*Master,I don't know if this question is appropriate or not. I have a question about physical pain. (Yes.) Okay,I have a lot of stiffness in my knees and I also have a hip that's... I can almost not walk on it,and I just wanted to ask you,if you can suggest some modality,or is there some way... What should I do? Should I use acupressure,acupuncture therapy? I don't know if this is an appropriate question for you,but I have to ask it,because it's really getting in the way of my life and I would like to get rid of it.

Did you try acupuncture and all that?

*No,I haven't tried acupuncture.

Did you try exercising? What did the doctor tell you?

*Well,I do exercise - I swim and I walk,I work out,but it's just getting worse and worse and I don't know what to do. I'm just kind of asking out of desperation,because I don't know what to do. And I thought well,possibly you can answer my question,possibly you can't,and that's okay. I just…

I don't have to always answer in words.

*I understand.


*Thank you.

Probably your sickness will be gone soon,when the time's come. Try to meditate more,if you can,all right? And keep your knees warm,your hips warm. Don't expose to draft and breeze,you know,through the door and things like that, be careful where you sit, and rub some sesame oil on the painful part three times a day. That probably will help you. Okay? And meditate,pray. All right?
Recite the Holy Names and rub it on. Don't rub too hard,just sort of massage,so that the oil will sink inside. And try to a change a little bit diet for a while,like you eat some of the whole-wheat,whole-meal,yes,rice or wheat,whole-meal; whole-meal wheat,yes, because they have some vitamin B and things like that. It's good for you. Or take some extra vitamin B,okay? Or take some yeast,yes. That will help you also,and take some calcium. But you have to ask the doctor the dose,yes? Too much calcium is also no good. Try. All right,brother?
Take some more vitamins,okay? But with all that,I think it will be gone soon,as well; that with meditation. We have to take bothphysical help and spiritual helpyesand pray to the Master power,okay?

*Welcome to California, Master. Would you please talk about courage?



*I don't know. I just want to hear you talk about courage.

But for what particular reason that you need this?

*I'd like to hear what you have to say about courage because I have fears.

Of what?

*Depends on the day.


*No. No ghosts.

What kind of fear do you have?

*Having a mission on the planet.

Mission on the planet. So why are you fearful?


*I don't know exactly what it is.

If you don't know,then how do you know you have a mission?


*That's what I want to know.

Okay,then when it comes,you know. Before it comes,no need fearing,all right? It might never come,okay? Let's deal with it when it comes. Don't hear people say that you have a mission,then you have a mission. Everybody has a mission. Do you think we come here just for fun? I don't think so.

*Master,I'm honored to be here.

Me too.

*And I want to take this opportunity to address everybody that's here. I am a new disciple of yours. You've turned my life around 360 degrees. I need…

God bless us.

*I need to inform the people here that you are a Supreme Master. I'm a little embarrassed with some of the questions,I know you're very tired.

No,it's all right.


I am not really tired.


*Well,the world has waited thousands of years for you and I feel like I've got… I've won the lottery in the cosmic sky!

I think they like you.

*And I want everybody here not to miss this opportunity. Please,don't miss this opportunity. There are no accidents. You've been led here and this is a very,very special night for you. Please,please. Thank you.

Thank you. If it benefits you,it is yourself who helps yourself. That is good. I am an instrument,and I am very happy to hear that the instrument works.

*Yes,Master,I hope this is not a ridiculous question,but...

It's all right,don't worry.

*When I meditate,I get… I can't eat tofu,and I miss a lot of the good foods that you have. I can't eat tofu,and I can't eat wheat,right?

You cannot eat tofu?

*I'm allergic. So when I meditate,I get really,really cold,really,really cold.


*And I don't know what to... I've been trying to mix the grains and the beans,but I don't know what to do,to get... I'm afraid I'm not getting the proper protein because I get really,really cold.

Okay understand.

*So what would you suggest?

True,true. If you don't get enough nutrition,you get cold... in the night,too,or don't have enough energy. What else can you eat? You know vegetarian ham and all that can you eat?

