Master,if the husband is learning Buddhism and the wife becomes angry because of it, and affecting the harmony of the family, is there any way to make her not angry?

You hug her and give her love and then say to her, 『When you married me, you promised to follow me.』 A woman should understand the three obediences and four virtues and shouldn't get angry at what her husband does. She can get angry if he gambles,drinks, or has a second wife. But he is searching for Truth and he wants to do good things and be a good person, so she can't get angry.

If she's still angry, then hug her some more and give her more love, and then do it again. If she doesn't listen and remains mad, he should do it again. That makes it three times. This is the minimum. Not on the same day, though. It gets too boring. Then, if she still doesn't listen, what should he do? No,not like this. You're being cruel. What he said was just cut off the relationship. Oh my!

You're harsher than me. You'll have two choices: one is to have courage and become a monk; the second is to hug her one more time, and send her love and tell her, 『I love to follow the Tao, and if you're willing to come with me, that's the best. If you aren't willing, I'll still be the same. I'll still love you.』 Like this.

Master, why do I often dream of my house being on fire and I seem to be watching it outside? It seems like they are waiting for me to rescue them. What does this mean?

Do you dream of it often? Just let it be. Nothing you can do. It's your dream, so why ask me? I can't do anything about it. Forget about it. We have so many dreams.

When we practice the Quan Yin Method, we'll gain the ultimate wisdom,so don't be bothered by those insignificant dreams. Our world is a big dream and you don't take care of that. Why get bothered by a small fire? Our world is a big fire. Don't you know that? Greed,wrath,ignorance, joy,anger,sadness, and happiness burn our soul every day, and you aren't afraid. Instead,you're afraid of a fire in a dream.


Master,I dreamed I went to Paradise and saw Buddha. What does this mean?

Congratulations! If you dream of going there,that's wonderful. But it's all gone after you wake up. It's best to practice the Quan Yin Method so that every day you can see Paradise while being awake and not just in your dreams. That's because we don't know if the vision in the dream is real or not. If we see it with our wisdom while being awake, then it's real.

Master,I want to do spiritual practice,but I also want to eat meat. What should I do? And I'm so greedy that I even want to get initiated. What should I do?

You can get initiated and you can do spiritual practice, but you can't eat meat.


Master,if there wasn't any affinity before,how can we create affinity now?

Hurry up and get initiation.


Master, after one becomes a renunciate,can he still miss his parents, see his family, or talk to them?


Master,what does 『forms are illusions』 mean?

This reflects a person's spiritual level.
When one reaches a high spiritual level, everything he sees is an illusion. However,forms come from nothingness and forms return to nothingness. After you start practicing, you'll understand it


Master,in order to avoid eating meat, I made up some excuses to avoid pressure from family. Does this count as lying?

It does,but these lies are relatively harmless. But even harmless ones are still lies. It's better not to tell them. You should find better excuses. Try to lend them my tapes or books in which I explain why we should be vegetarians so that they can think for themselves,and then they will wake up. In this way you won't even need to tell any harmless lies, and thus you'll feel more peaceful.


Master,what is the Quan Yin Method? What is this method that uses the ear to listen to the sound?

When we practice the Quan Yin Method, we can hear our inner vibration which we temporarily call 『the Sound.』 It's superior to the sounds of this world. //We listen to this Sound because the more we listen to it the more our wisdom opens up, and the freer we become. All our bad karma (retribution) is eliminated, and it protects us everywhere we go.

 The more we practice the better we become, and eventually we'll become Buddha. We'll gain great wisdom and great power. We'll be able to help ourselves, our family and friends, and the entire world. All this comes from the Quan Yin Method.


Master,what does the Quan Yin Bodhisattva in the Surangama Sutra practice?

She practices the Quan Yin Method.


Master, there are so many temptations in the world, so how can we reach a stage where we view everything as an illusion?

Practice the Quan Yin Method.


Master, how come we feel that things occurring in our daily life have appeared in our dreams before? Why do we feel this way?

Things that happen in our daily lives have appeared in our dreams before. Or we first dreamed about them, and then they occurred. This happens because some of us have retained some magical power from our previous lives, understand? We are also able to predict certain things in the future.


Master,does the Quan Yin Method belong to Buddhism, or does it not belong to any religion?

It belongs to every religion.


Master, is the initiation the same as the Yi Quan Tao's principle?

No,not the same. The Yi Quan Tao teaches you to focus on an outside light,right? They light the light and teach you to focus on it, and then the light will lead you home.

