Cameroon’s Joyous Singers: The University of Buea Choir (In Kamtok)    
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Welcome to UB Friends, we say welcome with the strength of UB the strength of Cameroon we say welcome Being a chorister of the University of Buea Choir, I must say it’s prestigious.

As a chorister, wherever you are, you should know that you are the ambassador of the gospel, you should be able to live an exemplary life, you should be able to be paragons to other choristers.

God gave you whatever talent you have and in this case a voice, so you need to use it for His and only His glorification.

Today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms will be presented in Kamtok and English, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Hallo, angelic viewers, and welcome to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television, featuring the renowned University of Buea Choir of Cameroon, whose songs of joy and devotion have touched the hearts of many around the world. Let’s meet our fabulous hosts today.

I am Focho Betrand Tembi. I’m the president of the University of Buea Choir.

I am called Tubuo Evaristus, the music director of the University of Buea Choir.

And I am Che Elvis Nkwenti, I am the public relations officer.

The group was established in 1993 to perform at the school’s matriculation ceremony. Thereafter, the members decided to continue it as a way to praise God and promote cultural diversity.

Our inspiration comes from the desire to serve God through music.

There is a force that comes with putting voices together, especially in praise of the Almighty God. There is that bonding, when the Almighty hears a group of voices put together and getting up to Him as one person, there is that power.

If you sing once, you render a thousand prayers unto God. You are cementing a good foundation of spirituality in your family, in your life around your community, around your society.

Currently the choir has 65 members who come from diverse ethnic backgrounds. They shared with us their positive experiences and what singing means to them personally.

While singing songs to glorify the Almighty God, we have the cultural aspects of our country embedded in these renditions, which gives it a different color, which makes it unique from any other kind of singing to show that we are truly and purely Cameroonian.

We sing in Kom, in Douala, Ewondo. ( Bassa.)

We sing all languages in Cameroon and all languages in the world.

The belief or faith of a child of God is eternal If anyone listens and believes he will have eternal life And how does your membership of the University of Buea Choir enrich your life personally?

Wow! It has been the best thing that ever happened to me. It makes me to turn back to my Creator every single time I’m for rehearsal. It has really, really transformed my life; it gives me a way of thinking positive.

Knowing that I have been chosen by God to praise Him, I think that is the greatest satisfaction I can ever have.

My name is Lekeate Elvis. I am a graduate of the University of Buea.

We rehearse normally for two hours, it’s like two hours of praying.

I am Miss Christian Ekema Luma, a graduate of University of Buea, a member of the University of Buea Choir.

The best thing you can do is just sing a song that relates to your feelings, sing a song to God, and it's like God is sitting right there listening to you and enjoys the music you produce because it's said in the Bible that Gods inhabits the praise of His children.

I feel happy, I feel at peace, I feel so much joy in my heart because I use the voice that God gave me to share it with others.

My name is Fanka Leander Iaju and I'm a member of the UB Choir. I sing bass.

I believe that gospel music gives me joy and the talents I have. It did not come from anywhere else, but from God. So I want to use it just to glorify and serve Him as the Supreme Master. There are many times that when I have problems. And when I come to the choir, and I sing with the choir, I just forget about my problems because I sing with joy.

Through sharing the happiness and sorrow of life and encouraging one another, the members of the choir feel that they are in a big warm family.

When you leave your home and come to university, you find yourself a little lonely, but when you come to a group like the University of Buea Choir, you meet people who are ready to support you, in your ups and downs.

This choir is a place where you could find the best friends ever. It's like a second family because you can feel at peace with everyone.

When we have a burden, we share it and when we talk out our problems, it doesn't remain there and that is how we strengthen one another and that is why we are able to work as a team.

Not only does the choir transform lives of its members, it also uplifts those who come near or are in the audience.

You can see somebody who does not like choral music, he just comes because he wants to see us dancing, and finally [you] see him clapping, standing, praising, sing Halleluiah.

Many of the UB choir's fans, they love the music, they love the kind of messages we pass across to them. Some have testified that just watching us, their lives have changed and some have joined us because of the music they've learned.

When you get electrifying voices, they will actually do something to uplift your soul and to take you from whatever darkness into light. We've had people, who went to tears because of the music we have really sung and we feel that we have touched the lives of so many people.

To share the message of God far and wide, the University of Buea Choir organizes concerts around the year and reaches out to the communities. Most recently through the invitation of the Minister of Culture, it performed at the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Cameroon Cinquantenaire, sharing stage with distinguished musicians such as Manu Dibango and Wes Madico. Over the years, the troupe has produced several albums, including “Sing unto God,” “With Thanks Be to God,” and “The Word of God.” In addition, it has also received numerous international invitations.

We have a wide array of ex-choristers worldwide who are circulating the word. So throughout the world, we have fans who are requesting us to come and do performances.

During Cameroon’s first University Cultural Festival in 2010, the University of Buea Choir was recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education as the Best University Choir.

Any time you're awarded, you feel like you are really, really on top. But one secret about us is we make sure that we stay as humble as possible so that God can accept us as His real servants.

If God gives you Take my child If God gives you share with your brethren Be not greedy For God knows everything Share with your brethren He will bless you Oh help me Lord to have mercy on my fellow brother as you taught Here I am Send me Lord.

A central message the University of Buea Choir delivers to the world is that of peace and solidarity in the name of God.

One of the projects we have is a week full of activities, preaching the Word to the youths around this community, sharing messages, holding conferences, and doing a joint free concert to sensitize the youths that we need peace and prosperity for the development of our country and for the glorification of God because God wants His children to be united and peaceful.

That is what we want to show the world.

My message to the world at large is about unity, is about peace, is about togetherness, is about oneness. We should know that a new age has begun. And so let's stop the fighting, let's stop the wars, let's stop the violence, and let’s know that we have a God that cares and who is ready to bring us to that new age and to a new world of peace and unity.

Through devotion and brotherly support, the University of Buea Choir has shared the divine message of love and harmony with many eager listeners. We sincerely thank all members of your wonderful choir for bringing your inspirational music to our worldwide audience. May God evermore bless you and all the noble souls of beautiful Cameroon.

With the ones you are showing today on air, I think God's word is being circulated throughout the world, everywhere where Supreme Master Television is today, you will hear God's word through the University of Buea Choir.

May the Lord bless all our understanding May love and peace reign in Cameroon Here we share love and faith in God Jesus bless our country.

For more details on the University of Buea Choir, please visit

Virtuous viewers, thank you for your company today on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television. Coming up next is Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, after Noteworthy News. May your pious devotion to God be adorned by the smiles of Heaven.
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