Dr. Ali Danesh: The Power of Constructive Thinking to Transform
Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz: Fundamentals of Mind-Brain Interaction
Don Estes – Using the Science of Vibration to Expand the Human Potential
Searching for God in the Brain: Canadian Neuroscientist Dr. Mario Beauregard
Indigo Bridge In Service: Dr. Theresa Ibis
Nassim Haramein:We are the Center of Creation
Mind Over Matter – The Secret Power Behind Shaolin Iron Head Kung Fu
The Maharishi Effect – The Power of Group Meditation to Bring Peace
The Moon, a Mystery Waiting To Be Revealed
Dr. Joe Dispenza – Exploring the Wonders of the Mind
How We Think Determines What We See - An Interview with Taylor Schmitz
Is God Already Scientifically Proven? – A Discussion with Dr. Amit Goswami
Life, Genetics, and Quantum Mechanics - A Discussion with Dr. Johnjoe McFadden, P1/2
The Power of the Word:Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Crystals - P2/2
Dr. Fred Travis on Meditation and the Transformation of the Brain
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