We have beer also, no alcohol. You want to drink beer? No alcohol.

*All right. Right. That's okay.

You like? Normally you drink beer or not?

*Yes. (Okay.)

*Yes, I appreciate it.

The beer I just put in the fridge, maybe not cold yet.

*I don't care, I like it (Yes.) warm.

You do? (*Yes.) It's okay? Now and then.

*It works for the system. It's pretty good.

We enjoy the food and we can talk later. Now we just talk like casual, if you want.


Yes, I don't care. I'm used to with making to work when I eat, like everybody else. I'm just like you journalists; sometimes working while eating.

*Yes. It's the same.

We have to make use of time here.

*I want to know (Tell me.) to become vegan can change the world.
I have told on the stage. Were you there?

*I was there.


*I need to know, (You want to know what?) are you sure (Am I sure?) you can eradicate the hunger in the world?

Yes. If we don't feed the animals, don't raise more animals. Because at least 55 billion animals are killed each year just for eating, and that 55 billion of animals eat up all the grains, the vegetables, valuable food and water, leaving 1 billion people hungry right now.

With all that grain we can feed two billion people.

*Yes, I understand completely.

If we don't feed the animals, so... for sure, but the governments have to work together.

*I saw the video.

Yes?It's not about we can or cannot. It's about we do or we don't want to, we will or we will not, you see? We cannot just keep all this industry just to make somebody rich or a handful of people rich, while billions of people hungry.

*Dying now.

And children, every five seconds one child dies. As I'm talking to you, I don't know how many will die, (*Yes, I know.) because of hunger, because of water.

*That's so sad.

Yes (*It's very sad.) and we have enough to feed the world, more…over.

*I know, I know. We need to change this.

So we have to change. I don't understand; the 21st century already and still don't have such a concept as feeding the world like your family members.

*Yes. So sad.

And I have to keep talking again and again and again to my own table, like nobody cares.

*No. I care. I do care.

I know, I know. I mean, but… just a small group. Please enjoy.

*Nice. This is amazing. (Yes.) I believe it in what you are trying to do.

Yes. No, I'm not, like, talking like religious or any, don't need. We just use statistics from
scientific and research. It's all numbers. It's not like I made it up or try to preach to people. Of course, I remind people to be more like the children of God, because that's a noble position. Children of God, believe it? And we act like this, killing each other?

*And how to be vegan, change your life?

How vegan changes lives? First of all, you're healthier. Second, you're more intelligent, because you can think clearer. All the blood will flow to your head instead of staying in the stomach for many hours to digest the meat. Meat is difficult to digest;

*(Yes) vegetables, easier, you see? So I digest for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and the rest go back to work. Otherwise the meat will keep the blood there for a long time. So the blood will just stay in the stomach to try to digest the food.
*And working and working and your body is getting tired.
I know. I read a book, it's called, “Stomach First.” In Spanish, it's “La Panza es Primero.”


*And there, it tells everybody how the body works to digest a little piece of meat.

Yes. I know. (*It's so hard to the body.) So much all the energy and the cells have to work.

*Yes, and toxins and…

Yes, yes.

*It's like a poison to your body.

Terrible for the liver and for the blood and for the heart to have to clean all that.

*Yes, yes, so hard to the body.

Poor body. I know. That book you read, where is that book? In Spanish? Did they translate it into English? Only in Spanish?

*I think so, I think so.

After reading that, you still eat meat?


No, you change?

*No, I tried to change.

But difficult?

*Yes, the vegan food here in Mexico is (Rare.) so hard, it's...

I know. Understand.

* But, I want to change and, I mean, I feel different when I eat vegetables and fruits and everything than when I eat meat. I sleep better, (Yes.) I wake up better, (Yes.) so I think better.

Yes, clearer.

*So I see the difference.

Yes? Well, at least you try and you know the difference (Yes.) and now you can choose, you see? First you prove it…

*I choose now. I choose already.

Very good for you.

*No, thanks to you.

At least you know. First you have to know that it's good or not, and then, okay, now you know good, then you can choose, you see? (*Yes.) Don't just believe me blindly, yes?

*No, no, no, no. I'm investigating

Yes, that's what I told people tonight: you try it ten days, two weeks, and then you see the big difference and then you choose.

*It's a big difference. (Yes.) I mean, in five days, you can see the difference.

