清海無上師著作《高貴的野生》德文法文版暨《今生有你—我的狗寶貝》波蘭文版新書發表會(五集之一) 10/18/2009 德國   
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After over twenty years of sharing her knowledge on how to live a balance life while pursuing a spiritual path, Supreme Master Ching Hai continues to dedicate her time and effort to uplift and enhance the life of all beings.

In recent years, she has written and published three animal books - The Dogs in My Life, The Birds in My Life,and The Noble Wilds  – to introduce humankind to the magical world of animals.

Supreme Master Ching Hai shared that the books she wrote are works of love: Motivated by her unconditional love and overflowing compassion for our planet  and all of its inhabitants, Supreme Master Ching Hai continues to selflessly accept invitations to share her insights and wisdom  on a kinder, nobler, and
more loving way of life at gatherings with our Association members, symposiums, radio interviews, or via videoconferences and the like.

We now invite you to enjoy the 5-part series rebroadcast of the videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai at the premiere of the German and French edition of The Noble Wilds and the Polish edition of The Dogs in My Life at the 61 st Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany on October 18, 2009.

The Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's Books "The Noble Wilds,"German & French Ed., & The Dogs in My Life, Polish Ed. Oct. 18, 2009, Germany

Even though I know some of the cruel treatment to animals,
but it seems to be no end to the suffering and agony that we,the strong and intelligent and capable humans,are inflicting upon the defenseless, weak and very pure creatures of God. I just beg all the people,please don’t do it anymore. Please find some other thing to do,some other job to earn your food,to earn your living. Please wash the blood from your hands, please. No matter how much
money we have, we can’t live with this conscience,we can’t sleep with this,we can’t eat, the blood of all the beings. knowing that they suffer so much. How can we do this? Please, just stop all this; there are many jobs to do. Even if we have to die,don’t inflict suffering upon others just to earn your few meals a day. That’s really not worth your dignity and your status as the crown of the creation of God.

Because no matter how you torture the animals,they will die only once. Just like us. We will die only once no matter how we die. It’s just how we live our life,how we live our life,and how we will answer in the Kingdom of God when we face the Creator of all these beautiful beings that we are blessed to live with. You don’t have to believe that animals can communicate,you don’t have to believe that animals have feeling,you don’t have to believe that they bless us,you don’t have to believe that they are beneficial,but just look into their eyes. Just see how weak they are,how meek they are,just see how innocent they are,just see how defenseless they are,then you can tell yourself that this is not right to torture them in any way at all,with any excuses at all.

Even the wild beast,they don’t torture their victims like this. They only have to kill when they are hungry; they have no choice. We have a lot of choices,to survive. Please, just stop this. Just stop doing this. You will be sorry the day you die if you don’t stop this. I promise you. You will be very, very sorry, I promise you. I’m telling you with all the honor that I have in my life,that if you don’t stop killing or torturing the animals you will be very sorry. You will be in a place that you wish you have never been born. Please stop it. Thank you.

The poem of the Supreme Master Ching Hai『Words of a piglet』

The day I met you first
Was the day of my birth/Pink and round,me oh so plump
With Mom I gaily frolicked.
Lovingly you looked at me
Praising,『Oh, so round, what a cutie!』
Every day you came by to visit
Bringing cool water and
delicious veggie treats.
Mommy and I were so touched
Your kindness worth more than gold
I lived a peaceful life/Under your care and protection
Growing more plump with each passing day
Just eat, rest and play
So lovely was this early morn
As clouds were drifting across the sky
Cuddling together,
Mommy and I
Unaware of the befalling tragedy!
Two brawny young men
Strong like tigers and elephants/Squashed my tiny body
Flat into a cage of horror!
There was no way to escape!
O God,
what purgatory was this?
I wailed in fear and terror/Mom, oh Mom,
please save me!
Oh caretaker,please come protect me quickly!
Rescue my life,
I’m still at a tender age!
Mom was crying out in sorrow
Tears of desperation filling her eyes
The immense Heavens cannot contain
This horrendous emotional pain!
My caretaker turned away
Hands busy counting a stack of money
Haplessly I rolled around in the car trunk
Breaking heart more painful than bodily misery!
The two young men bantered:
『This piglet will be so tasty!
Tomorrow we’ll slaughter him
To celebrate the birth of the wife’s newborn baby!』
Oh, how ironic this life/My soul is shattered
Tears flow in my heart/Like blood running in rivulets.
I thought you loved me/Nurturing me to maturity
But all this was a sham
For you,it’s just profit and gain!
Tomorrow my body will be cut to pieces
My flesh and bones
turned to sheer torture
Just so people can laugh in merriment
At their happy feast and gathering.
To your children and others’ too/I wish them all long lives
So the family can stay together/Not endure the same fate as mine
I pray the whole family lives nobly
To be human in many lifetimes
And never be reborn as pigs
Paying forever karmic debts!
Alas, good-bye life
I ache for my gentle suffering mother
In tears I am overcome
Oh, Mommy!
Mom Mom