*I can't have a lot of spices,I can't have the wheat, I can't have the tofu. You know,I pray to you a lot. Because I am a new initiate,I'd say as I go on and meditate more and more,maybe,you know,my body would be able to take it.

Can somebody be allergic to tofu? Yes? Oh God! Then we are in both in trouble. Even if tofu you cannot eat. What kind of bad karma (retribution) can that be? It's impossible! How do I solve the problems of this world? Even tofu he cannot eat. How about the,you know,not directly tofu,but the processed protein,like into ham,you know,vegetarian ham,sausage? You see,try.

*There's a lot of food that I'm seeing now,because I'm an initiate,I have never seen,you know… (Yes.)

*Everything looks good,you know,I've been deprived a lot…

Yes. Tofu is not the only thing we can eat,so just leave out that and eat other stuff. And maybe eat a little bit of tofu at a time,see how it reacts,and if you can,then continue. Okay? Sometimes you are only allergic for a certain period of time,and maybe after you meditate for a while,your allergy has been minimized. So you have to always to test the water. Okay,honey?

*Thank you,Master. I love you.

Yes,I wish you luck. Wish you can eat a lot of tofu later. Because it's very sad,it's very sad to hear that a person has tried his best already,and turned to vegetarian,and still has obstacles. You know,it's very sad. I have sympathy for you and I will pray for you. I wish you luck. Okay?

*Good evening,Master. I feel very honored to be with you tonight.

I am honored,too.

*I wanted to speak because I had many allergies myself,and I have worked with people who have,and what he can... There are many other grains,rice being excellent; also quinoa and other grains that he can mix with the smaller lentils. They are a higher,warmer energy.

I see.

*And if he includes things like ginger and cayenne... Ginger especially,but cayenne may be too heavy,but the ginger will warm the blood. There are many other grains that he can...

Good! Now you can work with her,both of you. Open an allergy clinic. That's it.

*God bless you,Master.

Yes. Yes,it's true. Tofu is not the only protein that we should depend on. There are all kinds of beans and nuts; they have a lot of protein. But tofu is nice. It's a pity you cannot eat it. You will,you will. Try. Continue. All right. Sometimes you don't eat tofu alone,you know,you poach in sesame oil or something…

*There are many high-energy foods. As she mentioned,nuts,seeds are very high,and sesame,things like that. And if you make sure that you get a balance of any kind of grain,plus a nut,seed,lentil or legume,every day...

Seaweeds and all that. Seaweeds.

*And have it every day,and add things like ginger (

Now we go down to food!) will warm the blood. There are things that will warm the blood,like ginger will help to keep you warm.

Yes,see that? You have an expert there. And look at her,how allergic she has been. Okay,so,Mother,you will teach him how to eat and how to behave and what to do,okay? Anyone elsewith allergy can come and study with her and see what you can do. Sometimes the combination of food breaks away or neutralizes the allergy.
But you must know with what you are allergic to. Yes? All right. Yes,yes,yes,what don't we have here,in this world? Even tofu makes trouble,and it's impossible to imagine that even harmless tomatoes or tofu can give us trouble. Oh God! I think we'd better quit this world,and that's a very right decision!

*Master,I'm a beginner,and I consider myself somewhat old now,at 60 years old,and I've lived,I think,a good life. I like to help people,but I want myself to be more enlightened,but I am having some difficulty moving to a higher level. And I don't seem to have very strong motivation. I've listened to the tapes and I read the magazine,and I've come here and I don't know that I am... I think I am expecting something from... You are the first teacher that I have,should I try to reach a higher level of awareness and a higher level of…

Did you see anything? Hear anything?

*I see a lot and I hear a lot,but…

But you want more?

*I want more,and I want it,I guess,quicker. I guess.

