Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Aulacese (Vietnamese), with subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Filmmaking was introduced to Âu Lạc (Vietnam) at the end of 1890s. It began to thrive in 1923 with the first movie co-produced by the French and the Aulacese based on the masterpiece “The Tale of Kiều” by literary great Nguyễn Du. Embracing the modern technology of our world's civilization and combining it with a diverse artistic foundation inherent in the country's traditions, Aulacese filmmaking nowadays continues to develop to enhance the nation's cultural landscape.

On Enlightening Entertainment, Supreme Master Television is pleased to introduce different forms of arts from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), as well as from other countries in the world, in order to share the beauty and cultures of the peoples on our planet.

The film “A Woman’s Wits” was adapted from an Aulacese legend about an intelligent woman who encouraged her husband to build his career and cleverly helped him preserve it.

We now invite you to enjoy the film “A Woman’s Wits,” written by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức, directed by Nguyễn Minh Chung, and produced by Phương Nam Films, with performances by Khánh Huyền as the Wife, Công Bảy as the Husband, Văn Toản as the Shop Owner, Thúy Phương as the Shop Owner’s Wife, Duy Thanh as Village Official, Nguyễn Quyết as the Son, Phùng Ty as the Elder, and other artists.

Good morning!

Greetings, sir.

Greetings, sir.

Greetings, sir.

O sir! O horseman!

You called me?

What a beautiful horse! Oh, beautiful clothes too! And beautiful shoes! Such a saddle must be very expensive, isn't it?

Of course! Everything on me is beautiful and valuable.

Nice, nice. Very nice indeed! Except that you don’t know how to dress like an official.

What did you say? I don’t dress properly?

An official doesn’t dress like that.

How does an official dress?

All right, come down here! Get off your horse.

Get off my horse? (Yes.) Sure, why not?

I’ll show you. Take off your outer garment.


I’ll wear it for you to see.

Take off my clothes?

Yes. Be quick! I don’t have time.

O sir, sir, sir! You must show me first.

Take it off, for goodness’ sake!

It’s not any different than the way I dress.

Of course, it is.

Watch carefully how an official rides the horse.

It’s not any different than the way I ride.

Sure, it is. Now, you turn the horse like this.

Hey, you! Return the horse to me! Anyone, help me! Return the horse to me!

Help me, anyone!

Lady, what’s the matter?

O sir! Please help me!

What are you looking for, my dear?

To be honest with you, my mother-in-law told me to take two gold earrings to sell in the market for my grandfather’s death anniversary. Unfortunately, I slipped when walking by here and dropped one of them. I kept searching but couldn’t find it. Please help me find it, sir. I’ll give 2 bars of silver in reward for your service.

All right. Just leave it to me, lady. Just go up, dear. You’d fall sick, staying too long in the water. I alone can do the searching.

Yes. Thank you, sir. You’re so kind.

Wow! What a pretty girl! I’ll get to it right away. What a pretty girl!

Please help me quickly, otherwise my mother will scold me.

Oh yes. I’ll do right now.

O sir!

What, dear?

Go a little farther. It’s not there.

Okay. Out here? (Yes.) All right.

Stay and enjoy a cool bath. I’m leaving. You can get out when you like.

What!? Return the horse to me! Hey, girl! Return the horse to me.

Clippity-clop, clippity-clop… Hee, hee, hee, hee...

Son, who brought the horse and my clothes back for me?

Mom did.

What? (Mom did it.) Give Dad the clothes.

Now what?

Ride the horse with me, Dad.


Hee, hee, hee, hee... Clippity-clop, clippity-clop...

You thief! Are you stealing things?

It’s me, O wife! It’s me!

Oh god! So it’s you. How come you turned out like this?

O wife, that girl tricked me.

What? Which girl? You dated a girl?

You were tricked by her, right? Which girl? Tell me.

No, it’s not like that.

I’ve never done trading before. Why do you make me do it now all of a sudden?

You must learn trading to know about profit and loss, pros and cons, then you won’t be cheated by people.

What if something happens? How shall I manage?

Just act according to the circumstance. You’ll get used to it slowly; there’s nothing to worry about. What kind of man would stay home with his wife all the time? Then when will you be wiser?

How about you go with me so you can advise me? Wouldn’t that be better?

