Caring to be aware on World Vegan Month - 11 Nov 2011  
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Through fairs or simpler activities such as leaflet distributing and vegan food sampling, people across the globe have been participating in World Vegan Month throughout November. Supreme Master Television has been on location.

Organizer, Melbourne World Vegan Day; Australia vegan (M): There are just thousands and thousands of people, and it’s just so exciting that this interest in veganism is spreading with so many people telling their friends and getting into the lifestyle and seeing the huge sense that it all makes.

VOICE: Along with reasons of protecting health and the environment, many people said that they were motivated to change their lifestyle out of respect for the animals.

Sri Ram Sheetha, Malaysia; vegetarian (F): Because I do not want to kill animals anymore.

Participant – UK (M): I think if you’re a person who loves and respects animals, I think by extension, then, you have to be vegan, really.

VOICE: World Vegan Month activities also helped raise awareness about the often-hidden cruelty of the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

Irena – Participant in Hungary; vegan (F): The animals are treated usually very badly.

Jeremiah - Participant in Hungary; vegan (M): It gives you bad karma (retribution). You put it in your stomach, but it is nothing that gives you energy, it costs you also energy.

Rebecca – pledged to be vegan, Melbourne, Australia (F):I was shocked, I didn’t even know anything about it.
So I did a bit of research into it and it was more of a 100% decision. That’s it. I’m going to go vegan.

VOICE: In Formosa (Taiwan), the message of compassion toward animal lives was particularly compelling.

Formosan (Taiwanese) Correspondent (F): We are now at an exotic vegan cuisine restaurant in Taipei, the Sophie Garden to celebrate World Vegan Month. Today, Pure Yoga, the famous international yoga enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region, is hosting a seminar on protecting animals and enjoying the healthy vegan lifestyle.

They have also invited the former pig farmer, Mr. Luo Hon-xian, to share his journey of changing to an organic grower, and also to explain to us the importance of being a vegan.

Ya Ya Hung – Yoga teacher; vegetarian (F): The change is such that you will become very compassionate to all beings, including people. 

VOICE: Participants were additionally delighted to find that vegan fare is not only kind, but satisfyingly tasty.

Participant – USA (M): I don’t believe you, it tastes like chicken.

US Correspondent (F): If you had this kind of food prepared for you every day, would you be able to be vegetarian or vegan?

Participant – USA (M): Yes, definitely. It’s really good.

Participant 1 - pledged to be vegan; UK (F): Just tasting that cake today and knowing there’s no dairy, no animal fats in it, is, it's just, I'm absolutely amazed actually. It tastes great.

UK Correspondent (F): Good. Are you going to make a commitment today to follow vegan diet?

Participant (F): I am going to try it. I'm actually going to try it.

Participant 2 - pledged to be vegan; UK (F): I’ve just taken the vegan pledge. It’s World Vegan Month. Give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Togolese Correspondent (M): The vegan fair has just ended here in Lomé at the Hedzranawoé market. Group - Togo: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

VOICE: Congratulations, everyone who’s made the life-preserving choice to be vegan, with thanks to all organizers and participants of World Vegan Month. May we all cherish our animal co-inhabitants, our lives, and the planet, by bringing compassion to our tables each day.

Hear how the bluebird sings Like he's never sung before Feelin' like I've got wings Flying so high, I could soar!
Once I was headstrong, but now I see Something is changing, rearranging immoveable me

Students, Malaysia (F): Be Veg,Go Green 2 Save The Planet!

There's never been a day like this! No, there's never been a day like this!

Group - USA:
World Vegan Month!
World Vegan
World Peace!
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