All right. No, I just stand up so that you can see me, not that you have to applaud. All right, brothers.

*When I was young…

You still are!

*Yes, yes, inside. I'm coming around. (Yes.) When I was young, I noticed sometimes… I'd be riding, or on a bicycle or walking, and I would hear somebody talk, but they weren't talking, they were thinking. Because when I turned my head, I knew they were there, and I recognized… like it's telepathy, see? (I see.) And then there's a lot of problems in California with people having that problem. They said they're hearing voices and (Yes.) nobody believes them.

Yes, yes, yes.

*And then, when they put them in there and say, "Are you hearing voices?” and to me, I think that's what the problem is, their center or their mind is picking up telepathy and they don't know how or what it's doing for them. They're frightened, and it's out of control. In other words, their perception to tune in to what someone's thinking (Right.) isn't correct, but the center opens up and they go, "Well, who's talking to me?"

Yes. What kind of thinking normally do you pick up? Negative, positive, or neutral or just anything?



*Can a person have the ability to read somebody else's thinking, hear their thinking…? (Can!) Okay, okay. Well, yes, I know, but when they hear their thinking, but not know the light and powers through the third eye, and have this perception, like “I can hear that person think,” “I can hear this,” “I believe in God because God comes through every and everybody,” and have no knowledge of the realms beyond (Sure.) and then be entrapped in that.
(Yes, yes.) I didn't know this all my life. But there's still something wrong with these people; they eat a steak, they don't meditate, they can pick up on me. They wonder why I'm so frantic at times, and my frantic is they're bothering me. You know? If you don't work on the road within, you're going to be sorry when you're floating out there (Sure, sure, sure.) in the low realm, right?

Sure, sure.

*The question was originally about telepathy and the lack of understanding, people being satisfied with what they believe...

These things exist.

All right, brother?

*That's what I wanted to know.

But they are not the highest level of consciousness.

* They're just at the mind level. It's like one computer, you know, communicates to, like internet style, yes. And, actually, we have “internet” inside and some people can make use of that, some people cannot. And that's all there is to it. And if we communicate with each other at the mind level, it's possible.
People can train themselves and do telepathy or hypnotism, and things like that, and these have nothing, or sometimes not have much, to do with the Light and the Sound, which uplift you to the Most High. Yes? So, actually, sometimes we have this kind of ability, yes. When our mind is clear, you know, and not focused on a particular anything, then sometimes we pick up the wavelengths from other people's thinking, just like a radio. So, nothing big deal. Just forget it.

*Don't let it trouble me?

Yes, yes, don't pay attention. And if you meditate or if you know the meditation of any kind, just then switch your mind, switch your concentration, to the Holy Names or the mantra, whatever you are at that moment, and forget about this gossiping. It does you no good.

*I'm embarrassed; I have a simple question, (It's all right. Don't worry.) but I'm going to ask it anyway. I know I am new and I'm anxious, and I'm so excited about it, but I am having more trouble doing the Quan Yin than I am focusing on the Light. The Sound, it's more difficult for me to get into... meditating on the Sound.

Why? Why?

*I don't know why. It just is more difficult. I just can't seem to do it as easily.

Then you try to do it as long as you can, step by step,  and then next day, you increase one minute or two, and then next day one more, until you reach your desired time.

*Thank you very much.

You're very welcome.

*Thank you.

Sometimes it's difficult in the beginning, and the mind keeps always interfering and telling you to do other things. Just try your best, okay? Yes. So serious, my God! Have some laughs, okay? You want me to tell you a joke? No, no, no. All right. You have to be happy yourself. Don't always rely on me, yes. I've always spoon-fed you and it's no good, right? Brother, you have to do yourself.

*Being around disturbed people, that I don't understand - why they don't seek for a better life?

Just concentrate on your own level of consciousness, yes? See what you want, and that's important.

*Yes, okay.

