In addition to the blessings that we all share together, we're also here because there are people around the world who serve as role models in their dedication to saving our precious planet. Each of these individuals lead through their personal example. They lead the greenest lifestyles through an animal-free diet. They also strive to inform fellow citizens of the importance of adopting a vegan diet to save the planet. It's my honor and privilege to call to the stage the following greenest heroes, who represent all vegan and vegetarians, leading the most sustainable way of life.

First, I'm going to bring up 3-time Emmy Award-winning writer, producer, director and vegan, Mr. Cary Brown.

And now let's play a short clip to meet some of the veg heroes that will be honored who have not already been introduced throughout this evening.

Within two years, he transformed himself from a tired 40-year-old in the worst shape of his life, to an extraordinary athlete competing in the ultra-challenging, Ultraman World Championships. And he did it on a plant-strong diet. Named Men's Fitness Magazine's “25 Fittest Guys in the World,” Mr. Rich Roll - American ultra-endurance athlete, attorney, motivational speaker, husband and father of four kids - is a wellness advocate on behalf of vegan nutrition.

I'm passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition. I am hoping to devote the rest of my life to it. And the idea that it's not only the best way to optimize your health and wellness, but the best way to stave off disease, to promote the health of the planet, for animal compassion, and also for athletic performance.

It touched my heart to be nominated and to be invited to attend the UN COP16 Conference and The Greenest Heroes Gala. The idea that Supreme Master Ching Hai would nominate me for such an award, it's such a blessing. But more importantly, just an honor to be part of the movement, the movement for plant-based nutrition, for promoting the health of the planet, and the health of all of our citizens.

Mr. Richard Greene is a US-based attorney, nationwide radio show host, and political and communication coach who has worked with country presidents, prime ministers, CEOs, royalty, actors and many others around the globe on how to be confident and winning public speakers. Giving workshops on “The 5 Secrets of the World's Greatest Communicators,” Mr. Greene is also the author of “"Words That Shook the World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events,” and dedicated to cultivating youth leadership.

I have been involved in a lot of environmental organizations and have been involved in helping animals and the vegetarian, vegan causes for a long time and what was so meaningful to me about being invited to be one of the Greenest Heroes was the integrity and the depth of heart and passion that Supreme Master has and that everyone in the organization has.

And it is so beautiful to see a leader and the people who are involved in this organization be so fully committed to the cause of reducing global warming and climate change, eliminating the suffering of animals and raising the level of consciousness on the planet, and in allowing people to make that conscious decision three or more times a day, whenever they sit down to eat.

Through years of research, Dr. Will Tuttle has made the profound connections between what we eat and how we can realize an Eden on Earth, encapsulating his timely and relevant ideas in his #1 Amazon bestselling book, “The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony.”

Dr. Tuttle has practiced meditation and vegan living for over 30 years, traveling throughout North America and Europe, and devoting himself to sharing with others the way to world peace simply through our diet.

Hi. This is Dr. Will Tuttle, and I've been working for the last thirty years or so to spread the vegan message of kindness and compassion and health. And the greatest satisfaction I get is from seeing others making positive changes in the world and also to work with others to help spread this message. And I've discovered over the years that the community of Supreme Master Ching Hai are fabulous allies to help spread this message.

They're hardworking and creative and so for me, it's a wonderful honor to be able to participate in this great Greenest Heroes Gala here in Cancún and to be able to work together to spread the message of sustainability

Okay, now everyone is supposed to come up when I announce your name.

Soprano, composer and flutist and vegetarian, Miss Kerry Walsh.

Award-winning writer, director, producer and vegan, Mr. Lionel Friedberg.

Attorney, athlete, author and of course a vegan, Rich Roll.

Educator, composer, best-selling author and a vegan, Dr. Will Tuttle. Best-selling author.

Award-winning actress and longtime vegan, Miss Mariana Tosca.

International communication coach, Mr. Richard Greene.

Julie, writer, producer, director, a wonderfully talented individual and a vegetarian.

To present these noble and compassionate recipients with their awards, please welcome back to the stage Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Honorable Mayor of Cancún, Mayor Zaragoza.

Thank you. Thank you for being such an example. Oh, my God. I am very humbled. Thank you. And how many vegan or vegetarian here? Can you please raise hand if we... Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you very much.

And all our Association members are (Vegan.) vegan. Thank you. Thank you so much for being a shining example.

Not only you are stars in the art field, you are also the stars in the universe.

