Swine flu continues to most severely afflict the young - 22 Sep 2009  
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Medical researchers report that approximately 79 percent of confirmed swine flu cases are in people under the age of 30, compared to 2 percent in peopleage 60 or over.

Such concerns are among the topics that will be discussed in the upcoming Western Pacific meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), where the focus will be on treating swine flu in developing nations, whose populations are more prone to infection due to poverty, crowded living conditions and insufficient access
to health care.

Across the globe, eight students in one western Ugandan school have been confirmed to have swine flu, bringing the total officially recorded cases to 24, while the confirmed cases in Macau, China increased by 43, bringing the total to 2,348.

Russia also reported her first swine flu death. Fatalities to date worldwide are surpassing 4,092 as swine flu continues to spread rapidly, with the infection rate too fast to realistically tally.

Meanwhile, a Harvard Business School study in the US found that around 66 percent of businesses would not be able to maintain normal operations if half their workers needed to be absent for a month to cope with swine flu.

Our empathy for the pain of loved ones who have suffered loss to this infectious disease. Our appreciation, World Health Organization and all others working  to secure public health as we pray that everyone adopt the life-sparing and immune boosting plant-based diet.

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