Thank you. Thank you the great teachers on the left, on the right.

You go home and try this and you will feel better and better all the time, every day. Yes, if possible, do this in the sun, in the open air, on the beach, when you are swimming in the water. Think about the consciousness that the teacher has just mentioned.

And if you eat less meat, then you have more benefit from what he teaches.Yes, because if we eat meat, then we have to share our spiritual bank account with the animals, so we have less. Reduction, you know? Yes. And you will feel better, better, better, better.

Because we are the children of God; animals, also children of God. We don't eat each other in the same family. And the planet, Mother Earth, needs us now.

Remember what he has just taught you, what she has just taught you.

Try to benefit from their energy now and take home and continue to make more, building up from this capital that you have today, the capital of energy that they have shared with you from their bank account, and practice that. The best you do is in the sun. We have plenty of sun in Cancún and Mexico, and we have a lot of fresh air. The air is very beneficial to us.

Everything is beneficial to us. The animals are beneficial to us; they give us blessing, blessing to add to our spiritual bank account. I have told about, like, how much the dog gives you every day, how much a bird gives you every day Even chickens give you 4% of spiritual bank account.

If you breathe like what they have taught you and you love animals, you sit in the sun, in the air, or next to the sea or in the sea, on the sand, on the earth, next to the trees, they're all blessing, blessing you, giving so much more merit, more heavenly love and power.

The Earth gives us so much, at least 15 to 50% of spiritual power.
The trees give us up to 10% power, spiritual points.
The dogs will give you up to 8, 10% spiritual points.

“Spiritual points” is like money. It's easier for you to accumulate these spiritual blessings if you meditate. Breathe in all the blessing and breathe out to spread that blessing and positive power into the world, okay? In, the best; out, the blessing. This is very simple; you can do anytime, anywhere. Just take more benefit. If you meditate like this, you get more benefit from the sun, because your level of consciousness is higher, and the higher you go, the better blessing we get.

Without the vegan diet and without meditation, we have very little; we have less.

But if we are more clean - and no animal energy we're more clean - and we breathe, meditate, then your level of consciousness is higher, and then you get higher blessing; the higher the consciousness, the better the blessing, the more pure blessing, and then you will feel much, much better, much better.

More clear here, more peace in the heart, more healthy, and more understanding about many things that you did not understand before. And after that, you read the Bible, you will understand different than you think you understand before. Sometimes, if you don't meditate or you don't eat vegetarian, then when you read the Bible, we feel like we don't understand.

But if we eat more vegetables instead, and keep breathing like this every day whenever you can, you will feel a big, big difference in your clarity, mental clarity, physical stamina, psychological power, and even psychic power. You can see more in the future, you can understand your past.

Whenever you encounter an animal, please know that he is blessing you. Remember to take it in. Breathe it in. He will absorb it for you and he will give you the positive energy. You will feel much better after that. Any animals, they do this for you. That's why in the Bible it's written that God made the animals to be our friends, to be our helpers.

And the air you breathe, just breathing it in, the air blesses you 15%. The trees bless you, even the plants bless you, the flowers in the garden bless you, the sand on the beach blesses you. Even the flies bless you. The bees - the bees...bzzzzz! - bless you. They don't only work to help you to pollinate the fruit and the vegetables, they also give you their spiritual power.

Meditate the way they have just taught you, or any other method you want. You follow whatever meditation you feel is good for you, suitable for you, and just do it; but keep breathing, incorporating in this. This breathing is very good for you. Even if you choose another method of meditation, you breathe.

All the good information is in the air - you breathe in, you assimilate information. And if you are pure, purified by vegetable diet, then the information, the body will automatically choose the good information and discard the bad information, and the higher your level of consciousness, the purer the information.

Even if we sit in the same room, but if you're higher in consciousness, you breathe in, you have better information than the person sitting next to you who doesn't meditate, who doesn't have a higher consciousness; same air, different quality of blessing. Even if we sit together in the same place, breathe the same air, but if your consciousness is higher, you'll get a purer blessing and a bigger bank account, spiritual bank account.

And if we are very high, we don't use all of the spiritual bank account. We can give it to the world - give, give. We can bless whomever we want. Just like a millionaire, a billionaire, he couldn't use all of his money, he saves, he gives some to the poor people.

But whatever meditation you choose, please do the breathing. Very good for your health, at least your mental clarity. Even if you don't eat so much vegetables, you still eat meat a little bit, it's still very good to do the breathing. It's just that the purer you are, the better for your mentality, spiritually - everything.


Please remember, everywhere you walk, go, everything you do, just remember everything is blessing you. Take it all in, and thank the universe. Thank the trees, thank the animals. Even the wild animals, they bless you, no end.

They are born to bless humans. All, the whole universe, are blessing us. We are very lucky. Please, just be conscious. Try to be conscious and remember and feel it. Feel it. If you keep breathing the way they have taught you, and conscious of taking in the blessing and reathing out the blessing -I also tell people the same - and also less meat, after a few weeks you will feel like a different person.

Yes, try and prove it to yourself. Try it.  And if it doesn't work, he gives the money back. Did you pay him anything? No. So, it's okay. You will lose nothing. Just try.

If you need protection and you are worried, if you see some vision or something, just ask Jesus to protect you, or ask Buddha to protect you. Or if you follow him, ask your guru to protect you.  If he's too busy, then you can also ask me to help you inside, you know, in here I don't mind.

Or when he's too high and you're too low, because you eat something that is not helpful to your elevation of consciousness. I am always here.  So, don't worry, okay? Try it.

You also have angels all the time with you. Do you see any around here now? Anybody see anything? Angels? Or the Light around people here? You saw it? Raise your hand. Bravo! Look at that! Congratulations! You see? You can really see it.

