Fatality following swine flu inoculation being investigated – 18 Nov 2009  
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Fatality following swine flu inoculation being investigated.



A 55-year-old man in Thuringia, Germany died hours after receiving the swine flu shot, raising further health concerns for the vaccine.

In addition, two other German people experienced life-threatening anaphylactic shock upon getting the vaccine, and five are reported to have perished in Sweden following inoculation.

Investigations by health officials are being conducted in both countries to determine if the deaths are linked to the vaccinations.

Meanwhile, a large number of people are choosing not to receive the swine flu shot at all out of concern for its safety, while others refuse on humanitarian grounds, citing the inhumane use of either eggs taken from chickens bred and raised in cruel and foul conditions, or the kidneys of African green monkeys.

A Slovenian poll reports that 83% of the countrys population has opted against the swine flu shot, while a poll in Romania found that less than 50% were interested getting in the vaccine.


Based on official counts, the swine flu has claimed 7,051 7,092 lives across the globe, although the true count is likely many thousands more. In Ukraine, the death toll has grown to 316, while in Italy it reached 53 48, and in Scotland, United Kingdom, 38 37. So far 530 526 people have died in India of swine flu as Israels death toll rose to 49 48, and Tunisia reported her first two fatalities. With Germany noting that her swine flu cases doubled in one week, we are reminded that the pandemic continues to spread more quickly than ever, with far too many cases to count.


Our prayers go out to the families of those who have lost loved ones to swine flu and perhaps the vaccine as well. May our world swiftly adopt the humane, hygienic and vitality-boosting vegan diet to end the public health threats posed by such zoonotic, animal-borne diseases.