Ladies and gentlemen, today I would like to share with you the happiness and feelings I have had since initiation and knowing Master.


Since I've known Master Ching Hai and received initiation, my heart has been filled with joy every day. It's the truth, not a falsehood. I don't cheat people. On a rainy night last year, I chanced to pick up a sample booklet on the road which contained Master's lectures given in different places in Formosa (Taiwan).


It's the same thin book that's given to you for free just now.
I took this book to my office and read about four or five pages. Master mentioned Jesus Christ's teachings in the book.


Why did she talk about Jesus Christ in addition to Shakyamuni Buddha's teaching? Master also mentioned the Quan Yin Method;


I didn't know what the Quan Yin Method was and because of that, I didn't understand at all the meaning Master tried to convey in the book. So the book stayed in my drawer in the office for a long time, until Nov. 17-18 when Master gave a lecture in Zhong Shan Hall in Taipei. I saw Master's poster and the time of the lecture printed in the Central Daily.


I was so happy and decided to attend the lecture.


At that time, I thought as long as I arrived by 7:30pm, I should be able get in. Surprisingly, on the first day when I reached lecture hall, it was so packed that I can't describe it. So I was actually late arriving at 7:30. The front door was already closed so I stood outside. Although there was a screen set up outside for us to see the video,


I was hoping to see Master in person. Then the front door was opened again for some reason and more people were allowed to go in. So I was very lucky to get in and listen to the lecture happily.


Before initiation, I thought keeping a lifelong vegetarian diet must be difficult. At that time, I innocently asked the staff working at the initiation desk, 『Can you get used to the pure vegetarian diet? Do you have any problem?』


They also innocently replied, 『No problem at all! Everything is okay once you follow Master.』


I asked myself, 『Why can't I do it if other people can?』 Therefore, I made up my mind to register for initiation. Since Master imparted the Dharma (true teaching) to me, I gradually understood Master's words in the book:


we can see the Light and hear the Sound just like the ancient spiritual practitioners did.
It's really incredible and subtle. Since then, I have had real spiritual experiences. Previously I had a schoolmate who followed a master of the Esoteric Sect.


They call the masters in that tradition 『guru.』 His master asked him to write the 『Prajnaparamita』 (perfection of wisdom) part of the Heart Sutra many times. The Heart Sutra starts with: 『When Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva achieved the profound state of Prajnaparamita (perfection of wisdom), he realized that all the five substances were empty." I won't mention the rest.


So I wrote it with him and even brought a sheet to my office. Whenever I had time, I would read it and put it Back, because the master said that after writing and reading it many times, one will understand its meaning. But my brain remained empty each time I read it, not understanding anything.


Now, strangely, I understand completely ever since Master imparted the Dharma (true teaching) to me. Although I don't understand all the words written by the ancient people, I can understand the inner visions about which they wrote I also understand why Master said that one cannot attain liberation by reading scriptures; the scriptures were written by the ancient spiritual practitioners to record their inner visions.


Also, after initiation, when I read the lectures in Master's books, I found them very interesting and I felt energized.


Master's lectures are very humorous. Whenever I came across a humorous section, I would smile and my heart would open up. Each time my colleague saw me suddenly smile he would ask me curiously, 『What are you reading?』 I would reply that I was reading Supreme Master Ching Hai's book.


He would walk over and say to me, 『It's strange. I see you read books every day, yet you are not sleepy, but whenever I start to read a book at my desk, I keep falling asleep. And I see you are always energetic.』


Truly, without receiving initiation from Master, without practicing the Quan Yin Method, one would not understand the inner happiness and freedom we have. I was quite timid before. I was scared of ghosts and dead people. Now I am very courageous and don't get easily frightened like before.


Normally, people act very brave until the moment of death. Some might say that death is nothing to be scared of. It's true that everyone will die and it's nothing to be afraid of. It's useless to be afraid anyway because if there is birth then there must be death.


Some might say that after death he will no longer exist, not even his soul. If it were true that there is no karma (retribution), we could rob a bank and live comfortably, if we were poor in this world. Wouldn't it be great? But that's wrong. It's dangerous to have such thinking.


Master said before that the law of cause and effect is very strict. If there is a cause, there must be a consequence. No one can escape the judgment of the karmic law. Now, I am not afraid of any cause and effect, because I have the Quan Yin Method as taught by Master.


As long as each of Master's disciples practices meditation diligently every day according to Master's instructions, they will 『reap the benefit from all the efforts put in,』 as the ancient saying goes.


Master said that in each era, there is a Buddha who comes down to save sentient beings. I didn't understand this sentence before initiation, now I do. I've found a truly powerful Master today who can take us home through a path which will take us out of the cycle of transmigration. Master said that if Shakyamuni Buddha could achieve Buddhahood in one lifetime, why can't we?


Ladies and gentlemen, we should have faith and we will have power. Now I have an enlightened Master who is guiding me on this path to go Home. You can understand why I am so happy every day! Thank you, everyone.


Let's extend a warm applause to welcome Supreme Master Ching Hai for this lecture.


Thank you, brother. Thank you,
everyone. How did you sleep last night? Did you sleep well? (Yes.) Did you have a vegetarian breakfast today? (Yes.) Good. What about lunch? (Yes.)


How about dinner? (Yes.) Don't think that Buddha has gone to sleep so it doesn't matter. It's a small test for you to see if you can keep the vegetarian diet for one day. But I've heard that many people in Chungli are vegetarians; they have more vegetarians here than any other place.


If you think that you believe in Yi Quan Tao and you don't have to be a vegetarian, because the living Buddha Jigong ate meat, you must be kidding. Yi Quan Tao explains Heaven and hell very clearly. The living Buddha Jigong didn't eat meat; he was scared just hearing about it. In his biography, it said he didn't eat meat.


How can you misunderstand him so much? You even put meat into the mouth of Shakyamuni Buddha, claiming that he ate pig's feet. It's frightening to see how fast sentient beings can make up stories and how rich their imagination is.

I have explained clearly that we should live a happy life in this world,