Mine is different. I don't light a light. My Light doesn't need to be lit. I don't need to light the Light. The Light will shine on its own. I don't need to open your eye. Your eye will open on its own. When I transmit the Dharma (true teaching), I don't need an outside light, but the Light is brilliant. So all these are different.

Master,can our bad karma (retribution) be eliminated through repentance? If so, how do we repent?

It can't be. Repentance isn't enough. It's because our heart of repentance is limited while our bad karma (retribution) is too vast. We can only use unlimited power to cleanse the unlimited bad karma (retribution) accumulated life after life.

This supreme power is our own Buddha Nature, our own inner Heavenly Kingdom, or our own Tao, the great wisdom. Only when we open it up can we cleanse the bad karma (retribution) from life after life. Repentance can only cleanse a little bit of the coarse or visible bad karma (retribution). It can't do anything to the invisible bad karma (retribution) that we've recorded inside life after life.


Master, I've been following Yi Guan Dao, but I still can't control my emotions in my daily life very well. How can I improve myself? What should he do?

  Practice the Quan Yin Method.


『Master,after one becomes enlightened and our mind is opened, what will it be like?』 He means after becoming enlightened, our mind will become open, so how open can it get?

To an unlimited degree.


Master,I saw the Sun Bodhisattva once, and then I saw Bhaisajyaguru and Tathagata Buddha. Why?

They came to visit and greet you. If they emit very bright light, then they are real. When you come out of that state and still feel happy and relaxed, then it is a real experience. If you don't have these feelings,then your experience is an illusion.


Master, you have gained more and more disciples, but the new hall you built has limited capacity. It might not be able to accommodate so many people. Will you consider expanding the hall?

I will. No matter how big it is, it's still not big enough. Even before we finish building,it's already full. Every time it's like this. It's all right. We only have problems in winter time. In summer, we sit outdoors like this. We find a tree and meditate under the tree. No problem.


Master,could Shakyamuni Buddha help the five generations of his disciples transcend to a higher realm? Does one have to have great compassion and great love to have such great power?

Yes,he could. That's why when Maudgalyayana, his disciple with the greatest magical power, went to hell for a visit, he found that all his relatives had already ascended. Only his mother,who had very heavy karma (retribution), was left behind. Otherwise,he would've found the five generations of his relatives there, but he didn't. All he found was his mother. This means all the others had transcended.


Master, in the Diamond Sutra, it says that all forms are like illusions, or dews or electricity, and they should be perceived as such. What does this mean?


When great spiritual practitioners go to a very high realm, they see this physical world as a dream or an illusion. That's why they can say this. We're here and we take the illusion as gold. That's why we don't understand this.

We take the dreams for real. You even keep the dreams you had in your mind for dozens of years and you ask this person and that person about them- right? - let alone such a grand dream. We're just too attached to it. That's what it means. A spiritual practitioner will be more and more bored with this world. The higher we get the more we look at this world as an illusion or a dream. That's what it means.


Master,in the Bible it records that God created the universe in seven days. This seems to contradict the idea of enlightenment in Buddhism. Master,please explain.

These scriptures talk about many things, of course we don't understand them. God didn't create Heaven and Earth in seven days, understand? Though it's said Hes did it in seven days, they are heavenly days, they aren't the same as our days. How could it be just seven days?

It's only an allegory. We only understand by our own mathand we count it as seven days, or one day,two days; but it's different. Many stories that Shakyamuni Buddha told,we don't understand them.

For example,he said that after a long time, the world would be destroyed and that there wouldn't be any humans anymore because most people would be going to the Heaven of Light and Sound. Then after a long time, this Heaven of Light and Sound would turn into dust and beings in this Heaven would come down to live.

Later they would become Brahma or become something else,etc.,etc. First they had light and freedom, and then they would degenerate, etc.,etc.,etc. But when they asked him what the Heaven of Light and Sound was like, he wouldn't answer. Understand?

There is too much to explain. How can we finish explaining it all? That's why sometimes the scriptures use these allegories to explain things to the more simple-minded so that they are satisfied. It's because people love answers and they keep asking questions.

Suppose it says it took seven days to create the world,then people would ask where the world came from, and then it became unanswerable. Then someone might ask whether the egg came first or the chicken came first. If the chicken came first, then where did it come from?

If the egg came first,then where did it come from? Then someone might say, 『Okay,I know. The egg came first. You have to believe it. If you don't, then you are a heretic.』 Okay,then we will all believe the same thing. It's like this. It's so troublesome.

