Swine flu second wave may overwhelm US hospitals - 8 Oct 2009  
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Reporting on data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the health policy organization Trust for America’s Health states that even a mild second wave of swine flu could cause hospitals in 15 US states to be filled to over capacity, with 12 more states soon to follow. Trust for America’s Health Director Dr. Jeffrey Levi spoke with Supreme Master Television about these findings.

Dr. Jeffrey Levi – Director of Trust for America’s Health, USA (M): In the United States in the first wave in the spring we did see ambulatory care settings, clinics, doctors offices and emergency departments, overwhelmed by the demand for treatment and for evaluation. This model I think gives us something of a warning as to the kind of demand we could face.

VOICE: Dr. Levy also recommended hospital procedures to optimize public health during the swine flu’s next wave.

Dr. Jeffrey Levi (M): The kind of steps that hospitals can take is postpone elective surgery, move people to home care, be pretty careful about who you admit to the hospital, even with the flu; try to manage as many people out in the community. And the more that you can do with non-pharmaceutical interventions to thus slow down the spread of the virus, you can then reduce the kind of peak demand that will be out there.

VOICE: China has now reported her first swine flu death from the Tibetan autonomous region, as more fatalities were reported from the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Barbados, Formosa (Taiwan), and India, many involving people between the ages of 20 to 50.

A boarding school in Ireland sent all students home after 60 of the 140 students there developed swine flu symptoms. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry announced that the Kingdom is making preparations to address the threat of swine flu and plans to go forward with hosting an estimated 3 million people for the annual hajj to Mecca and Medina in December. Globally at this time, reported swine flu cases are over 340,000, although health officials say the actual total is many times higher. Recorded swine flu deaths have risen to 4,524.

We send our sympathies to the families missing loved ones due to swine flu. Our appreciation, Dr. Levi and Trust for America’s Health for this informative study. May your recommendations help hospitals worldwide prepare for what lies ahead while we meanwhile pray for the elimination of all such diseases through the healthful shift toward the humane and safe vegan lifestyle.

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