South Korean officials pledge to be veg one day a week - 10 Jun 2010  
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A seminar was recently held in Gwangju, South Korea inviting government officials and educators to consider implementing a vegan policy in schools.  It was organized by a coalition of civil groups called Hope Group Meal Alliance for a Green World, who share the goal for creating healthier low-carbon school meals for children.

Politicians on stage (M): I will adopt a vegetarian diet one day a week.

VOICE: Invited South Korean parliament members and others signed a document pledging to be veg themselves while formally promoting the lifestyle.

Jang Hui-Gook – Gwangju City Superintendent of Education Candidate (M): I have pledged to work to provide once-a-week vegetarian school meals, and first-and-foremost to provide menus in schools that give students a choice.

VOICE: In addition to lectures given on the relationship between climate change and diet, presentations were given by Dr. Wei Jong-Bi from Formosa’s (Taiwan) National Chang Hua University on the successful precedents in Formosa’s vegan school meal policies; and Dr. Hwang Seong-Soo, a South Korean vegan neurosurgeon who has helped patients reverse chronic disease by adopting animal-free diets.

Hwang Seong-Soo, MD – Neurosurgeon, Daegu Medical Center; Vegan (M): Humans must not eat meat, fish, egg, or milk. These shouldn’t just be reduced, they must not be eaten at all.

Kim Jae-Gyun – South Korean National Assembly Member (M): For health and for reducing global warming, it’s very important to have a plant-based diet rather than meat eating.

VOICE: Outside the Chonnam National University venue, college students urged the public to pledge to try veg while offering free tasty veg hamburgers. Our Association members were also invited to cook free hot vegan meals on site.

Citizen tasting (M): It’s really tasty!

Child reading veg pledge card (F): “I will be veg once a week to save the Earth suffering from global warming and to save my health.”

VOICE: Our appreciation honorable South Korean legislators, groups and citizens who are determined to ensure both health and a sustainable future for our children. May all responsible schools and governments adopt the win-win solution of adopting plant-based fare.

Group: Be veg, go green, save the planet!

In a September 2009 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged educators
and dignitaries toward the Earth-saving organic vegan diet to save the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : You have taken the first step by declaring to be organic vegan one day a week.

I thank you for that again. And now with this same courageous spirit, please be veg every day of the week, or just another six days.

That is very simple. Because organic vegan is the only way we can save the planet. There’s nothing else, no other green power can protect us in this crucial moment of danger.

Please wake up and wake everybody else up before our house is burned down. Together we will win, together we will save this planet.
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