I have the best answer, which is we all go up and catch this God and ask Hirm. It will be safer that way, right?


Master, aside from our Earth which has humans, are there other planets with other humans?

Yes,there are.


How do they survive? How are they different from humans on Earth?

Some are not very different and some are different. Some are of higher spiritual levels than us. Some have more advanced science than ours, millions of years more advanced than ours. Some are more backward than us. Some are taller than us, and some are smaller than us. Some are prettier than us, and some are uglier than us. If you want to know, practice the Quan Yin Method.


Master, you're so compassionate that you bear the bad karma (retribution) of sentient beings,but you often get attacked by invisible beings. You have the protection of heavenly guards, so why do you still get attacked

These are also guards. They are visible guards. The heavenly guards are the invisible ones. The invisible guards are here to protect me from being disturbed by the invisible beings.

Visible guards are here to protect me from being disturbed by the coarse sentient beings. Some sentient beings, their bad karma (retribution) is too heavy, too coarse, and their wisdom hasn't grown up yet,or they just came from hell or they were tigers in their previous lives. Even if they come to me, initiation might not be useful for them.

I can tell you a story about a previous life, but the time is up now. Another day I'll tell you about the Dharma guards. I can't tell it today.

You want to hear it now? (Yes.)

 A long,long time ago, there was a spiritual practitioner who was very humble and had attained the Tao (the great wisdom). However,he didn't save many sentient beings because it was very,very difficult to save sentient beings at that time; he only had a few students. He taught his students every day, but he didn't live together with them.

One day, a very vicious person came and wanted to learn with him. Because this Master could tell this person had a very vicious personality, he didn't want to teach him originally. But a Buddha was compassionate and treated everyone equally so he could not reject him. He knew it would create problems if he taught him,but he could not reject him.

So he transmitted the method to him, but he told this disciple, 『If you don't purify yourself you'll create a lot of bad karma (retribution), and you will not be able to get liberated life after life. Although you learn with me,if you don't follow my instructions I'm afraid that you will create the heaviest karma (retribution) and you will not be able to get liberated,so I want to warn you now.』

That person said, 『No problem. After I go back home and practice for three months, I will report to you. I promise you that I will reach the level of Arhat.』 Okay, he went back home and practiced for three months.

I don't know what nonsense other people told him but he came back to question his Master, 『Is the method you taught me the real one? Is it the ultimate method? Are there other secret methods you didn't teach me? Is there someone whose level is higher than yours?』

His Master said,『No. This method is the ultimate method. What I taught you is the best method and the most precious method.』 But he didn't believe it and kept questioning his Master. He thought his Master had other secret methods which he didn't teach him,

or that there was someone whose level was higher than his Master, but his Master didn't want his disciples to go there to learn even though he knew it. So he kept questioning his Master. His Master told him, 『No,I really don't have other secret methods.』 Then he asked his Master, 『Where is your Master?

His level must be higher than yours. If you don't know other people, you must know where your Master is.』 At that time, this Master wanted to protect his Master, so he didn't want to tell him where his Master was. This disciple became very angry and he struck his Master with an arrow. He didn't aim at this place Instead,he aimed it here.

So his Master was injured a bit. He left his Master there and went to find other disciples to ask where his Grand Master was.

He found out where his Grand Master was and went there, but his Grand Master had left because he knew he was coming. He was not at his home and he had left a letter for this disciple. In the letter,he said, 『I know you are very vicious, but you don't need to run after me to try to kill me. I will go back to Heaven in three days.』

This person was scared to death because he realized that his Grand Master had great power. His Grand Master also told him,『Your Master has taught you the highest method. You should repent. Otherwise you will go to hell.』

Now this person was really scared,and he wondered,『How come my Grand Master knows what is on my mind and knows what I did?』 Only then did he kneel down and sincerely repent Then he went back to apologize to his Master and to take care of his Master. Because he felt so sorry for what he did,he cried. He told his Master, 『I want to be a Dharma guard for you life after life no matter where you are.

No matter where you go to teach the Truth, I will be a Dharma guard for you. I will strike those unworthy people, those vicious people with my arrow and won't let them come to your place to disturb you, to harm you.』 Understand?

His Master said,『No, you don't need to do that. Okay,as long as you have good intention, then that's fine. Just practice diligently.』 However,because his will was very strong when he made the vow, his vow came true.