Yes. Even, I tell you, even if you don't have this kind of vegan meat, you can just eat, yes. Try it, try it. You can just eat even cucumber, these vegetables, beans, anything. Anything is a thousand times more nutrition for you. (*Yes!)
Even one tomato has thousand nutrients in it. It's just if our body is no good, it doesn't absorb it all.

*And many people don't know. (Yes. It's a pity.) It is so sad.

Yes, people are not well informed, because even some industries don't want to make people know. Even if they know, they don't want to let people know.

*Yes, I heard…

Make money.

*That's it.

Yes, that's the problem with this world.

*I don't want to compare the meat with others substance, but I think… They make you addicted.

Yes, yes, addicted and tired.

*I think the meat and all the industries (Yes) of animals, it's like drugs. It's a big, big program. They make you addicted.

You know why? Because they put also addictives into it, (Yes.) drugs and all that inside there, (*I know.) and so you are eating all that and then you get “drunk.”

Yes, it's just habit, just like a cigarette. Cigarette is poisonous, but when they stop it, they feel so bad, so terrible. The same with drugs, or alcohol.

*The same. Drugs.

*Beer without alcohol.

*Root beer.

*I open for you?


Is it cold enough? We have ice also in the ice compartment if you want ice.
No. Don't do that.
I'll show you how to pour beer. On the wall of the glass, okay? (*Okay.) Otherwise the froth will come all over. I'll prove it to you, look. See that? (*Understand.) And if you go more, then it goes all over the planet.
Yes, on the wall, or slowly, and then the last one, you pull a little bit up, so that it has a little froth on it - then, just pretty. Yes, like that. Look at that.


*Very tasty.

You like it?

* I like it.

Wonderful. You want some ice on it?

*No, I'm okay, thank you. I like it warm.

Really? (*Yes.) Then we have warmer, you want it, or it's okay? (*No, it's okay). All right. You know, you don't miss anything, you have (vegan) “meat,” like (vegan) “chicken” there and you have beer, (*Thank you.) zero alcohol.

*I need to know something. In the African continent (Yes.) there's many, many people who are dying (Yes, I know.) because they are hungry.

Yes, yes. The weather changes and all that make their harvest kaput.

*I know.

*The next COP (The next COP?) is in Africa.
So, what do you want to ask me?

*What do you think about it? What do you want to do there?

I want them to start organic vegan farming already. I want them to let these animals that we have now die naturally, and then no more forced breeding. They're forced breeding, so we have the animals. Normally we don't have so many cows and not many pigs.

(*I understand.)
We breed them, and then we torture them. This is really inhumane. So they die naturally, and after that, we just have whatever natural. Not like breeding thousands and thousands like that, and to spill methane in the air and warm up the climate, and everything else goes with it, you know, related.
I don't know what they are going to do. If I were in the United Nations, I would advise all the countries, immediately start organic vegan.  And all the subsidies that they use for the meat industry, the extra money that the governments give, just give them to turn to vegan, organic. Yes, it's very easy.

*You're so amazing!

Nobody lose anything.

*No! And it works, for everybody.

Yes, very easy to plan all that, and less work, less water, and less pollution for water, for air, everything - and we'll become healthy.

*And everybody's okay. I'm sorry about that. I want to know… ( Yes, yes. Sure.) I hope to do something, you know.

I don't know why they delay like this. It's so simple, like the nose on my face.
Because the United Nations even themselves know that the methane gas and nitrous oxide gas, and other gases from animal industry are warming the climate more than all the transportation together.
So why not eliminate that cost, you see? (*All right. Yes.) It's so easy. And then they use the subsidies before, tell the farmers to change to organic.

*Yes. In other word, they could be cheaper.

Of course. Of course it's cheaper, and healthier for everybody and healthier for the planet. So if we cut… I told everybody, but I'll tell you again. Tonight I told you 51% is from the animals, gases, to warm the climate, it's 51% from animal industry, (*Yes, of course.) so if we take out the animals, then we have less, 51% less, you see? (*I see.)
Now we have only 49% warming. You see? Fine. And then if we plant organic from the face of the Earth, all tillable land, then we absorb another 40%. Then, we have 51%, 40%, gone. The leftover, the trees can take care, the oceans can again take care - everything, no problem. I am a very simple person. I see things very simple. (*I see. I see.)
So why talking so much, every year wasting (*Yes. That's the point.) millions of dollars just to talk? (*And nobody does…They do nothing.) I can't believe they still say, “We'll talk again next year.” - if we're still alive! Yes? (*Yes.)

