* Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, before we start with this Quan Yin method's conference we will have an offering of fruits and flowers.

Ladies and gentlemen,let's welcome the Grand Supreme Master Ching Hai.
May I ask you to close your eyes for a few moments to remember God's love and blessing on us. We thank God for everything Hes has bestowed upon us,be it happiness or sorrow; happiness is to encourage us,sorrow is to clean us. Amen!Thank you.
My dear friends,I feel like I am coming home - I came home - because of the love you have showered upon me these days,since I arrived in Costa Rica,by so-called strangers on the streets,by the children in the schools,by the passengers on the bus,by the clients in the restaurants. I feel I know everyone in Costa Rica because they all know me. I feel that God has loved us so much these days. I feel God has united us in a very invisible and loving way.
I'm filled with such a very rare sentiment that I am surprised also at myself. I could let my tears roll down,but I saved it. Because if the tears come out,it lessens the intense… I like to enjoy it,the blessings that I cannot speak of. I think you also feel the same way. I hope you do. Do you?Now I want to break the sentiment and tell you some nice stories,otherwise,I'll just keep silent and may cry here for two hours. Then you'd come home,wonder,"What kind of Master is that?- came all this way and cried; didn't say anything.』
Maybe that is the best way,too. But I think we react in a normal way,it's more familiar to our human standard. That is,to speak something in response to the audience's expectation. I will try my best to explain something that is inexplicable. I will try to tell something that is not easy to convey in the human language,through stories,through examples,and through my own inner realization. Today,there was a very nice journalist who came for interview. He asked me,but also confirming something. He said, 『Through the ages,God sent many messengers on Earth to convey Hiers love,message,Truth,and commandments to mankind,but not many people understand and follow.』
So he was in the kind of… questioning me,how would I do my job. And then I said to him, 『Whether the people listen or not,they are doing some part of God's will on Earth.』There are some who are not ready to go Home. Their jobs are unfinished,so they might not listen to me. That doesn't mean they are bad. It is that they have not finished their work here,so by God's will they feel attached,loved,and bound by this world's entertainments,wealths,pleasures,jobs,duties or affections.
Those who are completed with their duties on Earth,they will want,they will yearn,to go Home;they will long to go back to God,the Kingdom of God,and they will understand,they will follow my message. Because these people,they feel tired of this world. They feel they don't need to do any more things here. The only thing they want is to go back to God,to the original of all things.So these people,I will help them to realize their goal. This is my sole purpose, my only duty,to bring people back to the Kingdom of God. 
Other people,they have their other duties,but my only duty is just to bring the ready souls back Home to the Father,from where they have come from. So I do not mind if others don't follow. I will not feel disturbed. I will not feel angryor disturbed or disillusioned even if people scold,disrespect or disbelieve my words. Because these people have not yet anything to do with me and my mission,so just they don't understand. In the future,in many lifetimes to come,hundreds of years later,thousands of years later,they will understand. It is,for example,when Buddha or Jesus were alive,their messages were not always all welcomed by everyone,of that present periods of time.
But look at how many followers they have now,how much reverence and respect paid to them over thousands of years. Just like when the children grow up,they understand something that they did not understand when they were younger. To go back to God,we say we have already many methods: we love our neighbors; we love our enemies; we do charity work; we go to the church on Sunday; we say our prayers every morning,every night,or we meditate; we call the name of Jesus,of the saints; we read the beads,recite,read the beads,etc.; or we fast,we do pilgrimages. So we say,『What is it that Ching Hai wants to tell us?
We know everything already.』No?Yes?You know everything already,no?Some say yes,some say no. "Yes,we know," and "No,we don't." Yes,we know,because we know there is God. There must be a God,or a great force,greater than our own mortal understanding could ever imagine. We know there is one. And 『yes,』because we try now and again,sometimes sincerely,sometimes mechanically,to reach that power,that top almighty force.
But 『no,』because most of our sincerity is lost in the busy schedule of working and in the vexations of daily pressures. So,despite our effort and time-consuming prayers and meditations and reciting names and scriptures,we do not reach God,or very,very,very seldom reach God. So sometimes our effort goes to waste. And we sometimes long to see and to know what is really God,what God really looks like,what Hes is like,and we long to know, 『How is it,such a loving God would send us so many miseries and troubles?』Yes?
