Alarming swine flu rates worldwide - 29 Sep 2009  
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Cases have continued to spread to immeasurably high numbers globally, along with fatalities.
As of September 28, there have been 4,282 lives lost, with Hong Kong now recording her 21st fatal case. Deaths in India steadily rose to 302, as Oman reported three more perished for a total of 21.

In Nicaragua, swine flu afflicted total 2,000, while in Macau an increase of 470 cases brought a total of 26,548. Meanwhile, the Israel Medical Association’s Intensive Care Society has called for more funds to help hospitals cope with the high numbers of swine flu cases.

Professor Charles Sprung of Hadassah University, Israel said, “Already, we see people dying due to the shortage of intensive-care beds. In the event of a serious flu outbreak, there will be hundreds and even thousands of patients who will need such beds and won't get them due to the lack of such facilities.”

He added that up to 2,200 swine flu patients, or more than half of last year, may need respirators at any given time this winter.

We sorrow for the people who are very ill at this time or have suffered the loss of a loved one. Let us all halt the consumption of animal products, which harm our health and heighten risks of new diseases, choosing instead to boost our immune systems with nutrient-rich plant-based fare.  

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