『Vegetarianism:The Noble Way of Living,』

Mrs. Polina Marinova, As the Coordinator of the Vegetarian Society of Bulgaria in Sofia: I conceived the idea about registering a non-governmental organization and the need for legislative amendments having repeatedly faced the choice of eating meat or going hungry. In this regard,my human rights have been infringed upon on numerous occasions. A year ago, I had to stay for a while in a hospital to give birth, and all the meals offered there were actually meat dishes. I had informed the hospital staff that I was a vegan in advance, and asked if vegan dishes could be provided for me.

The reply as I received from them was that for my sake alone, they could not make any changes. Exactly the same things happen with our vegetarian and vegan children who have no possibility of choice at the kindergartens they attend. The situation is almost the same at the school canteens where, okay, there is a vegetarian or vegan dishes, the dish looks quite unattractive and there is no end on to such examples there and elsewhere. All this makes vegetarians and vegans in Bulgaria discriminated people. I consulted attorneys at law who are experienced in the area of human rights protection.

They told me that human rights law is on our side and we should seriously consider filing a possible lawsuit against the state. They also indicated the possibility of launching some legislative initiatives for the purpose of securing the equal rights of vegetarians and vegans and protecting their equitable access to their normal nutritional regimen.

In accordance with the text of the Article 6 of the Bulgaria Constitution, all people are born free and equal
as far as their dignity and rights are concerned. Besides, all citizens are equal before the law. No limitation of rights or privileges is admissible on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, origin, family backgrounds, religion, education, convictions, political affiliation, personal and social or material status. Following this line of thought, the rights of quite a sizeable part of Bulgarian people are systematically infringed upon, simply because the by virtue of their convictions or religious denominations, they have become vegetarian and vegans. It’s absolutely imperative that Parliament pass a law stating that all hospitals, kindergartens, creches (daycare centers), all schools and prisons, in short, all public institutions where catering is provided shall have vegetarian and vegan meals on offer.

Mr. Lubomir Stoyanov,a nutritional scientist,student of Bioinformatics and member of the Bulgarian Vegetarian Society:The UK Cabinet Office Strategy Unit documented that 70,000 premature deaths in the UK could be prevented annually by the vegan diet. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition found that greater consumption of vegetables and fruit increases the probability of being cancer-free. Similarly, the World Cancer Research Fund has, recently, called for complete avoidance of all processed meats to avoid cancer. The World Health Organization states that premature deaths could be avoided through healthy ways of living and through a healthy,vegetable-rich diet,and the American Diabetes Association is highlighting the fact that vegetarian diets protect against the risk of type-2 diabetes.

the Founder and Deputy Director of ?SVV (Czech Vegetarian Society),Mr. Jaroslav ?kva?il:On one hand,I have encountered the opinion of the Food and Agriculture organization,which says that it is necessary to decrease the meat consumption by half just to ensure that the current situation,the ecological situation on the planet,won’t deteriorate further. That was in 2006. Isn’t this statement exaggerated?

Rreducing meat production by 50% is a very underestimate,in part because we have waited so long to change. So our time has become too short in fact,and the situation is too dire. Just in case you are not aware,or maybe others viewers are not,I will share with you some of the facts of where we are today. With melting that has caused the biggest ice loss ever known in the Arctic,scientists now tell us that the region is warming at the rate twice as fast as the rest of the world. As you may already know,two German ships have just traveled through the Northeast Passage because the ice all melted,and that is the first time in known human history that the ships could pass through.