I don't blame you,but the thing is,we can only digest a certain amount of things at a time. All right,brother? I know your age is pressing you,but don't let that bother. People begin at 70. There was a Sikh master,he came to his guru at the age of 70,and everybody looked down upon him,because he was very humble and old,and he worked very dedicatedly,like a servant to his master,and as a servant in the house as well,so not many people looked up on him.
But when his master died,the spiritual mantle fell upon this person,old person,and not to the younger ones. Not to the daughters and sons,and all that expected people. So you see,you're not very old. It's all right. Take it easy!
You see a lot and hear a lot,and you still complain. What shall I do? Yes. Just take it easy,we have give and take still,and when you are ready,you'll be gone - I mean,God will call you. Or if Hes wants you to serve mankind,Hes will bestow the opportunity upon you. Just do your best every daymeditate.  All right,brother? Okay.
You look very young still. Your teeth are still intact and your hair is still there. You know,I saw… When I went to Dominica… But there were two: Dominican Republic and Dominica. So,they get confused. All the mail is going,you know,back and forth, in these two countries all the time. I told them to change the name,simple,but they said,“It's not that simple.” Because they talked about that for 10 years already,but they didn't change.
So I said,"Well,it's very important,if you get all the mails mixed up,yes? - or the secrets,” you know,national secret. “It goes back and forth to different country. It's no good! Better change it.” But then again,who am I to tell them what to do? I just suggest.
So the ex-president said well,he will kind of try to suggest strongly again,that Dominican Republic is something else. And Dominica is another one - it's a little bit near Saint Martin - and it is more undiscovered. It's very beautiful. It's not yet spoiled,and the trees are big like that,and so high,and the rare birds,and over 300 rivers,yes. And the shape looks like Formosa (Taiwan). It's funny,you know,like Formosa (Taiwan).
And the people there are very nice. When I went there,the president was pretty old,but he didn't think he was. He is 74,but he doesn't look a day older than 73! He thinks he is very young,and he's very enthusiastic and very energetic.
He came to the airport to meet us,casually,even though it was an ex-president. But just last time,he stepped out,just because his age. He's been there for ten years... President for 10 years - means continued many terms. And the president now is also,you know,a little bit older than you. So what do you want?
Do you want me to list all the senior citizens in the world to encourage you? Yes,and this president,the ex-president of Dominica,he was so pure,like a saint. He's like a father,you know. He came to the airport to greet me; he didn't even know me. He just heard people say that I am such and such and such,then he came to the airport,like that. And then this morning,at five o'clock,he came to the airport to send me off,again! Five o'clock in the morning!
You don't even wake up to think of me yet,he woke up and he came and saw us off at the airport. He didn't have to do that,but he did it. He said because he loved me so much. He respects and he just wants to show it,yes. And woe to you if you tell him he is old - he will defend!
He says he's very young. And his skin is very smooth,and his eyes are still very sparkling,and he speaks with such a clarity and wisdom,and such warmth - human love in his heart. It's fantastic. You wouldn't think he's an old man. Yes. So,don't make yourself old,otherwise I'd feel old,too. I am just about 20 years younger than you. Okay,anyone else?

*Master Ching Hai,I'm very grateful for your teaching,and I am very excited to see you here,today...tonight. I just have a question about love. I'm asking you to teach me: How do we give our love to people around us? Especially,when we have our own judgment,when we think some people are not good. I know it's not right to make judgments to think somebody else is not good as they are supposed to be,so I am just asking you to teach me how to give our love to people around us?

Somebody know better? Do you know how? Yes,say it. Easy to say. She said you forgive yourself,and then it's easy to forgive someone else. That's the advice. Take it or leave it. It's difficult,it's difficult. Just try your best,brother. Okay? Try your best,all right? But allow yourself also some room to grow and to be natural. Yes?
You cannot always force yourself to love someone that you cannot love,and sometimes they are unreasonable,let's face it. And sometimes,the bad karma (retribution) from the previous life comes back often,and sometimes the maya tries to test our endurance and our patience and our sympathy and all that. It's difficult to live in this world.
So just try your best,and allow yourself some room to grow,all right? Don't just demand too much of yourself. We are human yet. Okay? It's very difficult to deal with people. Even though we like to be loving and kind,it's difficult when the personality clashed. And when we're in a hurry,when we must rush to do things,and other people just try just not to help or try to slow down and just try not to,like,not to understand,pretend not to understand what we want,or things like that. It's very difficult. Don't worry about that. Sooner or later,we will all be gone,love or not love.