Okay,so I also have no answer for you,but I have one way to show you how to find Hirm and then you might grab Hiers beard and ask Hirm yourself. Yes,you will ask Hirm,"Why?" You can stamp your feet like an angry child with the Father,『Why?Everyone told me that You are love,God is love,God is merciful and so forth,but why the Earth is so full of misery?』Would you like to do?You can ask Hirm directly,because if I use my own interpretation you may not believe it.
I have asked Hirm and Hes has answered me; Hes told me many secrets. Some of it I can share with you,some of it I have no words for it. Because some of them are understandable and can be grasped by our human understanding and can be expressed by our human language,but some of them are impossible.
We don't have human language for such conscious level,for such experience,for such inner realization. So the only thing is to invite you to explore them yourself. Because if I keep telling about the impossible levels of consciousness and realization,I'll spoil the real meaning,the powerful meaning,of it. Now,there are many kinds of methods to reach God. We have heard people Say or we have read books about them.
Now,all of them are useful to some extent,and then we use any of these kinds,we may reach many different levels of consciousness and be near to God in different degree. But why is that we say that the Quan Yin Method or the method of contacting God's Light and God's Word - the 『Word』in the Bible,the Sound - is supposed to be the best?
Because it offers us the immediate release from our sufferings,from our mental struggle. It releases us immediately of the pressure from the so-called burden of sins,of the original sins,and lets us feel immediate release,immediately in the presence of God,because this method is the most powerful.
You see,why is it that the Quan Yin Method offers us such a forceful,powerful,immediate enlightened result? Because this is our own power,the inborn nature of God,or we call the Buddha Nature. We awaken the inborn nature,our real power,our self power,not relying on any outside source. This is what the Buddha said,"Rely on the Self,and not anyone else." The Self means the Buddha Nature. The great Self not this mortal self. Yes,the real Self.
This is what we call in Christian terminology "the Kingdom of God within us," or the essence of God which is inborn within us, because in the Bible it is said God made man in Hiers own image. That means we are having the essence of God,we are equal with God,in the inner way of speaking. 
Why,if we are equal with God… Or if we are born,at least we are the children of God. If we dare not say we are equal to God,then we may say we are the children of God. Why is God so glorious and so aloof,so loving,so beautiful and so adored by everyone?And why are we grovelling in this world with all kinds of unavoidable pains and sorrows?
It is because we are too busy outside,grabbing something,doing something,thinking something,planning something,and we forget to rest,to surrender and let the inner God essence,the inner real soul,the inner real man,the real Self,work for us; forget to let it help for us,forget to use our own most powerful power source,the force inside,that is the Kingdom of God or the God essence or the image of God or the Buddha Nature,etc.  
Because this,God has placed within us. Hes did not forget to give us this life-saving power when Hes made us. It is just that we forgot that it exists. We only use the outer shell of the Self,we don't use the real Self. For example,the car is unmoving and stays on the roadside; the driver is sleeping or drunk inside.
Now what we have to do is waken the driver up or give him some waking medicine or some cold water to shake him out of his drowsiness and then he will drive the car away. But what we do is we push the car. The car is all closed up,the driver's sleeping,the engine's not started,and we push and push and push and then we lament that the car is so heavy,so impossible to handle,that the car is lousy,and that the carmaker is also Lousy and the brand of the car is lousy and we'd never buy that kind of car again.
Because we are tired after pushing so much. Now,if everyone in a normal sense,an adult person,sees anyone or the children doing these things,of course we'd think these children are unwise,not knowing the logic. He would come and say,"Hey,children," or "Hey,you people!Don't do that!Just stop. Be quiet,wake the driver up,and he does everything.』The same happens with the saints.
When the saints,or the people who practiced very diligently and have reached God realization,they see things very clearly and in a logical way,and then they will help the people to know the right way to do things; use the shortest time,use the least effort,and get the highest result. He just helps us to wake the drivers within us up and then we don't need to push the car. We could even sit in it and enjoy.
So all the miseries and troubles in the world arise because we do not wake up the real Self. And then we work hard,we think a lot,and we use so many ways to push the works in this world with our own limited power and limited physical strength,and also with our limited intelligence. Therefore,we know,even though we have graduated from the best universties in the world we are not completely wise,because wisdom and intelligence are two different things.