We should wake up. It is very late. We can still change, but if we don’t change, then there will be trouble. However, if we wake up in time, here we have a great opportunity to create a new world.

Welcome thoughtful viewers to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television. Our guest today is a Hungarian scientist, humanitarian and inspirational philosopher. Apart from being twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Dr. Ervin László is an expert on systems philosophy and currently serves as the editor of “World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution.”

If we look at the great scientists, they had very great spirituality. They worked with very great insight, very great intuition. Science has a spiritual part, and spirituality has a scientific part. After all, spirituality takes place and happens in this world, too. So we try to harmonize it, as in past societies. In past societies there wasn’t this separation, this dichotomy between rationality and intuition, between spirituality and science. This came into being in the 20th century, already in the 19th century as well, of course, but otherwise it got sharpened more strongly now.

In 1993, Dr. László formed the Club of Budapest, an international non-profit association dedicated to bringing about a planet-wide paradigm shift by fostering global cultural consciousness through such endeavors as building bridges between peoples. The Club and its esteemed members hold dialogues and discussions with the goal to develop effective strategies to promote world peace and an elevated planetary consciousness. Dr. László organizes group meditation for world peace as well.

We all know that meditation is a healthy thing for us. It also starts to turn out that meditation, it has an effect on other people too, and even on our environment. It tunes our own system, it makes us healthier. It harmonizes us with our environment, our society. It has an effect on the whole of humanity. We have to try, I think it is meaningful.

Combining his own theories of self-organizing systems, global consciousness and spirituality, Dr. László’s work is mapping the way for a new scientific age. In his book “WorldShift 2012,” Ervin László introduces profound insights on how a social shift towards global ethics and responsibility can help propel us towards better environmental sustainability and peace.

Dr. László recommends a systems theory approach to deal with the pressing issues the world faces today. He has stated: “We can’t solve our problems with the same kind of thinking that gave rise to them.”

An open system, it does not mean that anything can happen in it, but it means that it continually receives information, energy and material. A closed system is one which has its borders completely shut, so that no one goes either out, or in. But in an open system, a continuous exchange of material, information, and energy happens. This is absolutely necessary to understand today’s problems of energy and ecology, and social problems in general.

Dr. László also authored a timely handbook for everyone on the planet titled, “You Can Change the World: The Global Citizen's Handbook for Living on Planet Earth: A Report of the Club of Budapest.” His books offer solutions to the challenges we have to overcome in order to transform the planet into a sustainable world for all living beings and nature. It is humanity’s moral responsibility to be good stewards of our Earth, make eco-conscious decisions and take actions to bring about constructive change.

We are at that interesting point, that so-called bifurcation point, where we cannot make foresights, predictions, prophesies, since the future has not been decided yet. What happens depends on us. In my view planetary ethics is the ethics that says we should feel responsibility to all, to the whole circle in which we are involved. We live in an interconnected world. We have to feel responsibility for the well-being of people (everywhere). And planetary ethics is the feeling of responsibility for this, and the acceptance of this responsibility.

The universe and its primary elements were formed with such precise and detailed perfection that it enabled material, energy and life to come into being. Dr. László explains that it is highly improbable that a universe such as ours – with galaxies filled with an unfathomable number of stars and life on Earth – arose by pure chance.

At the center of Dr. Ervin László’s hypothesis is the concept of connectedness, coherence, and oneness. He explains that this is the scientific theorem describing the fundamental nature of reality. He proposes that every entity which exists in the cosmos is interconnected and integrated in more ways than what we can comprehend within the physical realm. According to Dr. László, all “particles and galaxies have consciousness."

In 2004 Dr. László released his highly acclaimed book “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything.” In the book Dr. László applies modern science to illustrate the mysteries of the Akashic Field, a storehouse that records the constant and enduring memory of the universe. Spiritual teachers and sages of the all eras have spoken of the existence of an intelligent cosmic field that conserves and conveys past, present and future information, a field known as the Akashic record.

Bridging both science and spirituality, in the book Dr. László describes the existence of the Akashic Field as a conscious ocean of collective and individual memories, from which all things come into being – atoms, particles, stars, planets, and galaxies. He says that it can be regarded as the beginning or the origin of all things that exist in time and space. In his work on the theory of everything, Dr. László emphasizes our God-like nature and that we are one with all creation.

I wrote a few years ago about this universal information field, what is frequently called a Unified Field, or Akashic Field, and a lot of people asked me to explain the essence of this. About six months ago I sat down to try to formulate this, of what is the reality of such a field. How do we know about it? And this was with some physicist friends of mine, with four physicists among others, one of them Hungarian who also demonstrated the physical reality of this field on the basis of mathematical physics.

What I see is that nature is a creation of God. It is in everything. In each of us, in every atom, in every galaxy. And this is all one which I can formulate, as all of these work by information, and this information is in nature, in the cosmos; the basic information, by which matter comes into being, by which the material organs, systems develop, and by which, we could say, consciousness comes into being, self-consciousness comes into being, too. This is a spiritual universe. It cannot be a purely physical universe.

It has a spiritual basis, it is based on a cosmic spirituality, and it is this information that takes it further. I think science goes through big changes. The new quantum physics shows an entirely different world concept, and it shows what I mentioned before, earlier, the role of information. This information is in the universe somewhere, is stored, and the universe functions based on this. This is like software, as if the whole universe would be a huge computer which works using software. When the universe was born, there was information already.

We can also come into being, contribute to the accumulation of information in this universe. Because it is a very special universe, where life can also come into being. And where there is life, there is progress, there is consciousness. It is no accident. It is about a mass of information here, which is the software of this universe, and this is what I call the Akashic Field.

Dr. László believes life should be lived according to the Golden Rule, a precept that is recorded in the sacred texts of all the world’s religions. For example, in Judaism the Golden Rule is expressed in the Talmud as “Do to others as you would have them to you”; and in Islam, “Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others that which you wish for yourself”. To Dr. László, choosing a sustainable diet is part of living in accordance with the Golden Rule.

When I worked for the United Nations in the research institute at the end of the 1970s, I heard about a statistic that says that if everybody in the world would eat that much meat, then about twice as much arable land would be needed on the world as there is on this Earth. So two more planets would be needed, so that we can provide this to everybody. Why? It is not only the meat itself, but we have to produce the feed for the animal.

We have to add the water to it (the feed), a lot of arable land, right, a lot of energy that goes into it, so that we can use all of it, and we can produce it. We should eat in a way, try to exist in a way so that everybody else can live, too. So I tried to live in a way that can be shared by others, and it was then that I started to shift to a vegetarian lifestyle, and since then I feel even much better, actually.

Dr. Ervin László, we applaud your remarkable scientific works on systems thinking, cosmic consciousness, and oneness. We thank you for reminding us that the physical dimension and spiritual experience are two aspects of the same reality.

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