Impossible. If we both go, who will look after the house and children? You must go alone. I’ve written the price on each piece of fabric. If it’s profitable, just sell. You should think carefully before making any decision. If you meet with trouble, calmly handle it. Don’t be quick-tempered and lose your wits.

Is there another way, honey?

No other way. Go, honey! Go!

O honey, think again. There surely is another way.

No other way, honey.

O Dad! Remember to buy me a gold turtle!

Wherever you go, remember the way home!

O wife! Wife! A “fish” is coming.

Dock your boat here, precious guest.

Dock your boat here, precious guest.

Drop by our shop for a refreshment.

Drop by our shop for a refreshment. This whole month has been really bad luck. There was neither a good “catch” nor a boat dropping by for a drink. This shop should be pulled down. What are we keeping it for?

Look at you! Why be quick-tempered? Business has good and bad times. Last month we caught a big take. It’s normal for this month to be unproductive. Just set your mind at rest and wait.

I’m going inside to sleep now. You stay there and wait. I can’t wait any longer.

Greetings, precious guest.

Greetings, ma’am. I’m stopping by your shop to rest a bit. There’s no harm in that, right ma’am?

Why did you say that? Harm? There’s no harm. What kind of harm you do mean?

Then it’s not harmful.

No. How can it be harmful? If you stop to rest, you’ll work better.

So my decision turns out to be a right one.

It’s a right one.

I’m sorry, ma’am. I heard you call me before, but I was thinking if it’s profitable to stop by your shop. I’ve always been very cautious. My decision turned out to be correct.

It’s very correct. Please come in, sir.

Go inside?

You’re not stopping by our shop to stay out in the sun like this, no?

Oh, no. Whether I go in or stay out here, I must also think before I decide.

It’s just that, and you still have to ponder about gain or loss?

Why not? You know what? My boat is stocked up with expensive fabrics.

What? Is it really?

O husband, the “fish” is here. Get ready. It’s a big “fish.”


Today, you’re our valued customer. We’ll treat you a meal to show our hospitality and also to discuss business. It’s for gain, nothing to lose. Please come inside.

But I haven’t finished thinking yet.

All right, let me ask my husband to watch over it. This place is deserted and unfrequented. There’s nothing for you to worry about. Just come in here!

But... ma’am...

Please have your seat. You sit here. Have some drink first. O husband! Go watch the boat for our customer.

I’ll be right there.

Quickly! What’s taking you so long?

O wife!

What’s the matter?

This guy knows me.


I tricked him to steal his horse. It’s him.

It’s all right. Just cover your face.


It’s all right now. My husband will be right out. Please have your seat.

All right.

Please have some tea.

Watch the boat carefully, so our guest can have a rest.


What’s the matter, sir?

My thinking isn’t wasteful indeed.

Who is he?

My husband.

Your husband?


He lives here?


He goes to watch my boat, but he’s wearing such a big hat and covers his face completely. The sun here is indeed harmful to your health.

That’s right. It’s very harmful to health.

Let’s go in to keep cool.

Yes, please go inside to keep cool.

Mommy’s back!

Come help me. Take the horse to the stable.


Mom! (Yes.) Dad knew nothing about trading. How come you made him go out to sell fabric?

He didn’t know, but he’ll learn. Everything needs practice, son. And you too. Later, you should also learn to work to help me. Take this over there, dear. (Yes.)

Bill me, ma’am.

Yes. Two coins, please. That’s all.

Just two coins?

Yes. It’s your first visit here, so I’ll treat you to this dish. I hope that whenever passing by here, you’ll drop by our shop.



Then every time I pass by here, I won’t forget to visit your shop and I won’t need to think anymore.


Now, I shall take leave.

Thank you, sir. May you have a safe trip.

You watch my boat and fall asleep like this? Oh my! You’re the one who stole my horse.

What? Who stole your horse?

Woe’s me!

What are you looking for, sir?

Did you steal any of my fabric?

You lost your fabric?

No. I just checked. Nothing’s been lost.

Why did you ask me such a question?

Just to be sure. (Yes.) Untie the boat for me. (Yes.) Hurry up.

Have a safe trip. I hope you will frequent our shop.

No. Never!

You over there! Anchor your boat!

Greetings, Your Honor.

I’m the official in charge of this region. The shop owner here just reported that she lost a gold turtle.

Yes. That’s right.

She suspects that you’re the culprit.

That’s right.

Me? When did I steal your gold turtle?

I just suspect so, sir. If you don’t mind, lift up your goods for a search of your boat. Then, we’ll know right away.