He really became a very scary Dharma guard, protecting his Master life after life. So he is that vicious Dharma guard, and he kept a sack full of arrows and stood outside.

When people came to his Master's place, they were very scared. When those vicious people came to his Master's place and saw he had those bows and arrows on the ready, they were scared to death, so they slipped away. They would not come in or ask for the Dharma (true teaching). In this way, his Master could avoid those insincere people since they would leave.

After screening out some people, those who came to his Master's place would not be so vicious. Even though they were afraid of bows and arrows, but because they had their conscience and they knew that they didn't have any bad intentions, they were not afraid.

Moreover,because they truly wanted to get liberated they were not afraid of any tests, and they still came in. Those people were very sincere and they didn't believe any of the outside vilifications against the Master, so they would come in.

Okay. That person did this job life after life. This person is living in Formosa (Taiwan) right now, but now he cannot use bows and arrows, so he uses a pen. He uses his pen,his brush, a pen like an arrow, and he strikes and strikes.

Anyone who is afraid of him would not come to get initiation with me. Anyone who believes in his power would not come to learn with me. If they believe what he wrote and are afraid of what he wrote, they would not come. Understand? He is a Dharma guard. He is the one who writes articles to attack me. I was his Master before.


Dear Master,you said that after initiation,five generations will transcend to a higher realm. Do you mean the past five Generations or the future five generations? Also,are they the five generations of the husband's relatives or the wife's relatives?

Five generations of your own relatives who have passed away. And of course, for those relatives and friends who are alive, they all get benefits. When they die, they all have Master Power to take care of them. Not only five generations, many generations.

Perhaps 100 generations can be included, but since you don't recognize them, we don't count them. You think they're others' relatives. Understand? You can still recognize five generations,but you won't recognize the sixth generation. You don't know what they look like. Only I can recognize them. It has been too long. Understand?


Master,in my husband's family, I cannot offer worship to my ancestors' memorial tablets because my husband believes that if a family worships the wife's ancestors' memorial tablets, it will cause bad luck to the family.

But when I see the tablets of my relatives thrown in the storage room and covered up, I feel like crying every time I pass by there. What should I do? How can I be filial to both families?

I think you can just practice the Quan Yin Method. We worship God inside us. No one can throw it away, no one can destroy it. Then we won't feel that bad. There are a lot of gods inside us, we don't even need to buy any. The gods inside are billions and trillions times more beautiful than those outside gods, right?


Dear Master, I am an ordinary person who hasn't received initiation. Although I got to know you half a year ago, I missed a good chance to learn with you.

Last Sunday,I participated in a gathering to recite Buddha's name. Toward the end of the chanting, suddenly my whole body was shaking a lot, and the sound of Buddha's chanting around me became three,four times louder. I visited one of my friends in the afternoon, and I began to realize that you are a saint who looks ordinary.

After listening to your lectures for four days, I also realized that I had many questions. First,when I close or open my eyes while I am concentrating, I can see some Light. Is it similar to the Quan Yin Method?

What was his question?

He said that when he closes or opens his eyes, he can see some light. What's the difference between this and the Quan Yin Method? Are they similar things? Also,after his initiation, can he absorb the energy of the sun and the universe?

Amitabha Buddha. You can. But our purpose shouldn't be absorbing the energy of the universe. We should develop our almighty energy inside and use it to save people. And regarding his seeing the light, it is not the same as the Quan Yin Method. I talked about it yesterday. People who practice other methods can also see the Light and hear the Sound, but these may not be high level Lights or Sounds.


When the enlightened beings die, do they leave through the brow chakra or the crown chakra? Is the brow chakra here? Or can we go out through the crown chakra?

We can go out from any chakra.


Dear Master, when one is sleeping, one is not conscious. Where does one's soul go?

During sleep,the soul often goes to the belly. There he'll see many visions,Heaven,hell, and many sceneries in the astral world, such as people,machines, sceneries,ships,airplanes, cars and so on. It's similar to our planet, just a little bit more beautiful. The soul of a practitioner will go here or there, or go out from here. That's the high-level realm.


Dear Master, once when I was concentrating to recite Amitabha Buddha in my meditation, I felt that my body was like a balloon, filled with air and then later I saw a big fireball in the front. Was it correct or not?

Sometimes, we have illusions. I just said that if you feel relaxed after you come out and wake up from meditation, then it's okay. But don't be attached to it. It's not a big deal. Just some small vision. Most of them are illusions. Be careful.