune system. Many animals have cancers or other diseases and so eating meat means eating sick cells. How frightening is that!

A plant-based diet keeps people healthy and can save the world from famine. To eat meat, human beings not only cause other people to starve, but also damage the environment. Humans cause us to suffer and die painfully.

Oh, that is terrible! I also don’t like that.

Who is crying?

Go take a look.

I want to sleep!

It is a street dog. Why are you crying?

My family doesn’t want me anymore.

Why is that?

When I was small, my little keeper saw me at the pet store. He asked his parents to buy me and to take me home. Later when I grew bigger, I didn’t look that cute any more, and sometimes I couldn’t help getting sick. So his parents felt burdened, and just threw me away. I have been so loyal to them and they treat me like this!

Don’t they have any love in their hearts?

They don’t know that we have feelings too, just like human beings do!

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Yes, yes, yes.

You’ll travel with us then?

Yes. We are going to find a place where we can all live happily together.

Shh. There are people coming. Don’t know who they are.

We have almost used up all the things we have stolen. How about we go out and steal something?

There are several villages and farms around here. There should be food and lots of things for us.

Later, let’s work on one of them.

What shall we do?

We will follow them secretly and watch them.

This family doesn’t seem to have much money.

Let’s just steal whatever there is.

Uh oh!

This is my family’s farm. They want to rob my family!

Let’s help Timmy.

Yes. Let’s stop them.

Ow, that hurts so much!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Papa, Mom, there are thieves!


Ah! Ah! Ah!

They ran away.

Where have you been the whole day? We were very worried.

I ran into the woods, and met many animal friends. You see, they even helped me drive the thieves away.

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Mother, Mother!

Father, Mother, we must all become vegetarian (vegan) from now on. To eat meat, we have to have so many animal farms. These farms contaminate the environment and accelerate global warming. If the earth is damaged, we cannot live. The raised animals suffer so much and meat eating has many bad effects on our health. You see? The chicks and the hen are so happy together.

Okay. It doesn’t sound too tough for me not to eat meat.

Hooray! From now on, our farm will be a happy animal farm and we can all live together. We don’t need to look anywhere else. It’s right here.

The End

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