No. Impossible. I haven’t sold any of my goods. It’d be bad luck to open them up.

Well, if you didn’t steal her gold turtle, why are you afraid to have it searched?

That’s right! What are you afraid of?

All right. I agree to have my boat searched. But what if the gold turtle is not found?

I’d like to bet all my property. Also, we husband and wife will be your slaves. What will you do, if otherwise?

If otherwise, I’ll lose this entire boat of goods and I myself as well to you.

Those are your words! Your Honor, please be the witness.

All right. If you two agree, you must sign a contract. So later no troublesome proceedings will crop up.

I’ll willing to, Your Honor.

Do you agree?

Why not? “A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe.”

Come up here!

All right, then.

Search the boat!

Your Honor, I found a gold turtle underneath the boat.


Mom! Why is Dad out for so long?

Dad will probably be back in a few days.

You never went out that long before.

I know. Your dad probably ran into some trouble. But he’ll be home sooner or later. Don’t worry, dear. Help me feed the horse.


You’ve worked here for just a month, how come you look so emaciated? Here’s a potato. Eat it, then go to the forest to gather more firewood, you hear?

O sir and ma’am passing by! May I have some leftover to ease my hunger?

O sir and ma’am passing by! May I have some leftover to ease my hunger?

You have a grapefruit, why don’t you eat it? Why beg for food?

This grapefruit is not to be eaten. Please offer me some leftover rice. I’m very hungry.

All right, you can have my portion.

I’m very grateful to you. Wait for me a little bit!

What is it you called me for?

I have nothing to repay your kindness. I have only this grapefruit. Please accept it.

This grapefruit is inedible, what for do I take it?

It’s not edible, but it has another use.

What is its use?

This grapefruit can be used to send messages to anyone in this world.

What did you say? Is that true?

Just write a letter. Use a knife to cut it open at the stem and slip in the letter. Put it in the river then pray aloud the name and address of the person to whom you wish to send it: “O grapefruit, go and accomplish your job.” It’ll cross river and sea to reach that person’s hand. It will never be lost, regardless of the distance.

If it is truly so, then I’m very fortunate. Thank you very much, Elder.

Don’t swim too far, son!

Yes. O Mom, I found a grapefruit. Please peel it for me to eat.

Let me see if it’s edible.

Don’t worry, precious guest. My husband is watching the boat for you. Just take a rest. We’ll serve you wholeheartedly here. We have many delicious dishes.

What are you doing?

Go up there!

O honey, they’re tricking you! They’re tricking, O honey!

What’s the matter? Who’s tricking whom? You’re crazy! Get lost!

Please, precious guest. It’s nothing at all. This guy is out of his mind. He gets like that, once in a while Just wait a bit, I’ll bring the food out right away.

No. No. No need.

You haven’t eaten at all.

We must go to take care of something right away.

You haven’t eaten anything yet.

I’m sorry.

Here’s the money.

Please stay, precious guest.

No, no need. We must go to take care of something right away.

O precious guest, you haven’t eaten anything yet.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Excuse me, sir.

I have some business to take care.

We must go to take care of something right away.

What? Woe to us!

Let him starve for 3 days to give up gabbing. Give him 30 more canes, then tie him to the tree. Stuff the lemon in his mouth to shut him up.

Greetings, precious guest.

Greetings, you two.


Our shop is very pleased to serve you. Please come in.


This shop is nice-looking.


It’s at such a good location. You must have a lot of customers?

Yes, many.

It’s all due to our patrons’ kindness that our business is going well. Please come inside, we’ll serve you wholeheartedly.


Ma’am, ma’am...


Is it safe to leave my boat over there?

Don’t worry. My husband will watch over it carefully.

This man?


Yes, I’ll do it.

You must watch it carefully.


My goods are all very expensive.

Yes, I understand.

If I lose anything, you can’t afford to pay me.



What kind of goods are they?

They’re... Well, it’s enough that you know that.

Yes, yes.

Watch it carefully for me.

Yes, yes.

Please come in.

Please try this dish. This dish we only reserve for special guests.

Special? What’s a special guest?

It means this dish is reserved for our new customers.

Really? (Yes.) So next time I come, I can’t have this dish anymore?

No, no. Of course you can. If you request, we’re pleased to serve you.

Then it’s not special anymore. I don’t want to have this dish.

Just give it a try. It’s very delicious!

