Swine flu season starts early with steep climb in numbers - 21 Sep 2009  
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Since the global pandemic status was announced in April, millions of people of all ages throughout at least 180 countries have been afflicted. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the autumn flu season has begun earlier this year, with Dr. Jay Butler affirming a very high
incidence of swine flu as he stated, “Nearly all of the influenza that we’re seeing is the novel H1N1 virus.”

Thousands of families have mourned sudden losses, as more than 4,041 people perished from attacks by the swine flu virus.

In updates of some of the seriously affected countries: In Mexico, swine flu cases surged by 1,341 in just three days, with total cases now standing at 26,338.

Japan experienced a one-week increase of 30,000 cases to a total of 180,000 amid reports that swine flu continues to spread rapidly among teenagers in major cities.

Outbreaks are also far from being controlled in US universities, where a recent 21 percent increase has been seen and schools like Paul Smith’s College in New York, USA are setting aside entire dormitories to house students diagnosed with swine flu.

In fact, health experts are now advising college students living in close proximity to wear masks and frequently wash their hands in an effort to limit the spread of the swine flu.

With no one really immune to the virus, serious cases and fatalities are inevitable. A 45-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman became the first deaths in Mozambique, as Formosa (Taiwan) reported yet another 11 new hospitalizations. Oman, which has seen 18 deaths and 2,000 cases of swine flu, cancelled her internationally celebrated Muscat Festival out of concerns for public health.

Meanwhile, Egyptian officials are monitoring swine flu cases in the Cairo airport as pilgrims begin returning from Saudi Arabian holy sites.

With our condolences for those suffering loss, we join the world in prayer for the end of this ordeal, including the threat of new pandemics. May our knowledge that the ultimate source of many dangerous diseases is our meat-eating habit steer us instead toward the needed change of the organic vegan lifestyle that will spare both
humankind and animals.

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