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Welcome friendly viewers. Today, we invite you on a trip to Israel, home to over 7.7 million people. A majority of the people living in Israel are Jewish. In fact, Israel is home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the world. During a 1999 lecture in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with enthusiasm about the blessedness of Israel and her people.


God bless you. God bless Israel.

Thank you, thank you for taking care of such a beautiful land, and make it more beautiful every day. “Feels so homey and so artistic, so beautiful!” Yes. Yes, you have been given a very, very beautiful corner of the world because it is stated in the Bible that Israeli people are the chosen ones.

In our two-part program, we are delighted to visit the home of one Israeli family, the Binder family. The Binders kindly invited us to see what an ordinary day is like in their household.

It is a weekday morning in the quiet neighborhood.

Kind and nurturing, Mrs. Orly Binder manages and beautifies the household. Her day usually gets busy from early on, as her daughter and son get ready to go to school. Michal goes to university and the youngest, Ariel, is an elementary school student.

Away for university studying engineering is the Binders’ eldest child, Ben. Mr. Binder is also getting ready to go to work. He is an inventor and electric engineer. His suitcase of patent materials is ready alongside his son’s school bag. Ariel shows us their bags, and also his bedroom.

Here it is written “Ariel’s room,” and I’m Ariel. Here is... Here is also all my room here. This is my computer, here are all my games. And here is my dad’s desk. He sometimes works here on things he has to invent.

For breakfast, the children eat their favorite cereals.

I’m drinking soya milk and it’s very good.

Wow! Michal’s English is very good. Actually, the whole family, though speaking Hebrew at home, can speak English well. Meanwhile, Mrs. Binder helps to pack a sandwich for her daughter.

What should I prepare for you from the… bun with salad?

Bun with salad… Okay.

Wait a minute. One second…

Okay, bon appétit.


You are going to prepare the clothes. I’m going to prepare the clothes for you and you are going to get dressed. Okay?

So I need to wait for Michal ?

No, I have prepared it for you already.

Ah, you have prepared for me.

Have a nice day, my darling. Bye-bye.

Bye, mom.

See you, bye. Have a nice day. I love you… Bye-bye.


Bye, see you. Bye, have a nice day.

Cut! After eating breakfast, Ariel brushes his teeth. He adjusts his kippah which he and his father wear according to Jewish tradition.

Mr. Binder makes sure they are on time.

Have a nice day, my darling. Bye-bye.



Back at home, Mrs. Binder tends to her younger son as he finishes getting dressed and ready.

Finally ready with Mom’s help, Ariel walks to the bus stop where he meets his school mates. At home, Mrs. Binder sometimes spends her daytime helping out in the community. Today, she is collecting clothes and kid’s games to donate to children in need.

There is a gathering I've got in the mail, on behalf of an institute for children which is called Yemin Ord. This is an institute of children who were totally burned out of their homes, as I learned. So they asked me if I can arrange some things. So yesterday, I had arranged all sorts of games that we don't need. And that's it. I hope it helps them. So I take them now to put in the car.

Children are at the core of Israeli Jewish family life, and are well taken care of in all aspects. Education is an important part of their growing up, and takes place both at school and at home from a young age. It is not surprising that the literacy rate of Israel is 97%. In the afternoon after school, the children are given time to be on their own. Michal does some homework in her room. Ariel does some homework, too, with the help of his dad.

After a hard day’s work, the family is reunited, and get ready for dinner. Since ancient time Israel is known for being the land of seven species, or staple foods: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, dates, pomegranates, and olives. They symbolize the nourishment that the Holy Land bestowed upon the Israeli people. Tonight, Mrs. Binder lovingly prepares a healthy, delicious vegan dinner for the whole family. Let’s join her in the kitchen, where she is cutting fresh vegetables.

This is tahini, which is very healthy. It’s made out of sesame seed. And it's good also for salad dressing. Instead of other oil… it’s less fattening, and healthier. And so I’m using tahini. It's all so traditional, a tradition that’s associated with the Middle-East.

Now, it’s time to set the table.


Michal and Ariel help to set the table. Today’s family dinner menu consists of the main course mujadara, a traditional popular dish of rice mixed with lentils. It comes along with two delicious salads: a red beet salad and a delicious salad made of vegetables mixed with tahini. Looks very tasty, doesn’t it?

As the family gathers around the table, Mr. Binder leads the prayer to thank God.

We praise God for blessing the Earth so He can give us the bread and all the foods…..

Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the Universe who brings forth bread from the earth.

Our program, “A Day in the Life of an Israeli Jewish Family,” will continue tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25 on Supreme Master Television’s Enlightening Entertainment. Friendly viewers, thank you for your pleasant company today. Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May your heart be peaceful and happy.