Children’s hospital emergency room overflows with potential swine flu victims - 26 Sep 2009  
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From the United Kingdom to Hong Kong, India and Zambia, schools have been closed and students quarantined. Russia has reported the first school closure due to 17 suspected infections in young children.

The Children’s Medical Center Dallas in Texas, USA has been filled with children suffering flu like symptoms, resulting in around 60 cases serious enough for hospitalization.

The hospital has set up a separate screening room for children with flu-like symptoms, mirroring the efforts of other US hospitals that have set up outdoor tents to protect the staff and other patients from swine flu exposure.

Other younger age groups remain vulnerable, as one US survey reported a 15 percent increase in university student swine flu cases, and a cumulative total of 21,000.

Across the globe, dozens of new families are in mourning, as swine flu fatalities rose by 72 to 4,216 .
South Korean officials announced that the death toll has increased to 11, while two more people passed away in Yemen and Portugal reported her first swine flu loss.

In Hungary, concern was raised about a 34-year-old man who passed away without even having shown any signs of fever when he suddenly fell ill and died at home. An autopsy confirmed his infection with swine flu.
Meanwhile, cases in mainland China recently rose by 1,319 within one day, reaching 14,581.

We pray for the people who are afflicted or have suffered the loss of a loved one to this unfortunate illness. May we join in finding ways to address the true cause of such diseases, namely eliminating animal agriculture, and regain the health of present and future generations with the preventive vegan diet.

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