And you will influence people, if you yourself are pure. (*Yes, yes.) All right?

*I have a lot of people that are in the neighborhood that still remember anything I have ever done, and the way they want to change is they try to throw this talk about Jesus at me. And…

Somebody's got to help, otherwise…

*Like when Jesus said, "In the house of the Father, there are many mansions," but he didn't say anybody was in there. And then Moses left before Jesus, so he must be up there somewhere, you know. Okay, so I…

You go find him.

*I need to build my altar. You can tell my altar is a little altered. See, I've got to take care; I've got to take care and use my mind, so if I work, I start finding the questions and problems within that I didn't solve, like (Good.) what am I going to do. So, I got get a job again, so I'm working on that. Thank you.

*I have just been initiated last week. I have trouble identifying which is the true Light and the light from my imagination. Because when I close my eyes, sometimes I don't meditate, and I still see Lights.

Yes? Is that your problem?

*Yes. Well, my problem is can you tell me...

You don't want the Light or what?

*No, I do, but I want to know which is the light from my imagination and which is...

Do you think the lights are from imagination? Can I sit here and just imagine there are lights in this room?

*No, when I close my eyes...

The same thing. Even when you close your eyes, it's even worse. You could not see the light, if there is not the light there, okay? Light is light. There's no imagined light.  Thank you very much.

Okay, brother, it's very good that, even if we don't try to concentrate, we see the Light. It's supposed to be like that. All right? It's just that sometimes people don't get that, so I have to tell them to sit down and meditate. But normally when you see the Light, you should not analyze anymore. Okay? Just enjoy it.
It will make you feel better and wiser and more happy. Nothing wrong. Light, all right. Some people complain they don't have Light, some people complain they have too much Light. What shall we do? No more questions? Good. My God! What a good audience! Then we think, “Then we'll just go home and sleep?” Okay? All right? Ten o'clock already? Not possible. Is it? Is it ten o'clock? I thought you would have wanted to ask me many questions since you haven't seen me for a long time, but you have been enlightened, so it's good. Satisfied?

*I have a question. My question is: What would you suggest if someone has been hurt...

Somebody's been hurt, yes? (*Right.) Emotionally?



*What is, quite seriously, a good way to recover? Do you have any words about that?

It depends. It depends on what kind of emotional suffering that person has gone through. Could you be more particular?

*Well, being abandoned.

Abandoned by a lover?

*Yes, and a friend.

Girlfriend or wife?

*Friend. Friend.

Friend or girlfriend?


