New study demonstrate positive effects of conservation - 31 Oct 2010  
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As delegates from 192 countries concluded their gathering at the UN biodiversity summit in Japan, discussions focused on how to reverse continued species loss, including the protection of 587 sites to preserve 920 species on the brink of extinction. A bright spot appeared at the conference when the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Chair of Species Survival Commission Dr. Simon Stuart revealed that worldwide conservation efforts have been successful, saying that the current losses would be far worse without them.

Affirming overall progress, he stated, “History has shown us that conservation can achieve the impossible… But this is the first time we can demonstrate the aggregated positive impact of these successes on the state of the environment.” 

Bravo, Dr. Stuart, International Union for Conservation of Nature and all organizations and individuals striving to protect natural habitats and their residents. May such noble efforts continue, so that we may halt further loss and preserve the wondrous co-inhabitant creations that grace our Earth.,0,7290736.story