Look! (Yes.) I like only one dish.

Please understand. Our shop doesn’t have that.

You really don’t have it?

No, I don’t.

Fine, I won’t eat then. I need... a man.

A man? (Yes.) For what?

Of course, it’s not to eat. Do you think it’s fun to drink by myself? At least, I must have a friend to drink with and tell jokes to have a good time. So? Do you have any?

There are only us husband and wife in this shop. My husband is watching your boat out there, so how can he come up here to entertain you? Please understand.

Then you go out to watch the boat so he can come in here.

No, I can’t. I have many things to take care that my husband can’t do for me. Please try to understand.

Such a big shop like this and you have no servants?

No, we don’t.

I’m leaving then. It’s so boring here.

Please sit down. You’ll have it right away. I’ll bring a man for you right away. Please wait a bit.


You slave, listen to me! You must go inside to entertain my customer. If you say something that affects my business, I’ll chop off your head. Clear enough? Listen! According to the law of Hạ Châu Village, I have the right to decide your life, you hear?

So troublesome! What’s taking her so long?

Stand there!

Precious guest, he’s my only servant. He just had an accident. so his body is like that. Please understand.

It’s all right. Tell him to sit down with me. (Yes.) And you, get me another bottle. The good kind!

Yes, yes. Here it is.

You may leave.

Yes. Have a good meal.

Quick! Sit down!

I’m sitting.


Where’s the owner? Bring me the bill. Owner? What? Why do you people look at me like I’m a criminal?

It is so. The lady shop owner here just reported that you stole a gold turtle from her.

That’s correct.

Gold turtle? Me? I stole her gold turtle?

Wait until after the search, I can determine if you did steal it or not.

Searching? Fine. You have my permission. Go ahead and search!

Soldier, search!

No. I want the owner herself to search.

No need, Your Honor. No need to search his body. Just search his boat.

No. I disagree. Doing that will ruin all my goods. How can I sell them?

If you don’t agree to have your boat searched, that means you stole her gold turtle.

All right. If you say so, then I’ll let you search. But if her gold turtle is not on my boat, what’s the deal?

Then I’ll lose all my possessions to you.

And this slave as well?

Him too! And if my gold turtle happens to be on your boat, what will you do?

What? If your gold turtle is on my boat, I’ll lose that boat of goods to you, including myself. Agree?

Your Honor, it’s not found.

Impossible! How can it be? Go search again!

Where did you put it?

I put it in this bag.

Why is it not there?

How do I know?

Oh god! I’ve lost everything. Gone are all my possessions!

You’ve just enjoyed the film “A Woman’s Wits,” written by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức, directed by Nguyễn Minh Chung, and produced by Phương Nam Films, with performances by Khánh Huyền as the Wife, Công Bảy as the Husband, Văn Toản as the Shop Owner, Thúy Phương as the Shop Owner’s Wife, Duy Thanh as Village Official, Nguyễn Quyết as the Son, Phùng Ty as the Elder, and other artists.

Through the folk tale above, we can see that a woman’s profound love and exceptional intellect have always been her latent strength in handling family matters. Indeed, each day, women contribute immensely to building a firm foundation for their families and societies. At times, a woman is just a shadow behind her spouse, yet she can still support him in hardships, hence the saying “Behind every great man is a great woman.”

At a three-day international gathering in Cape Town, South Africa on November 28, 1999, Supreme Master Ching Hai has expounded on the matriarchal system, the virtues and wondrous capabilities of a woman in managing her family and nation.

In the old times, we had that system everywhere. The woman were in charge, they took care of the state affair. They decided great events for the country. They made decision in the house, regarding all the big issues for the families and the children.

The women are more delicate, more attentive to details, and whatever they do, they do it more correctly, more refinedly. That's why God has entrusted the biggest, noblest task, of being a mother to women; it's a very difficult job.

Women have limitless strength of power and limitless endurance, stamina; that's why they can bear and raise children. And they can endure a lot of things for the family. And that's why mother has been loved, respected, and praised since time immemorial.

Thank you for your presence on Enlightening Entertainment Words of Wisdom is coming up next. Please tune in on Supreme Master Television next Thursday for the Aulacese film entitled “Not Yet a Doctor of Letters” by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức.

So long, and we’ll see you next week.

Thank you for your presence on Enlightening Entertainment Words of Wisdom is coming up next. Please tune in on Supreme Master Television next Thursday for the Aulacese film entitled “Not Yet a Doctor of Letters” by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức.

