清海無上師新書發表會:《今生有你—我的狗寶貝》《高貴的野生》悠樂文版(四集之一)8/15/2009 泰國    第3 集
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After over twenty years of sharing her knowledge on how to live a balance life while pursuing a spiritual path, Supreme Master Ching Hai continues to dedicate her time and effort to uplift and enhance the life of all beings.

In recent years, she has written and published three animal books - The Dogs in My Life, The Birds in My Life, and The Noble Wilds – to introduce humankind to the magical world of animals.

Supreme Master Ching Hai shared that the books she wrote are works of love: Motivated by her unconditional love and overflowing compassion for our planet

Supreme Master Ching Hai continues selflessly accepts invitations to share her insights and wisdom on a kinder, nobler, and more loving way of life at gatherings with our Association members, symposiums,radio interviews, or via videoconferences and the like.

We now invite you to enjoy the rebroadcast of the the videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai at the premier ofthe Aulacese (Vietnamese) “The Dogs in My Life” & “The Noble Wilds” on August 15, 2009 at Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Ms. Park So-Yeon, President of CARE, an animal protection organization and founder of Green People Network in South Korea : although I am an animal protection activist, I used to see animals as objects of sympathy. However, after I read these books, I felt that animals also have their own personalities and they are very lovely souls. I am very impressed by the fact that a saint doesn’t limit her love to humans but also extends it to animals who can’t speak for themselves.


First of all,it must be an extraordinary soul,a profound and immense love to be able to converse,understand,and interact with these small beings -which people refer to as animals - with such equality,respect and utmost tender care. And this,each of us has to reflect,ponder,and contemplate on it a lot to fully understand and put into practice. The evolution of every species progresses from fear to love. True love can dissolve all fears and propels the evolutionary process. Therefore,human beings have an extremely important role in promoting love to help speed up the evolution of all species.


Dr. Ngô Đuc Vong is a researcher on plant viruses. He taught at the National University of Hà Noi and Đà Lat University. He is the former Deputy Director of the Research and Applied Center for Bio-energy : Take,for example,the experiment of scientist Hoffman. He gave elderly retirees 20 tomato plants each to take care. To the male elders,he showed them clearly,using science and technology,i.e. mineral standard,micro-quantity,macro-quantity,how to water them enough water. To the female elders,he suggested that they don’t need to do it scientifically,instead,when they wake up every morning,they should caress and talk to the plants: 『Did you have a good sleep last night? Do you need water?』etc. At harvest time,the tomato plant yield by the female elders was 150% higher than that of the male elders.


Anyone who is generously extending love to all beings is in fact abiding by the supreme law of the universe and is blessed by the universe. That person is certainly at a higher level of evolution. Conversely,people who spend their life in hatred and envy,who kill others and eat animal flesh is acting against that law and will be unished by the universal law.


So,if we love each other,then we will understand each other very well,and if you love your animal and your level is up spiritually,your animals also be up and vice versa. Just like if you love your wife after many years of marriage,you understand each other even by not speaking. Just one smile from her,you know what she wants and vice versa. So in the world of animals,it’s the same,sir,nothing different. We must love them and we desire to know them but first we have to show respect,truly from our heart,and when they know we respect them,they will open themselves and then the communication will begin. Also,once we can communicate with one,we can communicate with other species of animals as well.


Scientifically speaking,it has always been good the way nature unfolds naturally,yes,naturally. Darwin’s theory is about a natural evolution,not a forced,artificial,cruel,disturbing,interfering by human’s way,the way we’re doing. So,Darwin’s suggestion is that we leave nature alone as much as possible,interfere as less as possible. See? The natural evolution is that we let it evolve.


we can see for ourselves already that killing,torturing animals,eating animals has not been helpful to our evolution ecologically,economically,scientifically,medically – nothing. And it only brings us trouble and suffering up to now,like the mad cow disease,the swine flu,the bird flu,so many diseases,etc.,etc.,that now we can’t even deal with. Even AIDS/HIV also came from eating the wild animals. So,if we live the way nature intended,like you have mentioned that Darwin’s theory that we have to let everything evolve,then we just let nature evolve.


