US teen hospitalized with neurological disorder after swine flu vaccine - 14 Nov 2009  
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US teen hospitalized with neurological disorder after swine flu vaccine.

Jordan McFarland, a 14-year old athlete from Virginia, USA developed severe headaches, muscle spasms and leg weakness following his swine flu shot. After being hospitalized, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barr
syndrome. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this rare neurological disorder is the same as the one that emerged during the 1976 US swine flu vaccination program, which led to a number of deaths and ebilitating neurological effects such as paralysis for those who survived.

This week, several other children in New York, USA were also hospitalized after they developed headaches and nausea following the swine flu vaccine, but were later discharged. Worldwide, the swine flu has for months been spreading too fast to keep records. Yet, as swine flu fatalities in Europe doubled nearly every week this past month, from 12 to 24 to the 40s and now over 80 deaths per week, an official from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) announced,
We are globally entering the acceleration phase.

The tally of deaths continues to spread the globe, with India confirming 514 fatalities, 45 reported in Israel, 239 in Ukraine, 58 in Iran, 36 in China, 16 in Russia, 36 40 in Turkey, and 40 in
Âu Lc (Vietnam), among others. Alarmingly, in the United States, where the death toll had been estimated at around 1,000, a recent update places those perished at more than 4,000 and possibly as high as 6,000. Currently, the ECDC
s global fatalities are recorded as being 6,768 6,706, but when adding the updated numbers from the US, the official total deaths due to swine flu exceed 12,700 across the world.

Our sympathies for those persons experiencing unfortunate side effects from the vaccine, as well as the victims of swine flu and bereaved families. In light of the swell in swine flu cases and fatalities, may media groups, governments, and citizens alike act in adopting protective plant-based lifestyles to eliminate the threat of such animal-borne diseases for all.


Foreseeing this tragic event Supreme Master Ching Hai had designed the Alternative Living flyer some years ago and asked our Association members to distribute it worldwide since: