*Ladies and gentlemen, please give Supreme Master Ching Hai a warm welcome to Armenia. Now, we'll have a flower offering to the Supreme Master Ching Hai. Good morning everyone, we understand many of you could have been somewhere else today, so we would like to thank you for choosing to be here to hear the Supreme Master Ching Hai speak.
We know many of you have many questions about the Supreme Master and this special day. The Supreme Master Ching Hai is a teacher who was given a great gift when she was in the Himalayas of India. The Supreme Master offers her assistance wherever it is needed. At times of disasters, the assistance comes in the form of material goods such as medication and food. However, she also offers to share with us the gift she received in the Himalayas. She has come to Armenia not only to offer a material assistance, but also to offer us all this gift: the gift of eternal happiness and rediscovering our great Self.
Many of us struggle in our daily lives to satisfy our material needs. We suffer much of this time because we've forgotten who we really are and why we are here. We've forgotten because we are so busy with our lives and the many pressures upon us. We spend most of our time working so that we can survive in this world. But we do not realize we also need to save time each day to remember God and pray to Hirm.
The Bible states, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else shall be freely added unto you." We must first search for God and then our lives will become smoother and more peaceful. As practitioners of this method, we do not retreat from society, but instead we become more creative, effective, and are able to contribute more to help the world. Because we become more peaceful and loving ourselves, the world also becomes more peaceful and full of love. We are now happy and honored to introduce to you the Supreme Master Ching Hai. Please open your minds and your hearts to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Good morning! Good morning! I have learned many sentences of the Armenian language, but when I see you I am so overwhelmed, I forgot them all. I just remember “harraf,” that's it. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of your love, your hospitality, the beauty of your traditional costumes, and all these magnificent palaces that I have seen around the public square. I have not seen anything like that up to now in the world.
I was so, so overwhelmed that even when I was sitting to have some food, I faced the window so I can see all the beautiful buildings outside. It's so magical, that people match so different colors to make it so majestic. A palace like this, it must have been tremendous talent of the nation, tremendous spiritual energy from inside to create that. Armenia must have been a really great, great culture. I am happy that the ancient civilization of Armenia still stands today for the world to enjoy and to worship. And thank you for sharing with us these magnificent treasures and sharing it with the world. We thank you. Yes. If we have beautiful things, we should share with others. Similarly, the spiritual blessing that God has bestowed upon my humble self, Hes has ordered me also to share with whomever would like to know.
When I began to wonder about God and the universe, I was very, very, very young, and I did not know to whom I should ask these very big questions, such as: What God looks like? How can I see Hirm? Can I touch Hirm? Can I hug Hirm? Because I am very small, I like to hug. Many years had passed since my first question to myself, and I had not found the true answer. So, I followed my grandma to go to the Buddha temple and pray to the Buddha, and I followed my father to the church - my father was Christian - to pray to God. I prayed to everyone that I know. I tried to read the Buddhist Bibles and the Christian scriptures, but I could not understand much.
And I'd sleep with the Bible; every night, I'd hug the Bible and slept. And I always prayed to God, saying, "Please, can You show me Yourself? Can You show me Yourself, the God that's the highest God, the God above all these human barriers, the God above all religious differences, the God above all hatred and racism? Please, can You show me? I would like to know You more than anything else." Somehow, I can feel that God is there, but I cannot see, and I would like to see.
So I tried many ways in order to be able to contact Hirm, but I failed. Until one day, Hes has kind of led me into this spiritual way that Hes told me would be quick for me so that I can know God. And since then, I am more acquainted with our Father every day. And Hes has ordered me also to go out into the world, and wherever I am requested, in order to give this message that Hes loves you very much, and if you want to see Hirm I have to show you the way. It has been a very challenging job.