Moreover,we went against our own human evolution as well,as we were biologically made to digest only plant-based food. Humans are naturally herbivores,not carnivores. It is explained in detail by Dr. Milton Mills in a well-known article called 『The Comparative Anatomy of Eating,』 and confirmed by others such as the famous evolution expert Dr. Richard Leakey and the editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Cardiology,Dr. William Roberts. So,the answer of where humans belong in species evolution is clear. We are not their predator; we are their protector and friend.

We have to protect all species so that we can keep our biodiversity and keep a natural evolution for all beings,including humans.

Most of them came from other planets and other planes of existence,sometimes even from higher dimensions than many of us humans. A few of them came directly from this planet due to the give and take of karma (retribution). But most of the animals came from other planets,higher planets


Supreme Master Ching Hai: According to the scientific study of these fatal diseases,all of them originated from human hunting or slaughter of animals for meat. Scientists have even stated that the deadly HIV virus was transferred from the blood of chimpanzees that were being killed for meat. Other pandemics such as the 1918 swine flu outbreak in which 50 to 100 million people perished,and the one that
continues to claim lives today,have their source in animals being raised to be slaughtered for meat consumption. Due to the terrible filth and cruelty,due to the overcrowded conditions of farmed animals headed for slaughter,the swine flu was passed from pigs to humans and then mutated to become a human transmitted disease. So,you see,the question is not so much whether these terrible diseases come from wild or livestock animals but that they truly came from livestock animals; but that they also are based in humans killing for meat,a so-called food that is being has been scientifically shown to be a poison.


the animal friends are in many ways more aware of climate change than we are because they are the ones on the frontlines holding up nature’s delicate web of life. They are also,sadly,the first-hand victims of global warming,as we have witnessed and discovered. But they don’t have much to discuss,really,as both the problem and the solution are clear to them. They are in our hands,the humans’ hands. It is we humans who have to sit down and discuss global warming,because we are not as aware,and far less sensitive to understand the urgent situation. And then,once we are informed,we have to talk even more,just to agree to work toward the solution. But the animals know exactly what is happening without a word. They know that the solution lies not so much in words but in daily actions,and the essential change that will be the most restorative for our world is to be vegan. That is the essence of what we need to stabilize the planet,to bless the world through our everyday benevolent actions,meaning be vegan.


Research has shown that being in the presence of animal companions enhances a person’s ability to understand and relate to other people. Thus,to appreciate the noble service provided by our animal friends benefits them not only as children,but adds immeasurably to their development as human beings.


Tell them that eating hunted wild animals is often linked to diseases,fatal diseases,incurable diseases even,as we’ve discussed earlier about the AIDS and pneumonic plague. Just this year,an outbreak of the often-fatal disease SARS,or severe acute respiratory syndrome,was linked by scientists to the widespread consumption of wildlife in China. Eating wildlife meat can cost you your life and the life of your loved ones as well; it’s infectious.


Every single being in creation has a purpose that aids another being or assists in some way. Their help may even be invisible to us humans,but it is still very real. However,of just the few things we do know,we can be amazed at the versatility and uniqueness of all forms of life on our planet. The earthworm,even,so tiny as that,for example,helps enrich the soil we depend on for our food. Fish that we don’t even see help offset climate change and stabilize the habitat of their fellow marine inhabitants by maintaining the pH balance of the ocean water. And the tiny bees contribute to pollination,that we could not replace,not only for flowers but vital food crops. We cannot replace their work even,as a human. In the Bible,God gave the animals to be humans’ helpers,but this does not mean they are subservient for us to exploit.


Not all animals need to have more quality to become human. Actually,it is not always true that a soul who inhabits the body of an animal is lacking in the human quality at all,or the qualities for human life at all. In fact,sometimes higher level beings choose to reincarnate into animal forms in this world in order to assist humans or the planet in some way or another. So,regardless of what role each soul is partaking in – animal or human,or even plant or mineral – we should love and respect and care for all. Just like in a family,we have siblings of different ages. Animals are likewise our brothers and sisters. We each have different personalities and qualities,but we are all valued by our parents,and by the Creator. Every being has some qualities that make them simply wondrous,perfect for their unique existence and function.

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