Concern for health risks from swine flu vaccine runs high - 27 Sep 2009  
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A recent national poll conducted in the United States found that only 40 percent of parents were planning to vaccinate their children against swine flu, with half of those who didn’t plan to vaccinate citing concern for the possible side effects of the untested vaccine.

A French survey found similar results, with two-thirds of French citizens stating that they don’t plan to get vaccinated, and half of the respondents seeing what they called “serious risk” in the vaccine.

Amidst such safety concerns, some people are turning to holistic and natural methods to protect against the swine flu. Dr. Jamey Wallace, director of the Bastyr Natural Health Clinic at Bastyr University, an accredited naturopathic university in Washington, USA, calls for a comprehensive approach, including good nutrition, rest and exercise to reduce stress, along with avoiding sugar which weakens the immune system.

Catherine Niemiec of the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture also explained that Chinese medicine could be effective as well.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization announced that the swine flu has officially affected 318,925 people, while acknowledging that the real total is many times that figure and is too high to count.

A six-month-old baby boy has become the youngest person in Formosa (Taiwan) to require hospitalization, while in the United Kingdom,cases have jumped from 5,000 to 9,000 and the country’s Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson announced that at least 66 schools have reported new swine flu cases since opening.

Sir Liam Donaldson:“We are monitoring the resistance very carefully; there have been some resistant strains around the world. We closed some schools down for a limited period of time.”

In Uganda, about 500 people, mainly students in two high schools, have been quarantined due to a swine flu outbreak. Ireland has also reported a jump in confirmed cases to 1,300 total.

Fatalities in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) have increased to 14, while in South Africa 59 people have passed away, half of whom were pregnant women. A tragic total of 4,216 swine flu-caused fatalities have been counted to date.

Our sympathies to those mourning a loss, and prayers for the recovery of those seriously afflicted. Our appreciation Dr. Wallace and Ms. Niemiec for your suggestions on holistic approaches to defend against swine flu.

May everyone awaken to the protection of the immune-boosting vegan diet for a halt to the swine flu as well as future dangerous pandemics.

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