At least one-third of otherwise healthy swine flu patients fall critically ill - 13 Oct 2009  
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A three-month study of people stricken with swine flu during the recent flu season in Australia and New Zealand echoed previous findings that fully a third of the patients admitted to hospital with severe cases were younger people with few medical conditions. The study also found that the most at-risk groups were expecting mothers, the obese, and people of indigenous ethnicity. The research also reported that long stays in the intensive care unit had stretched the finances of hospitals.

Dr. Kent Holtorf, an infectious disease specialist in the United States stated in an interview on the US-based Fox News television channel, “I have more concern about the vaccine than I do about the swine flu. It’s been rushed to market.” He also said that the vaccine is “a proven neurotoxin,” with 25,000 times the level of mercury than would be considered toxic if it was a food or water.

In the US, health officials have reported that rising swine flu cases have caused the pandemic to now become widespread in 37 of 50 states, compared to 27 states the preceding week. In Cuba’s first report of swine flu fatalities, three pregnant women passed away.

South Korea also announced that a two-month-old infant and a 64-year-old man became their latest fatalities. Countries reporting their death tolls show a combined total of more than 4,579 lost to the disease worldwide. The total number of swine flu cases is deemed too high to keep track.

We sorrow for those afflicted or grieving because of this pandemic. Our appreciation Australia and New Zealand researchers, Dr. Holtorf and others for sharing your knowledge about swine flu treatment efforts. While we wish that such information would help other countries in making wise decisions about the swine flu virus, it is our ultimate prayer that such pandemics vanish altogether. May we follow this very path by adopting the humane and harm-free vegan diet.


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