So long, and we’ll see you next week.

Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly sent gifts to the artists contributing to the modern folk opera “A Golden Lesson” and the film “A Woman’s Wits,” broadcast on Supreme Master Television in previous weeks. They expressed their gratitude toward Master’s caring concern.

Thanh Liêm as the Commander:

I, artist Thanh Liêm, am very happy and very touched upon receiving Master’s gift. I sincerely thank Master Ching Hai very much. I and my wife, Lệ Trinh, always remember Buddha’s teaching and highly esteem Master Ching Hai. I and my wife, artist Lệ Trinh, also eat vegetarian and recite Buddha’s name. Buddha’s teaching forbids killing. So, being vegetarian is very beneficial.

First, it’s good for our bodies. I’m 63 years now, but I’m still vigorous and I still sing well, thanks to my vegetarian diet. Animals are very smart. For example, dogs are very smart and loyal. Horses are very loyal, too. I have a dog companion at home. Hearing the sound of my motorcycle from afar, my dog would wag his tail. So how can I not love him? The Creator has created humans and animals. If we reflect thoroughly, we’d realize that animals are like humans.

So, we must love animals as we love humans. Animals are like humans; they’re also born and die, they also eat and feel sad, they know love and anger. We must love and understand one another. My respectful greetings to viewers watching the programs on Supreme Master Television that is broadcasting worldwide. Let us Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Chiêu Linh as Prince Phương Tùng:

I’m artist Chiêu Linh. I have received Supreme Master Ching Hai’s gift. This is very precious. I would like to thank you very much. I wish you abundant health and may all your wishes be fulfilled. Trần Vân Su Ky

Musician of traditional music, Chánh Tâm:

It was a surprise for me to receive Master’s gift. I’d like to thank Master and wish Master great health. Thanks Master Ching Hai for this present.

Thanh Phong as the Young Man:

I’m just informed that Master has seen the modern folk opera “A Golden Lesson.” I only played a minor role in it, but I’m still remembered by Master. We all wish to thank Master for your concern. After I graduated from the School of Theater Art, I began performing and became acquainted with the monks. Since then, I’ve visited temples, eaten vegetarian, listened to the monks’ lectures; I feel very comfortable.

Being vegetarian has improved my health. Today, I have the affinity to hear about Master. I respectfully wish Master abundant health. Respectful greetings, all viewers. I am artist Thanh Phong. I’d like to send Supreme Master Television viewers the best wishes for good health and regards. Let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Musician of traditional music, Thanh Tùng:

I’m Tạ Thanh Tùng, a musician who participated in the modern folk opera “A Golden Lesson.” I respectfully greet Supreme Master Ching Hai and wish Master good health. I was very happy upon receiving the gifts Master sent to the artists of Thanh Nga Theater Company. We’re very touched. My name is Thanh Tùng, a musician in the Thanh Nga Theater Company. My respectful greetings to viewers of Supreme Master Television broadcasting worldwide. Let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Musician of traditional music Mười Quang:

Respectful greetings, Master Ching Hai. I am very touched when Master sent gifts to us, the musicians of the modern folk opera company Thanh Nga. I’m sincerely grateful to Master. May Master enjoy all the peace. May Buddhas in ten directions bless you with great health. Also, I’d like to play a song titled “Kim Tiền Huế” in dedication to you.

Hair specialist Cẩm Hương:

Respected Master Ching Hai, I’m a specialist in hair design. I’ve received Master’s gift. I’m very grateful to Master. May Master enjoy great health.

Props specialist Trường Vũ:

Greetings, Master Ching Hai. I’m Vũ, working with the camera crew. I also received Master Ching Hai’s gift. I wish Master abundant health. Thank you, Master.

Cameraman assistant Đỗ Dũng:

Thank you, Master Ching Hai, for thinking of us who worked on “A Golden Lesson.”

Cameraman assistant Paul Hiếu:

I wish to thank Master and send my respectful regards for Master’s health.

Film editor Thiên Kim:

We’re very grateful to Master for thinking of us.

