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Ugodne lokacije za voditelje, ki bodo pomagale vzpostaviti mir na svetu - 1/2, 24. avgust 2011   

As an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian, poet and artist, Supreme Master Ching Hai has also been an advocate for peace and the environment, as well as an animal lover.

Caring deeply for the Earth and all its inhabitants, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been urgently raising awareness <enter> on the stark reality of climate change, with a steadfast determination to preserve our beautiful planet. Tirelessly accepting numerous invitations to conferences, media interviews and other events, Supreme Master Ching Hai has helped to clarify and prioritize the vegan solution for humankind, grounded in both extensive scientific research as well as profound inner spiritual knowledge.

Supreme Master Ching Hai also sends a message of encouragement for government leaders and citizens throughout the world, which is to act nobly for the survival and happiness of all beings now and for generations to come.

Recently, with a deep yearning for the world's conflicts to subside, Supreme Master Ching Hai courageously revealed which leaders' headquarters are situated near or on roads and sub-portals leading to the lower worlds and hell, along with the resulting negative effects on both leaders and their nations.

In an urgent announcement made on August 24, 2011, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the world's peace-seeking leaders and concerned fellow citizens to inform them of alternative places to re-locate their headquarters, to avoid negative sites that over time have fueled conflicts and other troubles in human society, particularly by gripping individuals and groups in power.

Supreme Master Ching Hai shared this unprecedented information freely at the cost of her physical and spiritual welfare, in hopes that leaders may quickly move away from these dangerous places at this critical time for our planet. Providing detailed explanations and visual graphs, she described specific locations where leaders can move their headquarters that will be more conducive to the righteousness, clarity and benevolence that they deserve, to more easily sow the seeds of world peace.

We now invite you to listen to the re-broadcast of the live conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, entitled “Auspicious Locations for Leaders' New Headquarters, a Boon for World Peace” on August 24, 2011.

This is an extra note from Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Though most auspicious, some locations might not be easily accessible, but that's the way it is revealed (to be completely out of bad influence and maximize positiveness).

At least move as far as possible from the old place in the indicated direction to have more auspiciousness, but the result is not guaranteed. The best is to move to the exact location, even if having to work on a ship or building on top of a mountain or on a space station.”

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