Tofu Bags & Sour Soup   
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Olive oil
Folded Tofu Sheets (Tofu Bao)
Bed of lettuce
Xiang chun (Chinese toon)
Stir fry sauce

Coriander or peppermint
Brown or White Rice
Tofu- 1 portion
Vegetarian Ham – 1 portion
Pickled cabbage – 1 portion
Pinch of salt
1 Vegetarian broth Cube
1 tsp Mushroom Seasoning
Maggi soy sauce – a few jets

Tofu Bao
  1. Fry the tofu bag in semi-deep fry. Fry until one side is golden and then turn it over.
  2. Take out the tofu bag, and put it on a kitchen towel to drains out the excessive oil.
  3. Arrange the tofu on a plate nicely with some decoration.
  4. Take the Xiang Chun ready made paste and put a little bit on top of each tofu.
  5. Ready to be served.
Sour Soup
  1. Cut the tomato in any simple shape.
  2. Boil some water in a pot. Cover the pot for quicker boiling.
  3. Slice the pickled cabbage thinly as much as needed. Use one portion of pickled cabbage with one portion of tofu.
  4. Slice the vegetarian ham at the same proportion with the tofu.
  5. Put in the chopped coriander into the boiling pot.
  6. Add in the sliced ham and then the tofu.
  7. Add in some salt to taste.
  8. Add in the vegetarian cube.
  9. Add in the pickled cabbage.
  10. Add in a little bit of mushroom seasoning.
  11. Let it boil again.
  12. Add in the tomatoes.
  13. Add in a few drops of Maggi seasoning.
  14. Lastly, add in the mint leaves.
  15. Serve it with white rice or brown rice.