Angels are real, gods and goddesses are real. The purer you are the more angels' protection. And if you don't kill anything, you don't steal anything, you don't take intoxication, you don't tell lies, and you're faithful to your marriage partner, or your boyfriend, girlfriend, and you have five angels - each of the principles, each of the discipline, five angels - running around you, helping you, protecting you.

Yes. You know why sometimes people say, “I am praying and God doesn't listen”? God does listen. The angels do listen, but we push them away with our heavy energy. And we cannot hear well, because of our heavy energy, like animals' killing energy. Even if we don't kill, but we eat, it's indirect killing. And before the animals die, they suffer, they lament, so when we take in this energy, we build walls around us, we chain ourselves. Like attracts like. We should be angel-like in order to have the cooperation of the angels.

Yes, so when we are vegan, we practice purification, breathing, then we elevate ourselves, at least to angels' level and then when we pray, it happens. Yes, that's why people say miracles happen. Why? It does happen. It does.

When we are very sincere and deep inside ourselves, we pray deep inside, then we awaken the higher Self, or the God within us. Yes? And when we purify ourselves, also we are closer to the God within us; then miracles can happen. So, do you want to build walls around you?

Yes or no? (No.) No! We break the wall by leaving animal products. Leave it - leave. Dead energies are building blocks of walls, because very dense, very thick. Life and loving energies are closer to Heaven. So we can contact Heaven if we don't have walls. Yes, because if we have walls, we imprison ourselves and our goodness cannot shine through to bless the world.

And Heaven cannot enter to help us to solve our problem, to uplift our consciousness. So, what do we do? Shall we break the walls? Yes or no? Yes! Very smart! Anyway, scientifically speaking, vegetables, fruit - always healthy for us. A vegetable has both protein and fiber at the same time.

And if you can see it with your spiritual eye, you see that when the animals are dead, they don't have light, but the vegetables still have light. We eat light, we don't eat dead corpses.

The protein is to build your body - supposed to, yes - the fiber is to clean the stomach and the intestines, so you have protein and cleansing at the same time by eating vegetables and fruits. Meat - very heavy, and doesn't brush out. Vegetables act like a brush - clean.

Like we use a broom to brush the floor, vegetables brush our stomach and intestines, to clean it, and don't leave the residues which rot and make us sick. Okay, imagine you put some meat in a cup, a glass, and leave it there for a few days and then you take the meat out. The residues stay there and stink inside the cup. Even if you throw the meat out, the cup still smells and still has some moldy “mushroom” around the walls of the cup.

Same thing in the stomach. If that cup is not washed well, it smells forever and gets worse. So if we eat meat and it stays there, nothing to push out, then it stays inside and rotten inside, and that's why we become very sick.

But if we eat vegetables, it is the broomstick itself; it just brushes itself out, cleans all the “roads” inside. So it's very logical, okay? Besides, being compassionate - don't want to kill the helpless and defenseless animals - it is scientifically good for us.

And, most important of all, we save our planet by eating vegetables. I tell you why. Okay, I'll make it short. Because so much information, it's difficult to tell you all, but I'll make it simple, short, because I'm a simple woman.

Okay, according to the latest report, all the gases that warm the planet, at least 51% came from animal production. Okay, so now if we want our planet to stay cool, we take away the animal production. Then how much percent do we cool the planet? How much? Tell me. Fifty-one? Yes? Okay, half! More than half already. All right.

One more thing: If we use all the, tillable land, you know, plantable land, on the planet, then we will eliminate 40% of carbon dioxide which heats up the planet. Because the organic farming method will absorb the carbon dioxide -only organic farming. Normal farming makes more carbon dioxide.

So, if we use all the land to cultivate organic, we eliminate how much percent of global warming? How much? Tell me. Forty percent. Forty percent! God. A medal for him, and for him, and for him. So from now, are we going to be vegetarian? Yes?

Why? Why vegetarian? Save the planet? Save the planet? Yes! Bravo! Okay, you're my heroes. My respectful salute for saving the planet. Okay, now I tell you how to get the vegetarian food. Now, look on the internet,

We list all the vegan food distributors. It's in your book, or in the flyer. Either in the book, inside, you look for, or any of the flyers, or the vegetarian recipe book, you have it. And in Cancún, any vegetable is good for you anyway.

But in case you miss meat, shrimp, fish, calamari, chicken, we have vegan beefsteak, vegan hamburger, vegan sausages, vegan chicken, vegan shrimp, vegan calamari, etc., etc., etc. Tastes delicious. Yes. So, don't worry!

Thank you. I know you love me. I know you love me, yes. Okay, now in Cancún, there is a restaurant called Gopal's, pure vegan, and they have a big refrigerator, deep freeze, that has a lot of food like just I told you - vegan chicken vegan ham, vegan fish -

yes, you buy, you cook, and you eat. Tastes just beautiful. After ten days, two weeks, of going on this diet and doing the breathing, you will feel, “It's wonderful! I feel good! I feel light! I feel happier, and my pain gone, my trouble gone, depression gone…” even cancer maybe gone also. Okay.

Heart disease gone, cholesterol blockage gone, stomach ulcer gone - you're brand new!

Okay? Okay, I want to stay here forever, but my visa doesn't allow and my dogs don't allow, my birds don't allow. I love you in any case, and I told you already the basics, and then if you want anything more from us, you contact Okay? All right, we have it all in Mexican language also, subtitle. When you watch TV, you see Spanish, okay? So don't worry.


Love you! God bless Mexico! Thank you so much for your love! Thank you, Mexico! God bless you! God bless you! God bless Mexico! Thank you for trying to be vegan. God loves you, the animals will love you.