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The images in the following program are very sensitive and may be as disturbing to viewers as they were to us. However, we have to show the truth about cruelty to animals.

Today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants will be presented in French, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai and Spanish.

Concerned viewers this is the Stop Animal Cruelty series on Supreme Master Television. In his latest book entitled “The Meat Industry Threatens our World,” Fabrice Nicolino, a French journalist, author and environmental advocate explores the history of the bloody and violent livestock industry.

The people, the public needs to know exactly where meat comes from and how the animals are treated.

We delegate it in fact to men and women who are far removed from us, geographically, socially, and mentally. We delegate them to treat the animals as objects. We delegate them to take care of killing the animals in slaughterhouses and we don’t want to see that.

“As long as there will be slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” I agree 100% with that. I think that there is a deep link, symbolic and mental, between slaughterhouses, this terrible way of treating the animals, and the dreadful way that humans are treated in certain crises, in certain appalling wars.

The book, published in late 2009, has received great attention in France as it is the first work ever in French that investigates the nation’s factory farms. In the book Mr. Nicolino also analyzes the production of animal products across the globe and concludes that the entire system is a clear and present danger to the survival of humanity and our planet.

The people who create this system want to earn money of course. We return to the start of the animal production science; they were wondering how to make the most money possible from these animals. How can we do it?

So, to get there, it is relatively simple, they ignore the needs of the animal. The animal cannot exist anymore as a living being, because a living being, whether animal or human, has a need to move, has a need to run, has a need to go outside, has a need to enter again, needs to have friends, needs time, needs to breathe air outside, needs to do nothing – all things which are incompatible with factory farming. It is incompatible.

The sickening truth behind the meat industry is purposely hidden from the world; many people are simply not aware that the neatly packaged corpse for sale was once an actual living being that was inhumanely raised and then murdered.

I’ve been asking myself and I’m asking myself and I’m asking everybody, “How could we end up treating living beings like this?” That’s an extremely important question to me. I think that we’ve deprived these animals of all reality.

On a dairy factory farm there is absolutely no consideration for the welfare of the cow. She is continually impregnated through artificial insemination and repeatedly injected with hormones to force her to produce unnatural quantities of milk, with utterly devastating health consequences such as mastitis, a painful inflammation of the mammary glands.

A calf, for instance, if you let it live the life of a calf, a little calf, it will stay to suckle its mum for eight months. Do you realize that? Eight months is a very long time. On factory farms, the same calf is taken away from its mum after one or maximum two days. The mum continues her lactation, continues to have milk in her teats of course, so the milk is taken. By the way, know that between 1945 and today, we moved from 2,000 liters of milk annually provided by one cow to 12,000 liters of milk so it has been multiplied by six; it’s colossal.

At the end of their short, anguished and pained lives, the dairy cows are mercilessly slaughtered for pet food or hamburger meat. Female calves are sentenced to a same fate as their mother, while male calves are usually kept completely immobilized and later killed only after a few months of life. Veal is the flesh of a horrifically abused, frightened baby cow and another unconscionable by-product of the dairy industry.

They take the calf, lock it up, restrain it in the dark and prevent nearly any movement, why? For a very simple reason: if he moves, if the animal is able to move, he will of course move his muscles and if he moves his muscles, the meat will not be white anymore, but risks becoming pink.

And the meat industry, the industry will tell you straight, without flinching, that the consumers want white calf’s meat. To make sure it is white, the animal cannot move. So the animal is locked in the dark, and the life, not even a life, is that! He is locked in the dark and he cannot move his hooves.

Countless animals are murdered every day in the name of profit and greed. Mr. Nicolino next speaks about the severely detrimental effects of this non-stop slaughter on humanity.

In France, we kill more than a billion farmed animals every year, to feed the French people. More than one billion and they are not only killed but killed in terrible and barbaric conditions. So, this outbreak of barbarity in a society with a peaceful appearance, a democratic appearance, a happy appearance, well what consequences does that have exactly?

I consider that with factory farming, with the meat industry, the human psychology, the human psyche, has been touched in the heart, deeply, extremely deeply. I think that without us realizing it, by accepting the way the farmed animals are treated, we have cut off in fact a notable part of our humanity. I think that the consequences are extraordinarily serious, but that we are absolutely not aware.

Mr. Nicolino does sees hope for a transformation of humanity that finally ends the violence.

Factory farming has existed only a few dozen years. So, what has been done, what has been knitted, can be undone the other way, that’s for sure and certain. Obviously, that cannot be done in a blink of an eye either.

We need a social mobilization, a mobilization of the society that will put forward other values and at the forefront of those values, respect for animals, respect for their physiological rhythm, respect for their mental needs, because animals have mental needs, have psychological needs, they are not inert pieces, they need a certain number of things. So a big scale social movement, which rises with new values, among which is respect for animals.

We salute Mr. Fabrice Nicolino for his work that is calling to the attention of the people of France and beyond that we immediately need a new era filled with peace and loving care of all animals. May this beautiful time soon come to pass.

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“The Meat Industry Threatens Our World” is available at

Thank you for being with us today on Stop Animal Cruelty. Please join us next Tuesday for Part 2 of our interview with Fabrice Nicolino. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News. May all humanity adopt the compassionate organic vegan diet to protect all life.

Dr. Gary Steiner, a university professor and author from the US, calls himself an “ethical vegan,” meaning he believes humanity has a moral obligation towards all .animals.

I really want to separate the question of what people feel like doing or what people think they can accommodate in their lives. I want to separate that kind of question from what I think is a moral question, which is, do we have a right? Are we entitled to eat animals? And I want to be very, very clear that, in my judgment, we don’t have that right.

Learn more of Dr. Steiner's perspective on animal and human relations on “Dr. Gary Steiner – A Vegan Diet is a Moral Obligation” this Friday and Saturday, February 19 and 20, on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants.
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