Cameraman Huỳnh Vinh:

Amitabha Buddha be praised. I respectfully send to Supreme Master Ching Hai my deepest and most sincere gratitude. Yours truly, Huỳnh Vinh Cameraman

Video recording specialist Tăng Thái:

I’m Tăng Văn Lộc (Thái). I wish to thank Master Ching Hai for your gift. May Master enjoy great health and all your wishes fulfilled. April 25, 2011 Tăng Văn Lộc

Actor of Merit Công Bảy as the Husband:

Respected viewers of Supreme Master Television. This television is very high in humanitarian aspect, very beneficial to viewers and the public, not only in Âu Lạc but also worldwide. As a professional working in the arts, I think that regardless of our nationality, we ought to try to cherish Aulacese arts. Just watch these films, you will see many good things. They all carry a deep wish for a fair, civilized and harmonious world in which people love and care for one another. Supreme Master Ching Hai is indeed an example and a role model. Her activities contribute greatly to the evolvement of humankind in general. I'd like to thank Master for her gifts and affection for artist Công Bảy.

Actress Khánh Huyền as the Wife:

Today, I’m truly touched upon receiving Supreme Master Ching Hai’s love. I sincerely thank Supreme Master Ching Hai. Master has sent me this gift. I’m very grateful for Master’s kindness. I wish Master a lot of accomplishments in life. May your love reach everyone so that many people can receive this joy.

Actor Văn Toàn as the Shop Owner:

I’m Lê Văn Toàn, an actor from Vietnam Theater. Amitabha Buddha be praised. I pray to God and Buddha to grace Supreme Master Ching Hai with peace, safety and longevity to guide and help humanity so that the world will enjoy harmony and happiness. May all viewers of Supreme Master Television receive her teaching. May your family be healthy, safe and sound, prosperous and working toward world peace.

It’s Buddhism that has guided and taught me not to covet fame and position and to discern goodness from vice. I’ve pledged to contribute in some way to make a more beautiful world and better people. Supreme Master Ching Hai teaches sentient beings. She has saved countless beings from suffering. I myself am a Buddhist, but regardless, all religions teach their followers to do good.

First, I must do good myself. There’s a very effective law of retribution here, that is, when you help someone, although you don’t wish for that person to repay your favor, but afterward, you’d feel very light, very happy. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s work is very noble. Therefore, I pray that God and Buddha bless Supreme Master Ching Hai with great health and longevity to continue helping humanity.

Actor Phùng Ty as the Elder:

I would like to thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for your concern and gift to a member of the filmmaking team. Thank you, Supreme Master Television viewers, for watching and for your encouragement. I hadn’t expected to receive such a gift. Nowadays, vegetarianism is very popular. For example, alcohol drinkers quit drinking, or people who eat a lot of meat would reduce its intake and instead eat more vegetables which are lighter and simpler.

Actress Thúy Phương as the Shop Owner’s Wife:

Today I received gifts from Supreme Master Ching Hai. I would like to thank Master for your compassion and noble humanitarian spirit. With regard to Supreme Master Television that I have watched, I am very touched, because Supreme Master Ching Hai introduces everything about our country to viewers worldwide. In this way, Supreme Master Ching Hai also helps me contribute a small part to share with our international friends about our arts and filmmaking. I enjoy vegetarian food very much.

Nowadays, food and drink have a lot of chemicals; therefore, the more vegetarian food we eat, the better for our health. Besides, I have diabetes, so I’m completely veg. I just eat vegetables, tofu, and rice. I feel better. Eating like that, diabetes will not increase. I’d also like to call on the Aulacese and everyone in the world to follow Supreme Master Ching Hai’s example. On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her gifts. Please send Supreme Master Ching Hai our best wishes for health and fondest regards.

Director Nguyễn Minh Chung, director Phượng Hoàng, supervisor Thành Chiến, opera adaptation writer Chánh Đức Pháp; artists Châu Thanh as King Đột Quyết, Phượng Loan as Second Queen Hoàng Hoa, Tâm Tâm as General Thanh Lan, Khánh Tuấn as General Hoàng Cái, Hữu Tài as Eccentric Elder; film editor Hoàng Ngọc, musician Thái An,

cameraman Thế Bảo, artistic designer Trường Quang, costume specialist Bảo Ly, light specialist Văn Lâm, and props specialist Lâm Nghĩa, all have contributed previously on Supreme Master Television and also received gifts and loving well-wishes from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

We sincerely thank all the artists and professionals participating in the modern folk opera “A Golden Lesson” and the film “A Woman’s Wits.” May you always receive the adoration of the audiences as well as be blessed with much good luck in your daily life with your cherished ones.