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Around the globe, pyramids have dotted the line of human history, sparkling as jewels of spiritual, intellectual and cooperative achievement for ages. From South America to China, from India to the Middle East, pyramids remain as inspirational as they are enigmatic, many thousands of years after their creation.

Loyal viewers, today on Science and Spirituality, we present the second in a three-part interview with the Bosnian-American pyramid researcher and author, Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich about the Bosnian pyramids. There are five pyramids, all in the same area: the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of Dragon, the Temple of Mother Earth, and the Pyramid of Love.

Dr. Osmanagich, called “Bosnia’s Indiana Jones,” has devoted his life to the exploration of ancient civilizations. He has written 10 books about the advanced societies of long ago such as the Mayan civilization which flourished in the Americas. These texts have been published in the United States, Turkey, Croatia, Estonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dr. Osmanagich has created a non-profit research organization called The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation whose mission is to facilitate archaeological excavation of the pyramid sites in Bosnia’s Visoko Valley. Excavation work began in April 2007. Who built the Bosnian pyramids and what can we tell about their civilization based upon what we have found thus far? Dr. Osmanagich theorizes the people behind these structures were special.

In the case of a lot of pyramids in China, the biggest one, we don’t know who built them. In the case of the Bosnian pyramids, we don’t know who built them. We are just learning about their technological process which was very advanced. We can see the (pyramids’) subtle geometry. We can see astronomical knowledge. We can see mathematical knowledge. I think they are very advanced, intelligent beings, most probably humans. The difference between us is in some technological level, sometimes in aspects of our mental capabilities.

It seems that the people before relied more on themselves and their mental capabilities. And today we rely on technology, cameras, computers, cranes, and automobiles. People in the past had different ways – how to build, how to erect, and how to transport (things). And we are just learning about that and they’ve created such ingenious structures like pyramids.

The drilling that has been done on the surface of one pyramid suggests the top is made up of a layer of sandstone and breccia blocks.

The Pyramid of the Sun, it looks like an Egyptian pyramid, and the top of the pyramid is covered with concrete blocks. In the case of the Moon Pyramid, you have terraces which consist of sandstone, nicely shaped blocks, and then layers of clay, and sandstone plates, layers of clay all the way to the top. So we need to figure out the secret of their design and the different materials. Our concrete is actually rather inferior, it lasts 50, 200, 500 years, and that’s it. The concrete in the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has been around at least 12,000 years. It can last another hundred thousand years, because its properties are much better than our concrete.

The Bosnian pyramids complex has a network of underground tunnels, called the Ravne tunnels, that lead toward the Pyramid of the Sun. The creators of this system dug through conglomerate rock, which has been determined to be over 30,000 years old. The investigation of this subterranean structure, which includes chambers, began in 2005. Interestingly it appears that at some point after their construction, sections of the tunnels were purposely walled off to prevent entry.

When we entered the underground tunnels; all the tunnels were kind of filled up with material and then sealed off with drywalls. So in order to reach the pyramid, we need to clean at least one road that leads to the pyramids. We remove the drywall, we remove the material and we move through the tunnels. I would say they are two mysteries. First, who built the tunnels? And second, who filled them up and basically shut them down?

Etchings have been found on megaliths or human-made stone building blocks inside the tunnels. However the meaning of these etching is still unclear.

In the case of our underground tunnels, we are finding those ceramic blocks; on some of them we can see some carved symbols. I wouldn’t say that it was writing. It’s not like an alphabet. (There are) a lot of arrows and you can see some symbols like people are communicating to each other and telling them which way to go, because after all, if you have an underground labyrinth (you need them). But if you have some symbols, it means you have some type of literacy. So people are literate and probably these (symbols) are the oldest proof of literacy in Europe.

Curiously, flora that is not native to the area has been found growing in the soil covering one of the pyramids. Dr. Osmanagich now further explains this phenomenon.

When it comes to climate, we know that Bosnia has a continental climate with four seasons. A couple of hundred miles south is the Mediterranean (region), a much warmer climate. But now, only with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, we can see the plants that belong to the warmer Mediterranean climate. On the surrounding natural hills, you cannot find that. Why? The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has so many inner passageways, tunnels, and chambers; during the spring and the summer, the temperature of the surface is higher than on the natural hills. And it helps Mediterranean plants to grow there.

Scientists from a number nations, including Russia, Croatia, and the UK have conducted tests and concluded that an energy beam or ultrasound frequency is being emitted from the peak of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The beam is estimated to have a radius of 4.5 meters.

In the case of the Bosnian pyramids, we’ve been doing the pioneering steps in determining the real purpose of the pyramids. We have detected the energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. This right here. This energy beam has a frequency of 28 kilohertz. That’s the frequency of the ultrasound, which you cannot hear or see. It’s continuous and it shoots right above us. Where? We don’t know, but we were able to measure it with our instruments. So this phenomenon is here.

In today’s society, we use ultrasound for medical purposes, but you always have to have an artificial source. It can be a mechanical device or an electromagnetic device, when you squeeze the quartz crystal. But, it’s always an artificial source. It seems that some of the pyramids in Bosnia are some type of energy machine. If that’s true, it means that in the distant past, they made this machine. It works even today after thousands of years. This is a machine that never stops. This was more like science fiction in the past, but we have it here in Bosnia.

Another measurement we did was the intensity of the energy beam. What we did, we had a team of physicists from Zagreb (Croatia), 10 of them. They came with their instruments, and they measured the intensity on the surface of the pyramid. And then they measured three meters or 10 feet higher. It was stronger. They measured another 10 feet higher, 20 feet from the bottom of the pyramid, and it was even stronger. As you move from the center of the pyramid, the energy intensity rises. The energy’s getting stronger and stronger.

It contradicts all our physical laws. It contradicts our technology which is based on so-called Hertzian technology, saying that closer to the source, the energy’s stronger. In our case, you have something opposite. You are moving away from the source and the energy’s getting stronger. It means that if you shoot that energy beam, it’s getting stronger as it travels through the universe. It means that you can reach any point in the universe. You can connect with any planet or solar system. So, we are opening a completely new door in this investigation.

In January 2011, the SB Research Group, which seeks “to study architecture, geometry and shape of the structures in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and the development of knowledge from the viewpoint of anthropological and historical discoveries made in this context” and is comprised of researchers mainly from two Italian institutions, the University of Trieste and the Polytechnic of Milan conducted an experiment using a device that can convert ultrasound vibration into audible sounds. The ultrasound vibration heard at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun is characterized by the group as a “whistling” sound.

If we have such a powerful energy source and such a powerful, focused energy beam, with its strength and intensity rising as it moves away from this planet, it’s possible to hit any point in the universe. If you can make that energy bridge between two cosmic bodies, then you can transport anything you want. After all, we are only frequencies. Our body, that’s just a frequency. Our thoughts, just a frequency. The stones, just a different frequency. And then the vibration can go through that energy bridge.

There are different ways for transportation. For example, when you have an opera singer singing a high C note, and if you have a glass in front of him, the glass will break. It means that the sound in this particular case has very destructive properties. But imagine, if you change the frequency a little bit, like on your radio, probably the sound will have the power not to destruct, but to move the glass, to lift it, to transport it. It’s very possible that people in the past had the knowledge how to use different frequencies for different tasks. If it can be proven that you can transport anything, anywhere, then you have the biggest discovery ever. So you go much beyond our planetary borders.

Thank you Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich for speaking to us about your intriguing discovery in Visoko and our appreciation goes to your foundation for helping to uncover a part of humankind’s fascinating ancient architectural legacy.

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