Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Aulacese (Vietnamese), with subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Filmmaking was introduced to Âu Lạc (Vietnam) at the end of 1890s. It began to thrive in 1923 with the first movie co-produced by the French and the Aulacese based on the masterpiece “The Tale of Kiều” by literary great Nguyễn Du. Embracing the modern technology of our world's civilization and combining it with a diverse artistic foundation inherent in the country's traditions, Aulacese filmmaking nowadays continues to develop to enhance the nation's cultural landscape.

On Enlightening Entertainment, Supreme Master Television is pleased to introduce different forms of arts from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), as well as from other countries in the world, in order to share the beauty and cultures of the peoples on our planet.

Most of the Aulacese folk tales offer moral lessons. Stories often engage people’s attention more than any ordinary advice; therefore, ethical values, through these legends, would easily be absorbed by the children’s pure minds and help shape a person’s characters since childhood. But folk tales are not only fascinating to youth, there are countless stories that are loved by all ages and social backgrounds. They have been adapted into many works of arts such as films, modern folk operas, chèo traditional operas, and classical theater operas.

In the past, Supreme Master Television has had the honor to broadcast a number of these popular ancient tales, including “Offering Gold for Star Fruits,” “Thạch Sanh Lý Thông,” “What Belongs to Heaven is Returned to Earth,” “Tấm Cám,” “Lưu Bình and Dương Lễ,” “Thoại Khanh and Châu Tuấn,” “The Legend of Betel and Areca,” “A Good Wife Makes a Good Husband,” “Vạn Lịch Coins,” “The Poor Student and Jade Emperor,” “Phạm Công and Cúc Hoa,” “Lâm Sanh and Xuân Nương,” “Trương Chi Mỵ Nương,” “Quan Yin Thị Kính Bodhisattva,” “A Thumbelina in the Bamboo Tube,” “Quan Yin Diệu Thiện,” “Mountain Deity and Water Deity ,” “Tiên Dung and Chữ Đồng Tử ,” “A King Named Pig,” “A Woman’s Wits,” and “Not Yet a Doctor of Letters.”

The film “For Gold, For Silver” is adapted from an Aulacese folk tale about two brothers and one inheritance. As honest as the younger brother was, his elder brother was that much calculating. It’s a lesson on the immeasurable price of selfishness. Even when people possess great wealth, greed still makes them always think of seizing more. But “grasp all, lose all,” at the end, all must abide by the impartial law of the universe.

We now invite you to enjoy the film “For Gold, For Silver,” written by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức, directed by Nguyễn Minh Chung, and produced by Phương Nam Films, with performances by Minh Nhí as the Elder Brother, Minh Phượng as His Wife, Thanh Bình as Younger Brother, Hồng Điệp as Mùi, and other artists.

The film “For Gold, For Silver” leaves a profound lesson for us to ponder. Greed makes people blind as to forget the basic moral principles in treating others in life, and the result is unimaginable loss, not only in material aspect, but also the erosion of conscience. The greediness of the two characters in the film came from an insatiable desire, the more they had, the more they wanted. Generally speaking, since time immemorial it’s because of greed that humans compete with and harm one another.

Greed causes people to become insensitive, thus they can heartlessly make profit upon the suffering of fellow human beings and animals, and that is the one of the reasons for family discord, social injustice, world turbulence and conflicts. During a lecture in Costa Rica, on June 2, 1991, Supreme Master Ching Hai expounded on the unexpected consequences of greed.

I have taught you to be frugal and not to be greedy and exceeding your share. Yes, not to spend more than you have. When it's necessary, we take, we use; when it's not, try not to. Otherwise, we might be in trouble. Sometimes, we might get sick, incurable disease.

Greed manifests itself in countless ways. People not only covet material possession, but sometimes spiritual experiences and levels as well. Supreme Master Ching Hai discussed further on this in Chinese during a 1990 seven-day retreat in Hsihu Center, Formosa (Taiwan). The lecture is entitled “Consequences of Greed.”

We spiritual practitioners should be careful. If we’ve received a lot, but we look down upon others, or we don’t appreciate what we have, we will lose everything later. We have this, but we say this is not enough and we want all. Then later, we will lose everything. Whatever God gives us is good. It’s enough for us. Whatever God gives us, we will receive. The more relaxed you are, the more experiences you will have. If you don’t want anything, you will have everything. If you are given a little, but you want more, later you will have nothing. It’s always like that.

Thank you for joining us on today’s Enlightening Entertainment. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. Words of Wisdom is coming up. Please tune in next Thursday for the Aulacese film entitled “Lady Xuân Hương” by screenwriter Nguyễn Đông Thức. We’ll see you next week.

Quan Yin Bodhisattva be praised!

Mùi! (Yes.)

Tea! Here is your tea.

What are you doing?

I’m sorry, sir.

What’s going on?

Nothing. She was just clumsy with her hands. Clean up quickly!

I’m sorry, ma’am.