So the vast ice beneath Greenland is also melting even faster than previously predicted. Many researchers are saying that at the rate of current warming,there is almost no way for our world to stay within the limits of a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise,which is the maximum that will still ensure the safety of most life on the planet. But even though our predicament is very grave,we do still have time if we act now.

the main contributing gas from livestock,which is methane,traps 72 times more heat than CO2 over a 20-year period. And then there is the other gases,nitrous oxide for example,which comes from the unregulated waste contamination and fertilizer runoff of crops that are primarily grown for livestock to consume. This gas traps 289 times,289 times,more heat than CO2,more than carbon dioxide. According to the most recent figures from scientists,livestock raising is actually responsible for
more than 50% of global warming. More than 50% is coming from meat and dairy production! Imagine that? So,with 55 billion animals currently being murdered every year for meat consumption,you can imagine how much the Earth would be restored if this is stopped.

one dairy farm alone with 2,500 cows produces as much solid waste as a city with over 400,000 residents. This waste,which sometimes contains bacterial contaminants such as E. coli,ends up in waterways that affect drinking water and aquatic life. Along with the waste are chemical fertilizers runoff used on crops fed to animals which have been documented by scientists to cause dead zones in the ocean as well as toxic algae outbreak,those green moss that grow in the water.

One such event just occurred in Brittany,France,where a majority of the country’s livestock and a third of the dairy farms are located. On the Brittany coast,this waste and chemical runoff coming into the sea causes outbreaks of toxic algae,which emit the lethal,deadly gas hydrogen sulfide. So,recently in news we heard of a horse that died within half a minute of stepping into the algae and now the health concerns of over 300 people are being investigated for the same reason around that area. Making all of this worse is the fact that animal waste is largely unregulated - meaning that there is nothing to stop these events of contamination that can cause illnesses or even death for massive numbers of animals and people.

『Save Our Planet,Everybody Can Do It』

Dr. Astrid Sieglinde Kaplan, acquired a Ph.D. in psychology and 'an animal rights' author and artist:Experts agree that children and adolescence who harm or kill have never learned compassion or the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and to empathize with another’s feelings. If we are lacking in compassion,it becomes easy to reduce animals or people and to objectify them as things without emotion. We feel more compassion towards those beings that are closer to us; less the more distanced they are. Because children,by their very nature,identify with animals and because animals are living beings just as we are,through our relationship to animals,we can teach children how we should treat other people.

Another important point in contributing to peace or violence in our daily lives is our food choices. If we eat meat,we are exerting passive violence,as usually we allow others to kill for us. This moral vacuum also provides the danger that we place any being to a space outside of our morality,be it animal or human,that we would like to enslave,exploit or kill. In this space outside of our morality reigns the principle of 『might makes right』or 『the law of the jungle.』The manner in which people and animals become victims of violence depends on their unique economic and sociopolitical situation.

As long as there is a moral vacuum for animals,this poses an enormous,constant threat to humans and animals. Because just as ethics is not divisible,neither is violence divisible. That is why the only true solution for securing non-violence and peace lies in converting the moral vacuum in our psyche into a space of compassion.

Mr. Wim Coenen, the partnership coordinator of EVA or Ethical Vegetarian Alternative,a Belgian organization promoting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle in a positive and appetizing way since the year 2000:In May 2009,the city of Ghent,inspired by EVA,chose to permanently promote Thursdays as a day for avoiding all animal products. Many cities around the world are following this example with Sao Paulo in Brazil,being the biggest one so far.

Why is this Thursday Veggie Day such a success? But I’ll try and venture a guess. First of all,our tone is always positive. We do not judge people for eating meat,but we encourage them to sample,to taste,eat and keep eating vegetarian food,which brings me to the fact that no one is ever forced to eat vegetarian ? we can only stimulate people’s awareness. But the idea of Thursday Veggie Day is based on a motivated choice ? so,not on pressure,not on guilt or stories of gloom and doom. In others words,we invite people to try new things by presenting appetizing and 100% vegan recipes in our publications and magazines.