Very difficult,very difficult. But when we live with other people,if we want their company,we must just be patient. There's no other choice. Otherwise,just quit,live alone. That is weakness; that's weakness. Anyone who lives alone is weak,yes?
They cannot deal with a lot of people,so they live alone. It's a weakness,it's not a saintly quality. So,don't be proud if you are monk or something,or live a secluded life; it is nothing really big deal. If you can live in the worlddeal with all the peopleand becameor remaina saint at the same timethat is better. Okay?  
But it's difficult. I think you can do it. All of you are saints here,because you live with people every day,you deal with them,you love them,and you work and you serve family sometimes; you can deal with it.

*Master, how long will you stay with us here?

I don't know yet. Sometimes I'd like to stay long,you know.

*A long time.

I don't know yet.

*We want you so muchto stay.

I'd like too,but there are many things… I don't want to tell you right now. There are a lot of things that are waiting for me,so I am not sure. I would have loved to stay here. (*Okay.)

But there are many worldly situations,you know,affect my schedule and my work. Sometimes the karma (retribution) of sentient beings changes,you know,from one minute to the next. Really like that. One minute it's okay; next minute,it's chaos,and then I have to work accordingly,too. Yes?
So,there are situations that I cannot tell you at the moment. I will tell you when I have time,and when I have the opportunity,okay? At the moment,I cannot promise how long. So if you see me today,you know today,and if you see me next day,you know next day. That will be best.

*Thank you.

All right? (Thank you.)

How can somebody stay here and work in another place at the same time? - I mean,physically. Then it would be good. There are many urgent,pressing matters. Sometimes always run around,you know,around me and demanding my attention. Sometimes I cannot even tell you,because it's concerning political situations,you know,other countries,and things like that. I cannot always tell you in advance. Sometimes when it's finished,I can tell you.
Yes. Sometimes, if I tell you I go to see the President of Dominica, sometimes I might not be able to see him,even. Sometimes they change,the karma (retribution),you know,it's so fast. That's why I'd better keep quiet,and don't say anything until I have done. Yes,so,now I will tell you,okay, in a few days. What day is today?


Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday. Oh my God! There's a long way to Tipperary! Four days! In four days,many things happened. But nevertheless,if you go to San Jose… All these can go to the San Jose Center?


I don't think so... Can? Can do? If it's not raining,can. I hate to promise you,but I don't really know Sunday if I'm here or not. I'm supposed to be here. I was going to be here,but it looks like the situation will press me in some other corner of the world. You try your luck,okay?


I wish that I would be here on Sunday because I want to rest here for a while. I've been running for the last many weeks,and every day,you know,pressing schedule. Even now,when I tell you,“Oh,I go to see the President of Dominica or to see the Prime Minister...” just stop,very easy. But it was not easy while I was doing it. You know what I mean?
I just don't know why things do happen,make it not the way it is that I could not sleep sometimes in the night. And besides,I have to take care of other things,you know,not only the initiates in America,but in Formosa (Taiwan),in China,etc.,etc. I'm always on the phone. And sometimes I cannot sleep because of the phone,see? - waiting or talking. And so,something like when I'm in Dominica,the phone doesn't always work the way you want it.
There are only two outside lines,are always occupied. For example,like that,you know. And even money doesn't work there! Yes,something like that. But Dominica is already very good. It's English phone system.
Sometimes I go to somewhere else,it's very difficult. And when I try to talk to Thailand or Cambodia,my God! It's like you talk to the moon! Yes,talk to the astronaut on the moon. The line is always waning and waving and you can hardly make a conversation,and you have to make it again and again,and that wastes a lot of time.
And sometimes,I am in “time-pressing,” you know? That is terrible. So,I just don't know how to explain to you. I really wish I would be here on Sunday,but at the moment,I'm not sure. I'll probably be sure in a few days. Okay?

*Anything we can do to help you? Anything at all?