Thank you. With all of the need for leaders around the world to come to Cancún, I want to acknowledge your leadership on this incredibly important issue, because this is the single most important and easiest thing that we, six and a half billion people across the planet can do to stop climate change from destroying our planet. And I want to thank you for your leadership.

We all do what we can Don't single me out and embarrass me.

Can I add a number to your numbers (Yes.) Because I have just written a book based on Albert Einstein on exactly how powerful human beings are?


And you talk about that and we actually, because of E=mc², I became fascinated by that and I did some research. So when Supreme Master says that you are powerful, you want to know how powerful you are scientifically?

Please. (Yes.)

E=mc². And I wrote a book, “E=mc² and The New Definition of G_d,” (God) and I think you would love it. (Yes.) Not quite as good as your book I am sure. (No, no, please.) But Albert Einstein's formula defines exactly how powerful every gram of matter is. And the truth is, it only took 1 gram of matter to detonate the atomic bomb that was detonated in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. What that means is, if you weigh 100 pounds, since we are talking about numbers here, if you weigh 100 pounds, you have within your physical body over 45,000 atomic bombs worth of God-force energy inside of you. Scientifically. I am not making this up. This is Albert Einstein. And if you are lucky…

I am blown away.

And if you are lucky enough to be a little heavier and be 200 pounds, that's 90,000 times the power of the atomic bomb that you carry around inside your body. So, Supreme Master, you are absolutely right.

I did not know this. Thank you for the information. My God, where did you get this Einstein stuff?

Well, I wrote a book called “Words that Shook the World,” featuring the most inspiring speakers in the past 100 years, and Albert Einstein was one of them. When I saw the formula E=mc², I had a vision that it was code for how powerful we are and a whole new definition of God. And if you add it up all of the matter in the universe, all of the sands on all of the beaches, all of the 6.5 billion people, all of the 100 billion suns, in a 100 billion galaxies, that is the God force that we are talking about, that we are directly connected with. And thank you again so much for what you do.

We are so proud. Thank you for this precious information. Did anybody else, apart from me, know anything about this? (No.) Yes? No? No. See, thank you very much. I first time heard about it. It's really precious. Must read his book.

It's called, “E=mc² and The New Definition of G_d.” (God)

And it is a children's book. And it's available on the internet. And I hope that people read this to their children so they understand how powerful we are. And that's what Supreme Master says, is according to Albert Einstein more true than you could ever imagine. Thank you.

Say your website.

My website. We are here for your book, but (No, no, please say.)

And I really appreciate that. And I just want to say one more thing. I have been very moved. And I have been very moved to support the work of Sir Paul McCartney (Yes.) and others who talk about having a meat-free or a meatless Monday. Because the vast majority of people in the world sadly still eat meat and sometimes two or three times a day. And if we could all just ask our non-vegetarian, non-vegan friends to do something for the planet as a result of us all coming together in Cancún and just even take one day, just one day to begin. No, she is saying no. All seven days. Thank you.

Honey, we don't have time now. In the beginning, some people who like to practice with me, but they don't want to be complete vegetarian, they cannot commit because of, you know, excuses and lifestyle, whatever or habit, or not aware of the consequences, so I say, “Okay, please be vegetarian as many days as you can. At least 10 days a month. Then I also can give you a method, a different meditation technique. Not the full complete technique but a little less.” But now I don't even do that anymore. If you are not vegetarian, you are not.

It's urgent situation. We all have to rescue our home. If it's not for you, because some of us maybe don't care about life and death anyway, but for the future generation. Imagine how many billions you rescue if the planet is still alive. Can you imagine how much merit you earn? If you save a life of a chicken, you earn a lot of merit. If you save a life of humans, even more so. I talk about that already so I am not going on and on here.

I would like to put in a little plug for something that can help. I think many of us feel very frustrated because we feel powerless, we can't do enough. Where do you begin? You see all of these things happening around you, but we can all do our little, little bit, and I always think of it as a pebble in a lake and it starts a tiny ripple and then there's bigger ripples and they go further and further and further. (Yes.) So anybody who gets frustrated and feels disillusioned or discouraged, this is a blessing that I went through last year.

I was in an accident and I had to be home a lot and recover. So I rediscovered my garden. And when I was young, I grew my own vegetables and this became my obsession last year.

I had pots and little peat things all over the place. And growing your own food is amazing. First of all, it tastes much better than anything else. And not only that, but I have vertigo, so I was always dizzy. And it was sort of my physical therapy to be encountering the smells, and the sights, and the feel of the earth. And sometimes I would just put my hands in the earth and just be there. And then I really felt the blessing of the earth, so powerfully.

