More media report on Cancún gala and the organic vegan solution to climate change. - 15 Dec 2010  
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Midway during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, “The Greenest Heroes Gala” was co-hosted by the Mayor of Cancún, The Honorable Jaime Hernández Zaragoza and the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, with Supreme Master Ching Hai present as the guest of honor.

Dignitaries attending the COP 16 summit had also been invited to the exuberant musical event, which honored some of  the champions of the planet-cooling organic vegan lifestyle, while also supporting the spirit of cooperation at the climate change summit.

Indeed, since the conclusion of the conference, analysts and government officials alike have agreed that the open forum setting of this year's gathering, which allowed each country to be heard, assisted greatly in restoring the confidence necessary for collaborative progress.

The visibility offered by the Mexican media has also helped promote unity and motivation amongst the public regarding this complex environmental challenge. A live broadcast of the gala by Quintana Roo's Radio Formula QR 92.3 FM channel was one such instance, with gala highlights also reported by major local newspapers.

“The Newspaper of Quintana Roo,” (“El Periodico de Quintana Roo”) shared the following overview of the evening: “Realized in the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort and presenting world class entertainment and gourmet vegan cuisine, the Gala gathered the main global figures, Oscar and Grammy Award-winning artists, as well as other distinguished guests from COP16, and included speeches from the respected former President of Costa Rica, José María Figueres Olsen; the Supreme Master Ching Hai, and the esteemed promoter of human rights and seventh President of Ireland, Mary Robinson.”

The newspaper “Quequi of Quintana Roo” acknowledged the honor bestowed to the eight Greenest Heroes of the gala, defined by their life-saving and emissions-minimizing vegan diets, with the following photo caption: “At the moment of giving the awards, Mr. Jaime Hernandez Zaragoza, mayor of Cancún, and Supreme Master Ching Hai, recognized the Heroes of the environment.”

Yet another media group, the daily “El Quintanarroense,” promoted the new book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” which was premiered at the gala, as it stated: “Also in the event was the launch of Supreme Master Ching Hai´s newest book `From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,' in which it is highlighted how a plant-based diet provides practical solutions to fight climate change through recent scientific data from international government researchers, as well as spiritual thoughts.

...Supreme Master Ching Hai signed copies of `From Crisis to Peace,' while hundreds of people queued for an autograph.” In addition, coverage of the gala appeared on the user-generated news source, CNN iReport, with online video of excerpts from the event. This quote was shown on CNN iReport

Supreme Master Ching Hai : We should subsidize life, benevolence, love and compassion - not death, not war. We have to stop the war between humans, and between humans and animals.

VOICE: With appreciation for all media members helping to share the plant-based lifestyle as the answer to our most urgent global issues, we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her support of the gala's uplifting ideals and her solidarity for delegates gathered in Cancún.

Let us all join in the noble cause of saving our shared planet by adopting the greenest, organic vegan lifestyle.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” is freely available to read at