Northern Ireland pig herd catches swine flu - 20 Sep 2009  
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The herd is the first in Europe to have caught this strain of the flu, which is a mixture of pig, bird and human viruses. Virologists have raised a concern that swine flu passed back onto pigs could pick up another strain and become even more deadly when passed back onto humans.

Therefore, Northern Ireland’s chief veterinarian has urged farmers with swine flu to avoid proximity with their pigs so as not to aid new viral formations.

Since April, overall fatalities have now reached 4,041 across the globe, as total cases have been long left untracked because they are too numerous to accurately follow.

Of the latest added casualties, one youth has perished in Singapore, as well as a child under age 6 in the US and on the French Island of Martinique.

In India, human losses rose to 233, and in the capital of New Delhi cases jumped by more than 100 within one day to 1,589, with nearly 70% of these new infections being children. Europe reported an alarming 944 new cases within 24 hours.

As a response measure, Kuwait, which saw a rise to over 2,400 cases, is training up to 250,000 teachers in an effort to protect against the spread of the swine flu. The continued mounting toll and risks of swine flu saddens us, and we pray for the safe recovery of all in hospitals as well as the comfort of those mourning.

We look forward to the day when animal farms – and the diseases they spawn – are no more, for the health of the entire world.


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