*Cheers. It's a pleasure to be with you. (Thank you.) No, honest. Big pleasure, I mean. I'm trying to change the world in my way.

* I'm an artist and a sculptor.


*Yes. And I draw and…

Really? I like those things, yes.

*Thank you. So, I believe in solar energy, very elegant alternatives to the world. I want to change the world, and I trust in you. (Yes, yes.) You can change the world.

We can. We can, if everybody changes.

*I know, I know, but I saw what you do.

What did I do?

*Come on, you call that big mass of people to that little residence. That was amazing. I never saw that big people in that place.

Today or…?

*Today. (That's nothing.) Today, that was amazing.

Okay, because, well, (*Because, yes!) they happened to be there. And I have a microphone, that's why. (*No, no. You're doing something big.)

But they do listen. They did listen. (*Yes, I feel very interested.) When I asked them, “Are we going to be veg?” They said “Yes!” and… I am so touched.
People are not informed. (*Yes. I know, I know.) If they're informed, they change right away.

*Even myself. I don't even know.

Yes. I also wasn't all that informed before, but the more I do, the more I go into this business, the more I became informed and then I was alarmed. Before, I ate vegetarian only because of compassion for animals. So I thought, “It's okay, everybody else has their choice, I can't change the world. At least I just don't kill animals, I don't eat animals, that's enough.”
But later on, I found out more, “Oh, it's all poison for the people.” Then we have to inform them. (*Exactly) And also, now it's warming the planet, because of animals. (*Absolutely.) So I said, “We have to inform people.” But I am only a group.

*No, no, you are really doing something. (Mostly I do what I can.) You're touching people.

(Yes?) I saw today. I mean, the people were like “Ah!” you're like a rock star or bigger. I mean, a rock star is, like, just music - you are making something to the Earth, to us. It's so big, so, so big and I appreciate it, (Thank you.) and I thank you for that.

You are very young and idealistic, that's why. I mean, you're open and you're noble here, that's why you understand right away. (*Yes, I understand, but thank you. Thank you.) Because I speak the way you would speak, you see?

*But I want to change the world.

We even do that.

*And I really want to.

At least we change ourselves first (*We will.) and then… You see, when you change yourself first and you go this path and then you're strong in your belief (*You keep going...) then you can convince people. (*You carry on, yes.)

Otherwise, if we don't do it, we cannot convince people. We don't have the power behind our talk, you see?

*Yes, but we can keep going.

Okay. Try my food.

*Thank you, thank you. It's very tasty.

Is it? Then please eat before it's gone cold. You eat what you like, what you don't like, you leave, okay?

*I want to know: Why do vegan people look like you, so young?

Vegan people look so young? (Yes.) I look young?

*So young. I don't know what's your age.

No, in the night, you don't see the wrinkles. Yes, I'm supposed to look young, but the thing is I stress myself too much by working nonstop sometimes, day and night. I don't have enough time to recover. Sometimes I don't have enough time to meditate, so… But never mind, I don't care how I look.

*You look so much younger. (Maybe.) You look like 30, 40.

Thank you very much.

* No. (Yes, yes, okay, thank you.) I'm serious, I'm serious.

Thank you. It's the night.

*No, no, no. I saw you in… I mean, in your book, you look so much younger.

It's different, yes. I could look much younger. I could stay like 20 years old or 30, but because I work too hard, as a spiritual person, I work too hard. I'm not gentle with myself. For example, you meditate, all quiet and gentle, and suddenly I have to wake up, do things, like laborious outside - totally opposite and totally two extremes, (*Yes.) and so my body sometimes is not easy to adjust. But I don't care, (*No, you look so beautiful.)
I am working for the world.

*I know, that means…

So I don't care.  (* That means…) Very busy.

*A lot. Very well. I mean, it's the world…you're making big change (Very busy sometimes.) and you look so young (Thank you.) to work for the world.

Thank you, thank you. You're only 24 and so successful and so smart. My God. Where do you live?


Here in Cancún? Oh, lucky guy. I love this town.