Girlfriend - it's different than a friend! Yes, because it hurts more. Okay. Time. Time will heal everything. Go out and see better friends, okay? Talk to them about your problem. And go dancing, yes? Go where it comforts you. But I tell you what, even if you go to Heaven, it will not comfort you. Just time. This is the most suffering thing that a human has to go through, when a loved and trusted one just left sometimes with no reason, sometimes with apparently superficial reasons.
Sometimes that may be a logical reason, but whatever reason, we suffer. So only time can heal this, provided we want to be healed. Sometimes, at the hour of suffering, seems like no medicine, nothing, can comfort our soul; but it will, I assure you. None of the ordinary human beings would be able to escape this kind of experience. Because in life we have to have many experiences in order to grow, in order to mature, to master our own destiny, our emotion, our intellect, our wisdom, and our thinking, even. Yes? So, this is one of the painful experiences that a human has to go through in order to master the most difficult emotion. And no one is spared of this.  
So, you are not alone. And just take it as some experience, yes? Suppose that person dies, you lose her anyhow, or suppose you die, you lose her anyhow, or suppose you have somebody else better, and you'll leave her anyhow. So one way or another, somebody loses, somebody gains - or nothing lost, nothing gained. She left you for somebody else? No? No. Just left you?
Maybe she'll come back, you never know. I know all of this experience, it's awful; still we have to go through. It's terrible. It's terrible. More than sickness, more than starvation and more than toothache! Heartache's terrible. I wish I could help you. I wish I could erase immediately this painful memory in your heart, but you are the only one that can do that. And I don't want to take this blessing away from you, because as soon as you heal yourself, you'll become stronger.
Next time you don't get hurt so easily. You will get it again next time, don't worry about that! It's not the last. It might be the first, but it might not be the last. And, you know, each time you grow stronger and stronger, and later, you know this is just nothing, yes? You will have more detachment for this ephemeral pleasure that the body and the mind likes to cling to, which is called love - which is not really love, just a part of true, great, everlasting love.
Of course, this is very nice, if we can include this small portion of universal love into our life. Then our life would become more beautiful, yes, more, kind of, meaningful. We will be more flamboyant, we'll be more happy, and things like that. But nevertheless, there are many other things that we can comfort our soul with and we can be occupied with, yes?
Like, try to do something helpful to other people at the moment, and try to see through their suffering. But nevertheless, you have to learn your own way. No one can help. Even if I have thousands of experiences, I cannot prevent you from falling in love, and getting hurt when you're falling out of love. This is a cause and consequence. All right? We have to be responsible for whatever action and reaction we take in this life.  
If we fall in love, we have to expect the best and the worst, because both will happen, right? Sometimes you have the best, and sometimes you have the worst. Or first you have the best, and later you have the worst. So you have to know beforehand, before you fall in love with somebody, you have to be clear that are you going to take this opportunity, to take this risk, or not? If you are afraid of pain, then don't fall in love. That's my advice.

And if you think love is exciting, you know, worth it to try, then take the risk. No one can guarantee anything, especially the love business, yes. Not even the Master or the Buddha can write you a guarantee certificate that says you would live happily ever after. I doubt it. All the stories about the prince and princess, they just wrote the beginning; they did not write the end. So all of us children are getting, you know, cheated.
And we always think, you know, Cinderella, and all this kind of stuff... Wait until they got together, or they got a few children! You watch and see. So, actually, sometimes during the loving relationship, we break up. Maybe that's lucky, you know? At least you have good memories. You have illusion of what it could be, what it might have been, what it would have been “if she didn't leave me” or “if I didn't leave her.”
But if you have the opportunity to live together for a long life, you know, and then no more romantic air. What - ax bill, telephone bill, electric bill... Yes, yes, and then the children's fees and all kinds of things. And you know what? Actually, I don't know what is really good, yes? To stay together for all the time, or just to break up in between in order to have a painful but romantic memory and illusion. Anyhow, any choice has a price, so you take whatever it is.
If you want to keep your relationship, it has a great price. You have to attend to your partner all the time. You have to sacrifice some of your personality, your time, your freedom, your privacy - many other things - in order to keep a relationship going on. Besides, even if you do that, you might not be able to keep it. Some people don't like that.
Some people don't like a clinging partner, some people don't like a too considerate a partner, some people don't like too good a partner, some people like bad boys or bad girls - it's just a little bit spicy, naughty; they like it. And if you're too conservative, too good, too sweet, too considerate, too “surrender” to every wish and desire of the partner, sometimes you will lose her or him. So you never know what ticks; you never know what snaps, you know?
Just take a risk, if you want. But don't ask me how I can heal you and how I can prevent this. No medicine, all right? Take it or leave it, both are fun. Okay? But in America, life is a little bit more lonely. Many people stay in America, they feel more lonely. Maybe the land is too big, population too small, and now that people don't produce that many children anymore, we seem to get more lonely, so we'd like to have a partner to share interest or lonely time; things like that. But along with this pleasure comes a great responsibility and sacrifice.
So you are the only one who can decide whether it's worth to try. But no one can guarantee. So next time if you fall in love again, you must know before - all right? - that it might happen, the same thing again, or it might happen worse. For example like, okay, you're successful to get married, yes? She didn't leave you, you did not leave her, and then you are married. But then later, life became dull, you know? It's no more like the beginning.
You must know everything before you start a loving relationship. But sometimes, we know all this, but we could not help to prevent it. Then, it's okay, just enjoy while it lasts. That's what I say. And when it goes - good-bye! Yes? It's painful but let it be. Pain is also a kind of experience. Why do we reject it? Just see how it develops, yes?
We know it's painful, all right, we get on with our life, while the pain is still there, just like we get on with our life, while the love is still there. Everything, we just take it as it is, and don't dramatize it, don't make it worse. And don't dwell on it. There are many other things, exciting things to do. In some of the previous lives, I fell in love many times, yes, and it hurts.
Because… It hurts! But then, every time like that I just carried on with my work, yes? “Okay, all right, all right, today I'm very hurt. I have a lot of pain because a lover has left me, but so what? I have a lot of things to do. Like in the morning I must get up, do what? And at noontime I must do what? Afternoon I must see somebody, what? And evening