Thirdly,we always try to be playful and fun. And as you can see here,most of our publications are full of colorful cartoons,humorous pictures and content. This one being mainly colorful,not so much funny, as you can see.  Fourthly,and perhaps most importantly,we do not focus on one particular reason for eating vegetarian food. We always present five,not ten,five important reasons to eat less meat,and they are: One,eating vegetarian food will be a treat for your taste buds ? you will discover beautiful,rich and previously unknown taste sensations. Secondly,you are taking care of your own health. The average European eats massive,massive amounts of animal protein,and replacing these partly or completely by vegetable proteins will help you get fitter and helps you to prevent physical problems,like heart disease,high cholesterol,etc. Thirdly,you’re saving the planet as we’ve heard today.

Meat production is,after energy,the second biggest cause of global warming,an even bigger contributor to global warming than transportation. And according to the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization),it’s in the top two or three causes as Supreme Master has already said,of every major environmental problem. Fourthly,you’re helping other people. For 1 kilogram of beef,you need 7 to 8 kilograms of grain and 15,000 liters of water. And if we use these resources to feed people,more people in the third world would have sufficient food and access to clean water. And fifthly,the fifth reason we present,very simple,you save animals,because an average person in Belgium eats over 1,800 animals during their lifetime. That’s 891 chickens,42 pigs,5 cows,789 fish,7 sheep,43 turkeys and 24 rabbits and other so-called game meat.

It’s a shining small example like a lamp that you know,lit the whole room up. No matter how dark it has been for 1000 years,just one lamp it would lit up. And then slowly there’re more rooms would be lit up. Please continue,no matter how hard it is. And please pray every minute that you have a chance. Please pray,because this is the power that can help you to overcome all the difficulty and the setback and the physical exhaustion also. Yes? Praying. yes? Praying or meditation is the same kind of contemplation that will help us to walk forward Yes? with more inner strength. Yes? and outer radiance that convince others. Yes. And it will radiate love from your conviction,and your good-hearted intention.

Mr. John Carmody, has come all the way from Ireland where he founded the Animal Rights Action Network(ARAN):Just recently we’ve convinced one of the top department stores in the country to go fur-free and we also helped to persuade the Irish government to support the EU trade ban on the Canadian seal products into Europe,which was a huge achievement. And more good news for you as well,Master Ching Hai,is that Ireland has just recently said that they are going to ban fur farming in Ireland within three years,and stag hunting is also going to be banned too,which is a huge,huge achievement.

Ireland seems to be the first in many things. Even stopping smoking, Yes. And the first in a record of organic farming, etc. You see, it does have an effect, all your efforts. And just now Mr. Coenen and his wife have reported to us about their success yeah, EVA, in Ghent city. Because right after the Ghent city declared Thursday is a meat-free day, for example yeah, then many others are also starting similar meatless programs. Like Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the mayors of many cities like, Hsinchu of Formosa (Taiwan), Santiago, Philippines, are encouraging their citizens to be veg for the planet. We also have the famous vegetarian celebrities using their fame and name to promote the compassionate way of life.

And according to my inner meditative knowledge, we have, at least more than 40% of the world’s population now are vegetarian or vegan. I mean, less cruelty. yes. Let me think. We have almost 50% or something now. Oh God, thanks, God. That counted also those who are part-time vegetarian. But nevertheless, it’s already a very encouraging sign. Put altogether we have like 50%, my God. Okay. And more and more schools are giving vegetarian and vegan options for lunches, yes. Like in the US, since 2003, 40% more schools now offer regular vegetarian meals. That is 2 out of 3 schools offer regular vegetarian meals.

There is the extinction of plant and animal species that is 100% 100 times faster than what is natural, and it ruins our ecosystems. And there’s also the rainforests themselves; this is important. The rainforests themselves normally are our protectors, but as the climate gets warmer, instead of absorbing CO2 to protect our planet’s climate, they will be emitting back CO2 as well, and that will be harmful to us. By harming the rainforest, by destroying the planet by raising animals, we are turning our protector, which is the rainforest, into a harmful agent. They will not be not helping us.

They will not be not helping us, the rainforests, if the climate gets warmer. But instead, they’ll worsen... they will be worsening the global warming problem, because they cannot absorb the CO2, but they will release all the CO2 that is already contained in their kingdom. when we burn the forests, we release black carbon, which are particles of soot that trap 680 times the heat of the same amount of CO2. Now, blame whom? Don’t bother blaming CO2. Especially because they are black, you know, these soot from the burnt-black rainforest, they hold a lot of heat.