*I don't feel like that. I mean…

You don't feel you're lucky?

*I'm in a good place.


*What can I change?

And you have good job?

*I like my job. I love it.


*But how can I change the world here?

: Start writing about vegan environment.


Write as much as you can.

*I can permit myself to do that.

Yes, that's your job, you see? That's your mission in life. Yes.


And people believe in printed words.

*I understand that.

I mean, medias are God, (*It's massive) journalists are deities.

(*It's massive.)* Yes, yes, very influential.

*We need to change something here, the restaurants here are (All meat.) all meat.
(I know.) We need to change that.

Oh my God. Sometimes I have hope. Sometimes I feel, “Oh no.”

*Yes, it's hard.

It depends on the day, yes, but never mind, we keep doing. Keep doing. At least we save people's soul. (*Yes.) If we cannot save the world then we'll save ourself at least.  
Saving the world is not always necessarily physical. You can save the world also, mental concept, change. Or the soul, after they leave the body, save them, bring them to Heaven instead.

(* That's holy.) Because maybe we cannot change the world, but we can change the destination of the soul after they die. If you have enough spiritual power, you can rescue the world. I have only enough power right now to rescue maybe half of the planet - the soul, I mean, yes?

*Yes. I know. I know what you're telling me.

Like, suppose they die, I can come and guide them to Heaven, that's what I mean. (*Amazing.) Then, at least it's better than nothing. (*More…so high.) It's more important than saving the body, even.

*Yes. It's the connection.

But the more I meditate, the more I will have more power, and then I can save all of them. (*Beautiful.) It won't take long. I cannot promise you to save the planet, maybe not. Maybe I can't promise, maybe we still can if the governments listen (*Please.) to what I say. I wrote to all the governments on the planet.

(*They need to learn.) I told them what causes the global warming and how to change. I wrote to every head of the nation, including President Calderón.


He's a nice man.

*Of course, he is. He's the president.

Everybody is nice, it's just they not well informed. And then, now we inform them, they hesitate to change, Because they've been living like that all their life already and they feel it's difficult to change; and also, vegan food is not all available everywhere. And also, people don't know that they don't have to eat so much and so fancy. Anything will do.
I tell you honestly, when I'm here, there's a lot of food for me. When I'm in my home, nobody cooks for me. No, I mean, we have, but I don't want any. I just eat simple, anything. (*Enough.) Only eat…yes, whatever. When I travel alone, I eat just bread and… if I have bread, and apple, something like that.

*So simple.

Very easy, yes. People don't know that even if they don't eat much food, still have enough nutrition and energy. If they breathe fresh air, every day they breathe deep, and then they go more in the sun, more fresh air, more into the forest, walking in the park and all that, they can live. Many people don't eat and they're still alive.


:Yes. We have a program every Sunday showing the people who don't eat and who don't drink. Just now, there was one guy on our TV. Today is Sunday, we show that program. Every Sunday, we introduce one person who is still alive, or long time already, but mostly still alive and, of course, we show also past people who were not eating. We call them “breatharian.” They live by air and sun.
*That's amazing. It's so amazing.

Every Sunday, you watch our TV you will see it. People don't eat, then still alive, like you and I. I also don't have to eat, but I like to because…

*You don't have trouble? Any problems?

: No, no problem. I could also don't eat but I like the food. I like the social atmosphere of eating together with people. I like that.

*I like it too.

Otherwise, we don't really need food. And even if we need food, we don't need a lot of food to survive.

*I know, I know.

So, most people don't know that.

*For the first days, I'm trying to be… I eat a lot, a lot, a lot of times a day, six, seven times a day.

Well, if you like it, why not?

*No, but I feel like… (Too full?) empty.


* Yes. I eat more and more. (Yes, I know. Habit.) But then my body changed and recognizes the changes in the world.

Yes. Good.

Every day you came to the village, I heard. (*Yes.) Did you try our food every day? (Yes.) But that's a very simple food there, because just to make for people to taste; not good enough for you, but never mind.

* I like it. I start to eat more vegetables, different vegetables. So I meet new fruits than before. I don't know yet, so...( We have here.) What's that?

Fruits, all kinds of fruits. Mexican fruits… (*All right.) Eat what you like - over there also. Guava.