Well,I don't know. Just pray,just meditate.

*We'll pray,we'll meditate.

And hope that the world will become better. And I have to take care what is the most urgent at that moment,even though sometimes I have to sacrifice the longing of other people. I don't know how to explain my work for you. Sometimes I really go through many nights without sleeping,just because of all these situations going on.
And then other people make demand on me as well,you see,like a new acquaintance,a new country. Then sometimes they invite me to see their leaders,and say,"Please,come and bless our country," things like that. Or sometimes they come see what I can do there,for example,or for the future,or just because God says so. I'm always busy,believe it or not. I can hardly believe that there is such a person who's so small and who is so busy!
And if you ask me what I'm busy at,it's difficult to tell you. I forget also. Whatever I have finished,I forget. I don't write memo,and I can't remember what it was that kept me so busy. It's just...anything. Okay,anyhow,forget it. As long as I live,I work. I see you. I see you,perhaps. I cannot promise Sunday,but please do come. Besides,if you come,if I'm not there,you meditate for world peace. It will not do you any harm.
But if you think I might not be there,and you might waste your time,then it's up to you,okay? If I am here,I will be,Sunday,for sure. It's just I'm worried that I might have to rush somewhere. But I will wait for the karma (retribution) to,you know,to change. Sometimethey change because of their ideasinside, if their thoughts changethe situation changes. That's why anything predicting in the future hardly ever comes, you knowaccuratebecause it changes with the people's thought pattern.  
So don't blame those clairvoyant people,that they're talking nonsense,or they predict something that does not come true. Sometimes it's like that. It's supposed to be like that,%%%but then the people change because of their strong will. %%% They change because they have become more moral. They change because they have repented their sins and vow to improve. Then the situation changes immediately.
There's no need for God or anybody to explain the situation. It's really like that. That's why if you ask me tomorrow what will happen,I will not tell you because I don't know. Only the stupid one that would tell you tomorrow what happens; maybe for one individual,but only if that individual stays in that pattern of living standard,you know. If he changeseven one thought of improvementchanges his destiny. So the destiny is in our hands.  
Make sure that you control your destiny,and bring it into a desired state of life,or a living standard. You do control your destiny. Of course,we are influenced by karma (retribution),but that's why we have to struggle,have to decide what to do. We have to keep always our mind positive and use the meditation power to make this positive thinking become true. If you don't meditate, if you don't have the power of the creativealmighty force insidedoesn't matter how positively you thinkit doesn't come true. Just don't listen to people who say"Think positively and then everything will be positive.”

Nonsense! Can it happen? If I think I have money,I will? Positively,I will have money? Think! Try,try. It doesn't have to work! Just think positively that you will have money,and tell me how much! Is that right? Yesnot thinking alone. Powerthe backup power must be strong. Where does the power come from? From the Most Highand you get that through your meditationyour recharging. So don't just sit there and think - must meditate,too. See?
Just like we think about money,it doesn't help. We must have a bank account,and the bank account must be full of money; at least it covers the check. So,anyhow,yes,you know everything already. If you come Sunday, if I'm here,I'll come see you. I hope I will be here,and I'd like to be here,because I'm tired. I also want to rest for a few days here. I don't want to rush somewhere else at the moment. But maybe I have to,okay?

If I know it in advance, I will tell you,all right? If I don't know,just come Sunday and maybe you'll see me. If not,you pray,all right? I'm honest with you. I don't try to cheat you into coming to group meditation,even though group meditation is good for you,but because you asked me whether I'll be there or not. I honestly don't know at the moment. I plan to be here for a long time - at least a few weeks,and have a rest - but you know the situation of the world. Maybe I have to rush.
So,you know that. If you don't see me again,forgive me, understand me,and we'll see each other again some other time. If you do,then nothing to say. Okay? If I am here Sunday,we barbecue and we play together,and we sing and we do something.

All right. I can only say that I love you,I'm proud of you,and because of you,I continue to work. If you have not improved,and you did not give me feedback that it helps you,I would have quit. I would not continue.

So,actually,I thank you. So,good night!