According to researchers in Brazil, 60% of the black carbon measured at the Antarctic Peninsula came from burning the rainforest in Brazil for livestock raising. Animal industries are thenumber one killer of all killers on this planet. Forget about the war, forget terrorism, they are just small numbers compared to the meat industry. Meat industry is the number one killer, is the number one murderer, an illegal and a legal murderer and we endorse it! We accept it! This is all our wrongdoing, it’s all our fault. If the planet is to be gone forever, we cannot blame anything else, anyone else, except ourselves if we don’t do anything at all to change this. see?

That besides destroying our precious forests, livestock farms also contaminate or even completely kill our water systems. They degrade once-fertile soil, they destroy our biodiversity, and they release vast amounts of extremely dangerous methane and nitrous oxide, and what you call hydrogen sulfide as well, Yeah? which are heating up the planet now 100 times, 300 times more than carbon dioxide.

So please keep your airplane, keep your car, keep your train, keep your ship:leave them alone for the time being ? just take out the meat from our diet. And stop blaming the CO2 for every problem of global warming on our planet. We are to be blamed. The meat industry is to be blamed. The meat industry is the one we have to focus on to stop, to abolish.

We all wish our children to grow up intelligent, loving and kind, but what do we teach them from the beginning of their very fragile life? What do we teach them? We push the symbol of violence into their mouth. Even if they spit it out, we force them to put it back in again until they get used to it. Violence is a part of our life, up to now. Violence is what we teach our children, and we expect them to be loving and kind. Not only violence, that piece of meat or fish or animals, stuff that we try to stuff into our children’s unaware stomachs, that also decreases their intelligence, decreases their loving quality, humanity. So we expect our children to be the best, and we give them the worst. The worst of all the worst is the meat diet. Okay? So, how laughs about promise laughs that our children will be what we expect them to be without a meat diet? Intelligent, loving and kind, and noble beings.

In the USA, for example, the FBI, Federal Bureau, you know? of Intelligence, the famous FBI of America, yes. they officially consider animal cruelty as part of how much a criminal is a threat to society. Many serial killers in their childhood tortured and abused animals. They practiced this first on the animals, and later on humans. You see? And so, the opposite will be true. yes? If we are kind and loving to animals, we will be also be more, also be even more kind, more loving to our human companions or human co-inhabitants. Without slaughterhouses, we won’t articipate in the habit of killing, or even havinghave the subconscious participation of the habit of killing, the habit of oppressing the weak and the defenseless and innocent just for our palate.

Or if they go on the massacring fishing boat or the bloody whaling boat to witness it for themselves, I wonder how anybody could ever do this for a living? But, of course, they have been cheated into doing that. We have all been cheated into doing the things that we should have never done, should have never even imagined. Because our hearts are originally full of compassion and love, but we just ignore our feeling. If you ever wondered if hell exists, just go into those massacre houses or the boats that kill the whales and go to the seals-massacring areas. Go there to find hell, then you’ll believe that hell will exist. Our original God Nature is compassion and love. I repeat again and again and again: You are not that. You are compassion, you are love incarnate. Please return to it.

Or the sheep with the broken bones from being transported thousands of miles to the massacre houses. We look away because it’s not our nature to want to be hurt, nor it is it our nature to inflict pain and agony or sheer terror on others. Health is also another very strong motivator that we can show other people to encourage them and inspire them. In a vegan world, there would be no more sad news about someone’s child dying of brain damage or paralysis due to E. Coli, the deadly bacteria which originally almost always comes from farmed animals. There would be no more heartache due to deadly swine flu pandemic, or mad cow disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, salmonella, Ebola, etc., etc. Even AIDS that we fear so much is originally also from hunting animals to eat.

Animal diseases from the horrid, filthy livestock raising environment are responsible for 75% of all the emerging, infectious human diseases, and they are often contracted by us hunting after the animals, or forcing them to stay in a crowded, filthy place to be massacred for us to eat. This is not the way God intended for us to live with our co-inhabitants. This is not the way we should behave as children of God. We have been really deluded into doing all this, and degrading ourselves thus into this level. The animals are our helpers, our friends, and Heaven’s beloved.

清海無上師新書發表會:《今生有你—我的狗寶貝》《高貴的野生》悠樂文版(四集之一)8/15/2009 泰國
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