Making the Conscious Choice with Raw Food Chef and Founder Julie Mitsios    Part 2
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Can we change our lives simply by changing the foods that we eat? Ms. Julie Mitsios, a vegan raw food chef from Australia, did! Through switching to a diet of plant-based, organic, living whole foods, she became profoundly energized and happier.

Wanting to share these benefits, Julie Mitsios, a trained chef, spent several years studying with the best experts in raw living. She eventually founded Conscious Choice, an organization that promotes the raw vegan living food lifestyle by offering creative gourmet food, ingredients, catering and classes.

Through her work with Conscious Choice, Ms. Mitsios has helped many people improve their health, be more eco-friendly, and expand their culinary frontiers in what is a growing lifestyle trend in Australia and elsewhere.

Supreme Master Television had the pleasure of speaking with Conscious Choice CEO and founder about how she came to embrace a living plant-based diet, and share its joy with others.

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