Words of Wisdom

SOS - A Quick Action to Stop Global Warming
The Way to Find the Treasure Within
The Universal Energy
Knowing God is the Highest Virtue
Reincarnation is a Fact
Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai, Published by The Irish Dog Journal
Surrendering to God's Will is Freedom
Rediscover the Supreme Power within Yourself
"Supreme Master Ching Hai's Video Message to the Assoc. of Mexican Magistrates Pro Environment Justice" and "Supreme Master Ching Hai's Interview by Country Focus on BBC Radio Wales"
Try to Live a Happy Life
An Enlightened Person Does Not Forsake the World's Attainments
The Book Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's "The Dogs in My Life," Spanish Edition
One with the Father
The Way to Know Your True Self
Humanity's Leap to the Golden Era - Washington, D.C., Climate Change Conference
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