How far did you get with the document to divide the inheritance?

It’s done. Here, take a look! How’s that?

All right. This is very clear. Let me call Ba in to finish this matter.

What? Right now?

When do you want it done then?

Ba! Come in here! We have something to discuss with you.

Yes, I’ll be right there. What is it you called me for, elder Brother and Sister?

It’s like this. Since you’ve grown up, we’ve discussed about giving you a portion of our parents’ inheritance, so that you have some capital to do business and earn your living. What do you think?

I don’t find it necessary yet. I’m still very simple-minded, I don’t know much about making a living. If I keep a big inheritance, I’m afraid it’s not good for me.

Why worry? You still have your brother and sister here. Don’t worry.

Let’s work it out for him. When will he be able to grow up? He also has to get married like other people. Isn’t that right? We should get it done!

Your sister-in-law is right. You should listen to her. It’s time we must divide our inheritance. We just want you to grow up. No other intention.

No other intention. We’d die right away if we have any.

Yes. We’d die right away.

If you’ve planned like that, then I’ll obey.

That’s more like it!


Here it is. We’ve already planned it out. Our inheritance is comprised of three kinds: “đực” (male), “cái” (female), and “con” (it).

You’re younger, so we give you the priority to have everything in the house that is “đực” (male). All the “cái” (female) and “con” (it) items belong to us. What do you think? If you agree, sign this paper. It’s all fair and square now. Don’t you worry!

Mine are “đực” items; you and sister will have “cái” and “con” items.


It’s only good for you. Do you agree? If you do, then sign.


All is done! Let’s begin to divide.


Let me see. What are the “cái” items? Ah, “cái” altar cabinet. “Cái” altar cabinet, that’s female, so it’s ours, right? (Yes.)

It sure is. People say “cái” altar cabinet, who would say “đực” altar cabinet?

That’s right. And “cái” incense burner, “cái” dish, “cái” jar, “cái” chair, “cái” table, these “cái” cups, and this “cái” vase, “cái” lamp, “cái” scroll, “cái” round table, “cái” bed, “cái” mat, “cái” mosquito net, “cái” blanket, “cái” pillow, “cái” folk, “cái” spoon, “cái” plate... Anything that is “cái” belongs to us, right? As for “con.” “Con” buffalo, “con” cow, “con” pig, “con” chicken, “con” duck, “con” rabbit, “con” dog, “con” goat, “con” Mùi, “con”...

What “con”? You’re stuck already?

“Con” cat. Our “con” gray cat. Let me see, what other “con” is there?

Come! Come!

What’s up there? Ah, I know. “Con” lizard.


Ah, I know. “Cái” roof.

What? Why just “cái” roof? “Cái” house!

Oh, yes. “Cái” house. In general, anything that is “cái” or “con” belongs to us.

Because “đực” belongs to him.

All right then.

Let it be.

This is “đực” (male) . “Đực” wood-splitter.

It’s yours.

This is truly “đực”. It’s mine. Is that right, sister? Right? It’s mine.

Yes, yes, correct! That’s right!

Is that right, brother? It’s mine, right?

Yes, that’s correct. It’s yours.

“Đực” wood-splitter is mine!

Please, please enjoy!

Once again, I’d like to congratulate you both on your thriving business, the richest couple of this village.


Not just our village, but of this entire region.

Thank you. Thank you.

Let’s drink!

Please. Eat, eat, eat!

Here, here... There.

Feel at home! Pick a piece for me.


One for you.

Feel at home, all right.


Eat to your heart’s content.

Put it down!

Go back! (Yes.) Please! Enjoy, enjoy!

Let’s eat.

Eat! (Sure!)

So delicious!

Enjoy to the maximum! Thanks a lot, brothers.

Never mind.

Thanks to the blessings of God and Buddha that my wife and I have this day.

It’s blessings from God and Buddha.



My wife, how pitiful for her!

How come?

She recites the Buddhist scriptures every day.


I do everything.

I even eat vegetarian two days a month.


The high Heaven has probably witnessed our sincerity and so blessed us like this.

Our sincerity from inside bounces out.

That’s right. Our ancestors said “Great wealth is due to Heaven’s blessing.” But for Heaven to bless us, we must lead a life that pleases Heaven.


Like you did.

Heaven never betrays the kind-hearted people. Let’s continue to enjoy.

Eat, eat!

Okay, let me.

This is mine.

This is mine.

I got hold of it first, I saw it first.

What’s going on? How strange!

Well, let’s drink then.

Let’s stop eating for a moment.


Please, please.

Drink! For you.


Drink! You are indeed very blessed. Eat, eat. We’re having a lot of fun today, aren’t we? You certainly are the best in this region. That’s right. Right. You two are very blessed indeed! I’m too full now. Finish it; later you don’t need to eat when you go home.

Where are you going?

Ma’am, I... I...

What are you hiding? Let me see it! Give me! You stole my food to give to whom?

