Swine flu proves highly contagious with rapid transmission - 25 Sep 2009  
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Researchers at the University of Washington, USA found that the virus is spreading quickly, with a 27 percent chance of passing from one infected family member to another, compared to 10 percent among family members for regular flu.

The scientists also stated that the disease transmits quickly, in an average of 3 days. Officials in New York, USA recommended that office meetings be held over the phone to reduce the swine flu transmission rate.

Across the world, Egypt’s total swine flu afflicted population has risen to 901, with Jordan confirming 78 new cases in the past week, 53 of which were students.

In the Canadian province of British Columbia,up to 30 percent of the students across three schools were sent home sick. The death rate in the Dominican Republic has risen to 21, while Colombia’s 17 fatalities in the past week brings her lives lost to 82.

In Asia, Thailand has now lost 160 lives since the pandemic was declared, and Hong Kong reported 677 cases in one day as her total approaches 24,000. Within a 24-hour period, German residents were diagnosed with 192 of the total 204 European cases tallied.

All in all, international health officials have stated that global swine flu cases are far too many to track. However, fatalities as reported by individual governments have reached 4,195 according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

We urgently pray that people will be spared from the ravages of swine flu and devastating loss of a loved one. In addition to simple hygiene safeguards such as hand washing, let us consider the immune-boosting properties of a vegan diet, as well as its long term aid in preventing pandemics from ever occurring.

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