And also when you eat, even vegetables, they have souls, too. So thank them for giving you the honor of providing you nourishment. And when you've grown your own food, you feel even more humble. Not only that, you protect the environment by saving costs on transportation and packaging. So, my neighbor started gardening, too. Then we would share garden tools and seedlings and talk about what we were doing… now we have a whole gardening block. And it's a beautiful thing. And I encourage everybody, even if you don't know how, even if you are in an apartment and you just have to do it in boxes, grow your own food. It really, really helps, and it's beautiful and it's magical, and you'll feel the blessings of your planet and your environment. Thank you.

I just told you about the blessing. You can even prove it to yourself. Please prove it. Okay, from today, if you're home or in the office, anytime you can, try to be conscious of the blessing. Try to quiet down so that you can receive more.

Because if we are running around, for example, if you are bathing, you're showering your child, and he's running around all over, it's difficult. But if he stays in one place, you can shower him quickly and more abundant water. Similarly, we have to find time. I know you're very busy, busy, but please remember, you are the number one person. You have to first take care of yourself. So you have to save time, 20, 30 minutes a day, to quiet down, to try to get, assimilate all the blessing that I have told you about.

And if you do that, and try to eat less meat, as less as you can. I don't know how to demand from you, but please, love yourself. Because the less meat, the less disease, the more blessing, more happiness. You try it for a while, maybe 10 days, 15 days, with this conscious feeling of blessing and breathing in whenever you feel too stressed, and anytime, you just breathe. Okay? And feel conscious of all the blessings in you, that come into you. I promise you, even 10 days, one week, two weeks, you will feel different. You will feel elated. You can prove it to yourself that blessing really exists.

And if you go on with it and sincerely, you will see vision of Jesus, Buddha, or Prophet Muhammad, whoever the master, or even the present master somewhere in this planet, will come and teach you more than my words can tell. Please try. Prove it! Prove it!

We let our chief say something for these awarded people.

Well, sometimes words are not enough to say what I would like to say. But I would like to congratulate you, with all my heart, not only because of the transformation that you have undergone in your life, but because of what you are doing in the lives of others to rescue our planet, for peace, for happiness and joy of all human beings. Congratulations and continue to be an example for many other people so that we can follow you. Thank you.


Please give them the award. One by one for His Excellency to give.

You go to that beautiful lady. I go to handsome guy.

Thank you very much. You're welcome. Here. Hero.

I also want to cry.

I did not give you! Pardon!

I can live here forever.

I could hug forever, you know, it's just that we have to go on with the program.

Thank you, all of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you, love you. Thank you.

We humans are powerful. So why do we need atom bomb when we are more powerful than atom bombs? Isn't that silly? We get rid of all of them and just save the humans, yes. (Thank you.) Yes, thank you.

We've got wonderful things still in store for you.

Okay, please.

This is all about what comes from the heart. You know, COP16 is about politics, economics, intergovernmental communication. It's about industry. It's about all sorts of really big and important stuff. But when it comes down to it, it really gets down to personal choice. And I think that that emanates from the heart, doesn't it? Supreme Master Ching Hai encompasses that in her wisdom, in her writings, in her music. And it's about consciousness. So, talent is always to be welcomed, because it comes from the same place - the heart. So graceful. I'm proud of you.

Wasn't that beautiful? And I'd just like to make a note here that all of the dancers tonight are Association members of Supreme Master Ching Hai's Association. So we applaud them all. You have an amazing array of talent here. It's really quite extraordinary.

From different countries, that's why they are all wonderful. You see how wonderful your country's people are? Yes? The Mexican, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Korean. They are all wonderful people.

(That's true.) We have to protect them, by all means. Even if to forsake that piece of meat, we do it. For these kind of people, for your people. They are all wonderful. I wish they bring all the hundreds of countries native here, it's just the time is short, so next time.

The Greenest Heroes Gala experience for me was quite a whirlwind. I flew all night to attend, and I got there in the afternoon before the Gala, and then it was right off to the Gala. So it was like a flash, but a beautiful bright light. It was just an amazing, positive experience, you know, the energy at The Greenest Heroes Gala was really quite remarkable. First of all, just to be in a room with so many luminaries who have devoted the better part of their lives to bettering the planet in their own various unique ways, to just to participate in that, and be there for the dinner alone was magnificent.