Please forgive me. I bring it to Mr. Ba. I saw his meager meal, so I...

How kind of you! My dogs haven’t enough to eat, where’s the extra food for you to bring him?

Please have compassion. Mr. Ba works very hard but doesn’t earn enough for food. That amount of food is nothing to you. Please let me bring it to him. Please.

All right. Now that I hear of his hard life, I pity him so!

Thank you very much, ma’am.

But I have to let my dog eat first. If there’s any leftover, I’ll let you bring to him.

Phèn! Phèn!

There’s a human! O children!

Not human. Dead already, dead already!

Then bury him, bury him!

Gold pit or silver pit, which pit to bury him in?

Bury him in the gold pit.

Bury him in the silver pit. That direction.

Bury him in the gold pit, not the silver pit.

Quickly, quickly!

Gold! It’s real gold, O wife! Real gold!

Be careful! It’ll crack if dropped.

Oh god! I hold it like holding a baby, how can it drop? It’s real gold, for sure.

You’re really lucky!

Do you remember what our father said before he passed on? We’re blood brothers, so we must help each other. If one is well-off, the other should be too. Show me that place, brother. I swear not to tell anyone.

Only fools disclose it. They’d make you split the gold.

I swear. (Swear.)

Honestly I don’t remember the place anymore. If I try, I may be able to find it. But to show you, I don’t know how.

Why don’t you take me there? We brothers...


My brother! We dare not bother you that much. According to what you said, there were 4 monkeys that carried you and threw you down a gold pit while you were in deep sleep, is that right?

Is that right?

Yes, that’s right.

I have this suggestion. You have a lot of money now. Don’t go pick firewood in the forest anymore; it’s tiresome and dangerous. Stay home, get married, and buy land to do business. That’s better for him, right, husband?

You’ve talked enough!

Your sister is right.

It’s for that reason that I came here today.

You’ve thought of it already? (Yes.) Let me be your matchmaker. This village has many young women, all from well-off families.


Get over here!

I just say one word, people would agree to marry off their daughter right away.


You don’t need to tire yourself searching. Isn’t that right, husband?

That’s correct. You’re really good. What you said is so right!

Thank you for your help.

What’s there to thank? If I don’t take care of you, whom should I take care of? (Right.)

But I’d just like to marry Miss Mùi.

What did you say? You want to marry Mùi?

What’s the matter with you?

She’s a servant. It’s not appropriate for him to marry her.

Why not? I agree to it.

Thank you, sister.

It’s about to get dark, but the monkeys haven’t come yet to carry us off.


I’m so hungry!

Bear it! Those are the monkeys’ bananas. Each banana is a piece of gold. You’d eat your gold?

O wife! (What?) Who knows? Gold we won’t find but the tiger will come.

Oh god! Be quiet, will you? What did you eat that you talk only nonsense?

It’s all your fault. I already asked Ba to show me the way to that gold pit. You didn’t agree. You insisted on us going by ourselves. So now it turns out like this. Oh god!

You’re old already, still you’re so brainless. If he leads the way, we must split the gold with him. You don’t want all the gold for yourself, but instead invite others to share! Only a fool would do that.

I must admit...

Goodness’ sake!

You’re indeed a great adviser. I could never have thought of that. But why haven’t the monkeys come? Or they’re afraid because they see two people. Or they feel they couldn’t carry two persons at the same time, so they left.

Again! I already told you to be quiet! You keep talking nonsense. If they don’t come now, they’ll come later. If not later, then tomorrow they’ll come. One must have patience in everything he undertakes. If hasty, you won’t get anything done. This hurts like crazy!

What do you mean hasty? Am I not right? Last time, Ba slept here alone; now there are two of us. If you’re a monkey, aren’t you afraid?

What? You’re calling me a monkey?

Just for example.

Fine then. If I’m that gang of monkeys, there’s nothing to fear. If I can’t carry two persons at the same time, then carry one at a time, one after another. What’s so difficult?

That’s what you think. Poor me! I already told you to let me go alone, you didn’t agree. You insisted on going with me.

You, going alone? Look at you. You’re like a mouse. How many pieces of gold can you carry? I’ve worked it out already. This time, we must scoop all the gold up, leaving nothing for anyone.

Buddha be praised!

Why don’t we pray to God and Buddha to help us? Why didn’t I think of that? What a fool I am! Lie down and chant!

But I don’t remember any scripture to recite!

You think I do?


What’s there to be surprised about? Lie down! Chant!


What are you looking at?

The monkeys have come.

The monkeys are here? Where? Let me see a little.

Lie down and fake being dead.

Dead people! There are dead people!

Dead already. Just the two corpses. Bury them... Bury them! Bury them! Quickly! Quickly!

Bury them in the gold pit, not the silver pit.

Gold pit we buried before, now bury them in the silver pit.

Hey, don’t bury me in the silver pit. Bury me in the gold pit.

Please bury me in the gold pit!