More swine flu troubles in schools worldwide - 19 Sep 2009  
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Romania is among the latest to report her first cluster of swine flu cases within a high school, and has suspended classes for a week. Going further, Egypt has ordered all educational institutions closed to prevent swine flu spread. As children return to school across the northern hemisphere, swine flu cases are
beginning to rise in England, United Kingdom again, with an estimated 5,000 new cases reported last week.
The number of cases in Scotland, United Kingdom also doubled within a week.

Meanwhile, two new Tamiflu-resistant cases were also found in England, adding to a growing list that reveals the virus strains are mutating.

US health experts warn that diabetics are three times more likely to contract swine flu than the rest of the population, and that death rates among diabetics from the flu may increase up to 15 percent during pandemics.

Yet, swine flu fatalities in otherwise healthy people are joining the at-risk groups in making up the global death toll, which now stands at 4,041.

People who have perished in Brazil rose to 899, as Europe reported 653 new cases in the last 24 hours. Global cases, estimated in the millions, are said to be far too many to record.

In the face of these troubling statistics each day, we sorrow for the lives lost and suffering due to this illness. May we see the widespread adoption of a vegan diet to effectively and easily prevent many such afflictions for good.

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