I must do what?” You know what I mean? As you carry yourself into the daily routine, and devote yourself to the duty of the day, you find that every wound, every pain, heals quickly. You still know it's there, but you don't let it overwhelm you because you stay calm. You just do your work and everything takes care of itself. The pain heals quicker than you think; quicker that way.

And besides, because you're not careful, so you didn't see that the relationship normally wouldn't have lasted anyhow. If you look back, you'll see the personality traits, you know, the clash, the conflicts, the difference of interests. You must look back and check up, and you'll know that you have been blind all this time. It shouldn't have been started, anyhow. For example, like that. I think you have spoken enough, now I am on romance and love! Okay, anything else?

*Thank you, Master. I am a medical student, and I would like to ask a question about euthanasia - that's mercy killing.

What's that for? You get me into trouble? This is your job, and all the doctors decide.

*Because I am a medical student and probably in the future I will face that choice.

Why? Do they have the law like that in America? Is the law here that you can have mercy killing?

*I don't know, because I'm from Formosa (Taiwan).

Why am I responsible for all the countries'… the different law?

*There are many kinds of mercy killing. I am talking about the one that's so-called passive mercy killing. For example, when a person is severely ill or injured, and he is, for example, on ventilator support, and there are no signs showing that he is still alive, except that he is still breathing on ventilator support and his heart is still beating...

Sometimes people wake up after six months or six years. You know that. So it's hard for me to tell you which one to kill and which one to spare. Very difficult, of course. So the families must decide, the doctors must decide, and the patient as well, if he has any consciousness. If I were to tell you this vegetable-like state is not worth preserving, then how about those people who wake up after long coma? Yes? See? So what can I tell you?
And suppose I were to tell you that these are to be prolonged? But actually, some people are prolonged all there…many… 25 years or something, but they have not woken up from the coma. So here I am again, you know. It's very difficult to judge. It is for the immediate family members of the patient, as well as the doctors. They must know which case, all right. Besides, God will take care.

*Thank you, Master.

You are welcome. Yes, so many problems in this world.

*Hi, Master. My question is very short: What is God? Because I don't have a clear conception of what God is. I have been studying metaphysics, you know, and I've been trained as a student, and studying material laws, like 20 years from primary school to college, and I know that in this material world there are certain physical laws; everything is governed by the physical laws. So, is God just a higher level universal law that governs the spiritual, you know, different spiritual levels, or is God something else? Can you give some inspiration about what God is?

I thought the question would be short. (*Right, but…) So you mean, why doesn't God come to save the world? Is that right?

*No, I mean... I just don't have a clear conception what God is. Is God a person or just a universal law? Or is God an...

God is not to be described in this way. I don't think I can write many books to describe about God. Actually, when you're asking me right now, I have no idea of what God is. Somebody has any idea? No.

*A loving master who doesn't eat meat?