But to be called on stage and honored in front of the group, many of whom in the audience had been attending the United Nations COP16 Conference, was really quite spectacular. But most of all, I was really just proud to play a small part in a movement. And you know, I just see myself as a vessel for the idea, so it's not really about me, it's about honoring the idea and trying to promote that. And in any way, shape or form that I can do that is always a phenomenal experience. So it was a wonderful event and it touched my heart to be able to participate.

She [Supreme Master Ching Hai] talked about the power that we attain through meditation, through compassion and also the spiritual power that's conferred on us, it's very profound really, by animals, by trees, by the air, by the stars, the sun, the moon. There's this feeling, the sense in her talk that we are all bathed in benevolent forces, that there's these loving benevolent forces that are really wanting to bless us all the time. So I think her point of feeling that consciously, of taking time every day to quiet our minds and to feel grateful, to feel thankful for the blessings of this life. So I just encourage everyone to do what Supreme Master Ching Hai says, which is to have a feeling of love for all of creation.

I think just Supreme Master holding a certain energy, so it was a beautiful thing to be a part of it, and I especially felt very honored to be honored as a Green Hero. I think that we need to incorporate the philosophy that Supreme Master has, which is we're all part of God, we are incredibly powerful. We all, every single matter, gram of matter, has the same God force energy in it.

So once we start thinking like that, then it's going to be harder to eat a cow, it's going to be harder to eat a pig, because there will be an actual scientific understanding in the left brain that will seep into the right brain and into the heart, that we are all connected in ways that we never knew before, and that God is this force that is beyond our previous understanding.

It's an honor to be part of what's going on here. I'm in awe that Supreme Master was able to have the energy be higher at the end, than it was at the beginning, it's a true testament to her. I am very proud and happy to say, Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

I'm in love with Master. She's such a powerful lady, such a spiritual lady and I know she has the power to teach us and let us learn from her and from all the studies and for us really to start doing a little bit in changing what it has to be changed. It was a beautiful, beautiful Gala dinner and I am very grateful I could be here. I am not a complete vegan but tending to that, but after this night, I think I will do a very serious try to change my diet.

The event was very wonderful, particularly the spiritual angle of it. We share some common boundaries in terms of ideology as concerned spirituality. When she was talking about all the heavens,

it also is in conformity with my own belief that there are various heavens, and in each of these heavens you find different people in accordance to their level of spirituality while they are here on Earth. I do agree with that angle. My name is Comrade Ayodele Adewale. I'm the Mayor Amuwo of the local government Lagos State, Nigeria, West Africa.

It was extremely inspiring and so much love. I really felt the message of veganism coming through, compassion for animals as the solution to global warming and to species extinction and to human war and violence. I believe that what Supreme Master Ching Hai is doing and the Association here is the most important and powerful work that I can imagine happening. And what I really love about the way that the Supreme Master Ching Hai spreads the message is that it's done from a spiritual standpoint.

It's not just health or environmentalism but the underlying spiritual dimension of compassion for all life, the interconnectedness of all life, and that we are all essentially spiritual beings. More and more human beings are waking up and realizing that we are all interconnected, that as we bless others we are blessed. And that animals exist for blessing us as she was saying this evening. There is an awakening happening, and I foresee a big change happening in the next few years, very fast, a huge change happening.

When I was up on stage being honored at The Greenest Heroes Gala, and Supreme Master Ching Hai was walking down amongst us, my meeting with her was quite brief. But she almost passed me by without a hug and a kiss. I implored her to come back because I needed it, I needed a hug and a kiss from her. Thankfully, she did. And our meeting was brief but beautiful. And back at the table, I was sitting right behind her table, so I was able to be near her and watch her throughout the evening. And I again connected with her at the end of the night and thanked her again.

But her presence is beautiful and her warmth is deeply felt. I wanted to be able to express to Supreme Master Ching Hai my gratitude, but much more than that, just to share my deep warmth for her devotion to what she does, with her global reach and her massive audience and her devotion to promoting green living, is so expansive and beautiful. Like my small part that I've played in that is so tiny compared to what she's done. And I just, I marvel at her devotion and her spirit.

The world loves you. The animals love you. God loves you. And I love you!

It was a pleasure having your company for Supreme Master Television's rebroadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.” Please join us Monday, March 14 for part 8 of our cultural extravaganza. Words of Wisdom is up next here on Supreme Master Television. Wishing you inner fulfillment, contentment and love from Heaven!

As if we haven't already been blessed enough this evening, thank you so much, Supreme Master Ching Hai, that was beautiful.