But God has said that "I'll give you all the power necessary. You just continue to serve Me, everything I will provide. " This way has worked for me and has worked for many thousands, hundreds of thousands, of other people who have sought God.  So I am sure it works for everyone. And God has appeared to all of us alike. Sometimes Jesus also comes to us, sometimes Buddha comes, sometimes other saints of the past also will grace our lives and instruct us about our daily problem, also our spiritual progress. Hes has blessed us in many, many ways, materially and spiritually, so that we can share what we have with whomever in need.
In our lives, we suffer so much because we have lost contact with the Supreme Power within ourselves which is the Master of all beings, this God inside us. Because if we lose this contact with God, no matter how much possession we have in this world, we'll still never be completely happy.%%% In the Bible, it is mentioned that, "Know you not that you are the temple of God, and the Holy Spirit dwells within yourself?"
That means... Thank you. That means we are not a human being; we just have a human body, but inside us is God. So how come we have to undergo so much unhappiness, so much lack of material comfort as well as spiritual knowledge? How come? And sometimes we pray a lot, a lot, and very, very sincerely, but we feel that God does not answer. How come? It is because we forgot where God is.
I have been shown how to contact God directly, and I have been ordered by God also to show it to you so that you can communicate with Hirm directly every day: you can see Hirm, you can hear Hirm, you can love Hirm, and you can feel loved by Hirm. My language is very simple because even if I speak for 100 years in the most magnificent language, I still cannot describe the feeling of being loved by God, of knowing God, of being with Hirm every day. It's very, very… It's very difficult. The only way anyone could know this feeling is that they will have to know it themselves, they have to experience this; and that doesn't take us long, and it doesn't cost us anything, now or ever. To know God is like… is like breathing, is like drinking water. If we know where Hes is we can find Hirm just like that.
Because God is within us it should not be difficult to find, because we are the children of God. We are the part of God,so it should not be difficult to recognize that part of God which is ourselves. But if we are busy and if we forget where God is, of course it can be very difficult. Because we look elsewhere; we look somewhere else instead of in the right place. We have been very, very busy in this physical existence, and we, of course, have forgotten how to find Hirm.
But once we know how, once we know where, it's instantly, it's immediately. Sometimes, I have forgotten my sunglasses: I put them on top of my head and then I forgot; I kept looking everywhere. It happened to you? Yes? Yes, yes, yes. So, if somebody sees you and says, "Here, it's on your head!" and then you take it, it's easy. Yes, God is so easy to find because God is inside us. The Bible told us so. If you have already remembered and you're in contact with Hirm, it's good for you. If you have forgotten, I know, I can show you.
And God has reminded us to live in the law of love, the Ten Commandments. Because if we are God or God's children, we should live the way of love, the way of God. The Ten Commandments are not God's commandments because Hes is not strict to us. Hes is very, very loving. Hes loves us, doesn't matter how sinful we are. But the Ten Commandments are just qualities - the quality of a child of God, the quality of a walking God on this planet - so if we want to proclaim the glory of God we must also be fit, be up to the standard of the Ten Commandments.
So, of course, we'll be loving to each other, we share things with each other, and we do not kill each other etc., etc. These are the qualities of a living God. Not because if we do not keep the commandments that God doesn't love us. It's just that if we are not up to this standard, that means we have not glorified God, we have not remembered how to be God's children. Apart from that, of course we know God inside, and outside we represent God in this way, in this quality.
Then, of course, we can be proud to say that "I am a child of God." We are really the children of God. To know God is the birthright of everyone. It is our sole possession, our most important thing to do in this life. It is said in the Bible that, “What is the good of the man who's gained the whole world but lost his own soul?” - that means lost contact with God.
God is always there because God is the Supreme Master within ourselves, within each of us, and Hes knows everything, Hes hears all the prayers, and Hes grants all wishes. But we must know how to listen to Hirm, we must have the direct contact with Hirm so we know what Hes wants us to do. In order to contact this Holy Spirit within us or God within us, we have to forsake the flesh for the spirit, and I will show you how to do that while you are still living, when busying with the business with your daily lives. “Forsake the flesh for the spirit,” as it says in the Bible, doesn't means that you leave everything and you don't do anything or you don't eat or you don't work. It's just that you forsake it in a way that we will just go in the Kingdom of God with our own spirit while the body is still here.
Because of that, many of the saints have also forsaken everything in order to find God, to more intensified. But we ordinary people, we do not need to do that. We can also contact God every day; leave the flesh for a while and come back daily. Every one of us can do that; just like finding the glasses on your head. And because it's so easy, many of us could not imagine it's like that, so we keep looking in the hard way and we miss Hirm. I had been doing that many, many years before I knew where to look for God.
There is a funny story about… It's just a joke. A man, he lost his key, and then he went outside on the street and kept looking for the key under the street lamp, and then his friend passed by and asked him, "What are you doing there?" He said, "I am looking for my key!" So his friend asked him, "Where did you lose it?" He said, "I lost it in the house." He said, "Then, why didn't you find it in the house? Why do you go outside here and look?" He said, "Because here is brighter." Similar to some of us, we do things because we think we should do it that way, but the only way to do things is the right way. Similarly, to find God, we must have the right way. There is no way, no method at all, because God is always there. So, even when I talk a lot, a lot, and you think this is the way to God - no!
When I show you the way to God, I don't speak, I don't do anything,because your soul is God, your soul will know what my soul tells you in silence. While I am talking, it's just an introduction. Yes. The real thing - no need language, no need action. That's why we do not find the way or the method, anything, to contact God. The method is not written in any scriptures of any religions because it's not in human language that it will be transmitted.
I feel that, doesn't matter how much I talk about God, it is not God Hirmself, and doesn't matter how long you listen about God, you still do not know God directly. So I would like very much just to show you, and quietly and quickly, if you would like to, and then you can do that every day yourself at home. And, should you still have any unclear questions, you can ask me and I'm willing to answer. Thank you very much for your attentive, loving, listening quality.

*The question is about the treatment of a disease: Do you know a way of treating tumors?
And you've spent a lot of time in the Himalayas, so you know there are many herbs which can treat very dangerous diseases. So, do you connect in any way the herbal treatment with meditation, with your method of meditation, and is your method of meditation any good for the treatment of tumors?

Yes, it's good for everything. Many people, after the awakening of the God-Self within themselves, have found their disease or cancer disappear. But I would not like to recommend that we come to meditation for disease. We should come to God and the thirst to know God, and everything else God will arrange.

Please tell us: What is your religion, Buddhism or Christianity?

I have only one religion, that's our Father's religion. Religions, the name of religions, are man-made. God is only one. You see, after Christ died, people formed a religion after his name, called Christianity; after Buddha died, people formed a religion after his name, called Buddhism. Actually, Christ and Buddha have come to proclaim only one God. Thank you.