He said a master who is loving and doesn't eat meat, something like that. Oh my God! Actually, when we know God that is when we don't know what God is. Before that we think we know - God this and that, God is love, God is justice, God is powerful, God is everything... mercy...God is blessing. But after, maybe we know God, then we begin not to know Hirm. I mean, we cannot describe anymore. We just be it, you know? So it's very difficult. Why don't you just try our method and then... everybody claims to know God afterwards, so, try.

*Thank you.

You're welcome. You see, just like a fish in the water. A fish came to his mother and asked, "Mother, what is sea? What is the ocean? What is the water?" So the mother said, "You are swimming in it. You're living your life in it. You're born from water and you will die in water, and you have your existence in water.
Water is surrounding you. You are from water. You're one with the water." That's what it is with God, I think. Yes? If that can be clear enough, I am not sure, even. At the moment, I have difficulty in explaining to people what God is and what the Tao is, what practice is, and all this. I have more trouble than I used to.
At the moment, I think all the fellow practitioners can explain better than I do. Is that not so? I think so. I think you explain better than me, so it's funny. You think I go everywhere and preaching to people all the time? Or, for example, if I go to the president of Dominica, or the Prime Minister, I would preach to them, "Please, eat vegetarian”

No, I didn't even give them books or anything. But the disciples, they thought about that. They brought some books. I said, "Good that you have some," because I never thought about it. You know what I give them? Sometimes like man-stuff, you know, a tie, cuff links; things like that. Or for women, I give a ring, you know, tax-free from the airport, things like that. Yes, or the duty-free gift, you know. I would buy this and give it to them, and that's all there is.
Or if the country needs some contribution for the children or for the old people or sick people, then I would offer some donation. That's all. But you know what? Three people ate vegetarian. Only three days - I met three - and three had started vegetarian from nowhere. I didn't even say anything. They just saw me eat vegetarian and that's it. They said, "Okay, from today we'll begin vegetarian, too." And, said and done. Really, like that.

What I mean is, I don't preach anymore. I cannot preach anymore. I just feel not natural anymore. I don't know why, I just give people anything, except the preaching. And sometimes when the followers, attendants, giving them books and all that, you know, sample booklet, "I Have Come to Take You Home," and something like that, I feel kind of embarrassed! You know, I don't know why. I just became so shy, you know.
Perhaps, I still can go out and give lectures when it's really necessary, but I just cannot imagine I would do that. Not like I was so enthusiastic before, you know; I felt more natural to talk. Now I feel more natural not to talk. But sometimes, because you demand and your love is so much, you like to hear me talk something, so I'm also trying to please you. Otherwise, it's very difficult for me just to stand here and do nothing, and difficult for you to accept that. Never mind, if you have questions, then it is good for me so that I can answer you.

*Dear Master, I have waited for you for four years already. Since the time I was in the Malaysian refugee camp, I have known you by chance, because in that time I've admired you very much. You have done a lot of good things for people on this Earth, especially for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. Truly to say, I have a master inside my mind for seven years until now. He appears every time, when I stay at…when I live in the day time, even when I sleep. He comes to me every time. And he calls me to come to seek you for many important things, but I cannot tell you here because it'd be very serious, from my master inside. So can I write a letter to you next Saturday or Sunday?

Of course.

*Because for me, I have tried to come to seek you many times. I come from Canada. I have tried to come to Formosa (Taiwan) to seek you, four times, in Formosa (Taiwan), but I couldn't see you there.


*Until now. Because at that time, I was not your disciple.

But everyone, regardless disciple or not, can see me. Just I don't know why you cannot? If I am there, anyone can come see me.


Sunday is open.

*So today I am very happy, because I became your disciple. So I try my best to write many important things from my master inside my mind.

Okay. You write, you write.

*Can I send it to you next Saturday or Sunday?

Sure, you can.

* Because it's very important; I cannot tell here.

Okay, please write it down and give it to me on Sunday, if I am there, okay?

*Thank you very much, Master.

You are welcome.