“Guayaba.” In English, it's “guava,” I think. (*Guava.) “Guayaba.”
Mostly, we also don't need, really, don't need food to survive.But food is like a comfort, you know?


Also, social, pleasures… People eat because of that. That's why we should not eat meat, even, because we don't need that. We don't need. Even vegetarian, we don't need that much to survive. Don't need to eat a lot.

*Just enough… A little.

We can, but every fruit, everything contains thousands of nutrients in it, enough to survive if you even just eat fruit. So, we have all kinds of diet on this planet. The meat diet - meat and fish and dairy and egg - is a no-no if you want to elevate your energy and consciousness, and more intelligent, more clear mind.
And then we have so-called vegetarian. The vegetarian people, some eat vegetables, yes, but they include milk and cheese, or some people include eggs. But I don't think cheese and eggs are vegetables.
*I don't too. (Okay.) But milk...

Yes, milk and cheese, the same.
*It's all animal?

Yes, it's from animal. And, it's okay if we treat the animals nicely, but it's very cruel the way they make milk from the animals, very cruel. They force the cow to give milk so much so that she even loses her bones, that she could not even walk anymore, and then they kill her and eat, for example. Terrible! (Yes, so sad.)
So sad. That is the meat diet - we call “animals diet.” Then we have vegetarian diet, I told you already, with milk and cheese, (Yes.) or sometimes some people eat eggs, or sometimes both. Some people have both: eggs and cheese, milk.

*Cheese, milk and eggs.

Yes. And the next one is the vegan diet: no milk, no cheese, and no eggs - completely no animal products. (*All right.) That's the vegan. And another one is the organic vegan - means they eat from naturally grown fruits and vegetables - no fertilizer and stuff.  
Okay. Healthy plant, healthy, healthy food. And then they have raw vegan - means they don't eat cooked food. It just keeps going. (*Like this.) And this is cooked food, yes, but the raw people, they eat just fresh.
They eat whatever comes… (*Like a…crash!) Yes, or fruits...

*Directly from the farm.

Yes. They don't cook the food, okay? Now. And there's another one, called fruitarian -they eat only fruits. Right? And then liquidarian - they drink only juice.

(*All right. I could try it.) Yes. And then the waterian - they drink only water or clear tea.

*And it works?

It works! (*You can survive with only water?) Yes, we have evidence, we have people still alive and clinically tested - doctors observe and everything. We air them every Sunday, one person. (*All right) Each Sunday, we introduce one.
Yes, you can even go and meet them and learn with them be breatharian or waterian - also okay. Right, waterian. And the next one is solarian. Solarian people live by gazing at the sun. (*No!) Yes. Morning, and evening. You can do also, but, okay, you have to have… (* Like vegetables, like plants.) Yes. You have to have proper guidance. Don't just listen like this and go home and do it, okay? (*All right.)

You have to find a person who knows how already, and he can teach you. Okay? Yes, all right, that is solarian - lives by the sun only, nothing else.
And the next one is breatharian. They live by breath only, by air. (*No!) No drinking, no water, no food, nothing, nothing. (*No!) Yes, there is one guy today on our program, Sunday. Yes.

*I mean, that's unbelievable.

Yes, you go and meet them, talk to them, live with them, and then check if they eat anything (*Yes. ) You can do, you can prove it. It's not like I'm talking and then maybe they eat or something. No, they don't.

*(That's a miracle.) I met several of them. They don't eat, really. I, myself, meet these people, several of them.

*How they could…?

We are a miracle of the universe, we can do anything we want. Just we got stuck in the habit. Sometimes I don't eat for many weeks, I'm okay also.

*Really? And no trouble?


*No complications?

No, feel just more…better. (*Like the same, like…) No, feel better.


I feel better without food.

*Yes. Well, I read that book that says “don't eat” is healthy, because you let your organs kind of heal, and works…

Yes, and also, yes. (*It's your energy to...) But you must have time, yes. Have time, more relaxed. The way I'm working, so stressful…

*Yes, but, I mean, you work for the world.

It's also bad for my body.

*You work for the world.

Too, too, too busy. Now I'm slowing down a little bit. You just keep talking, you don't eat. You're not hungry?

*No, I'm hungry. Well, I like… I mean, it's amazing what you're talking about.

Don't worry, you can eat and talk.

*Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it.

Because I have time for you. (*Thank you.)