Pizza restaurant sales soar with vegan offerings - 5 Jul 2009  
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One month after eliminating veal from the menu and switching to pizza toppings with a Daiya Foods’ cassava-based vegan cheese along with vegetarian ham, sausage and pepperoni, Cruzer Pizza saw sales increase by a remarkable 63 percent. Mr. Sam Khalaf, owner of the Los Angeles, California, USA restaurant eliminated veal from the menu at the request of Farm Animal Sanctuary. His success inspired the upscale restaurant next door, Desert Rose, to transform one-third of its menu to vegan offerings as well. And Mr. Khalaf said the popularity of the pizza toppings encouraged him to add vegan calzones, macaroni and ‘cheese,’ spaghetti and ‘meat’ balls, and lasagna to the menu.

Bravo and congratulations, Mr. Khalaf and Cruzer Pizza staff! We admire your courage and leadership in making these transitions and inspiring other restaurants to do the same. Our gratitude also, for the compassionate Farm Animal Sanctuary and all the vegan food companies designing delicious meat and cheese substitutes to make these options possible. We look forward to the day that such delectable plant-based treats are enjoyed by people worldwide.


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