Science & Spirituality Harmony and Self-Realization through the Sound of the Planets - P1/2 (In German)    
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Today’s Science and Spirituality will be presented in German, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Perceptive viewers, welcome to another edition of Science and Spirituality. Everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies and as many spiritual and religious traditions teach, vibration is our core. The cosmos is a huge orchestra in which every planet, every entity, even the tiniest particle, plays its harmonious part. And on this vibrational level, everything is connected. Since ancient times, music has played a vital role in bringing us well-being and joy, reminding us of our very essence and of our own tune in the cosmos. Music creates resonance, consonance, unity and harmony with all life.

The Pythagoreans, or followers of the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, believed that all the planets in the heavens have their own melodies related to each other by musical intervals, while moving in symphonic orbits. They called it the “music of the spheres.” The planets in our Solar System are closely interrelated with our lives. Some say they determine the unique vibrational frequency each of us possesses at the time of our birth. In modern music therapy, trained practitioners are using planetary sounds that are replicated by tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, gongs, etc. to facilitate their clients’ self-healing.

The Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center, in Immenstadt, Germany offers Phonophorese therapy, also known as sonopuncture, services as well as classes in the field. The highly innovative Kosmoton vibration couch was developed there. This week we invite you to meet Anne Oberhofer, an experienced Phonophorese therapist at the Center who will introduce the fascinating music of the planetary spheres. In this two-part program we will find out about some of the procedures done at the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center that are designed to bring the body back into tune with the universe through the use of physical vibrations and how the treatments constructively affect the health and spirits of the Center’s clients.

To start, Anne Oberhofer explains how Phonophorese therapy is performed with tuning forks.

The goal of Phonophorese or tuning fork therapy is to work with vibrations, either through the ear in the energy field, in the aura, or by placing the tuning fork on meridians, on acupuncture points, on trigger points, on the muscle and also on the bone. It is a very gentle method which puts the body in a gentle, perceptible vibration. Everything consists of vibration. Everything consists of energy and everything is connected to each other. This law of nature is the basis of the Phonophorese Sound and Vibration Therapy.

Our well-being and our health are closely related to how well we resonate to the rhythm of life, especially to our own individual pattern of life. The therapeutic technique we are recommending gives the body the necessary information, i.e. resonance or frequency, whatever you might call it, which is necessary to restore or rehabilitate its own energy balance. For example, we pass a resonance frequency into the out of tune or dis-eased part of the body. By doing this we can restore or rebalance the vibrational pattern.

Could you please explain to our viewers in greater detail what planetary vibrations are all about?

The science of planetary vibrations is as old as human history. In recent times it has been traced back to the philosopher Pythagoras who said, “Everything in the universe is vibration.” We use the planetary vibrations of the Kosmoton Primal Sounds CD which are based on the so-called primordial principles, which are the building blocks of our lives and all life forms. The planetary sounds can be calculated from the data of the orbital period of each planet. The Moon and Earth sounds can also be calculated from the orbital period.

And who discovered these calculations?

They were calculated by the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto and you can read about it in his book, which was published in 1984, “The Cosmic Octave.” The period of rotation and the orbital period of a planet around the sun can be calculated by the law of the octave and thereby be brought to the audible range or the visible range, the color spectrum. And that’s what was utilized in order to develop these tuning forks. We can hear the sound. You can’t hear the song of the planets, but you can experience it.

If I have one of these tuning forks, that means, if it’s the corresponding planet, I can, so to speak, hear the song of that planet, but just on a different frequency. But is it the same vibration?

Yes, it’s simply translated into an audible range of octaves.

So would you say that these vibrations have a harmonizing effect? What is the special effect of these planetary vibrations? Why are they so beneficial?

Because they simply reflect the basic structure of the human body. Everything is contained in everything. And everything in the universe is vibration. If these vibrations are present, they also have an effect on us. They have been in existence since the beginning of time and we were born with these vibrations or the basic structure of this vibration. We fall out of this vibration through stress, through cosmic radiation, through electrosmog, through all these environmental conditions. And because of this, the body forgets its basic pattern, its original frequency. And the wonderful thing about these planetary sounds or planetary vibrations is that we can play it back. And your body will simply remember its original frequency again. It’s as if you suddenly meet an old friend again and you say: “Oh yes, that’s how you used to be. And it is nice to see you again.”

There are many different kinds of tuning forks used at the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center, each with their own unique purpose and function.

At the moment we’re working with 37 tuning forks.

And what kinds are they?

First, there are the planetary tuning forks. They also include the Moon and Earth sounds. And those are the harmonic tuning forks which we have developed this year, based on the Pythagorean tuning. Each tuning fork has its own specific characteristics and depending on the application and fork, can reach the psychological or physical body. You can experience that your own body is an orchestra. And that is a wonderfully uplifting experience.

Some vibrations flow deep (into the body). Some are rejected by the body. And some energies are swallowed up. You can really feel the vibration entering and spreading throughout the body. Right now I can give you only a few examples of its many applications. Vibrational therapy can alleviate fears, remove restlessness, hyperactivity in children, diseases, blockages and there is much more that can be mitigated or resolved.

For example (it is used for the) easing of tension and back pains, which is often used on athletes. It also has a therapeutic effect on bones, joints and all the trigger points. We use it to strengthen the immune system. We can dissolve interference from scar tissue and injuries and not only in the mental, but also in physical area. We also use it for sleep disorders or for constant tiredness and for concentration disorders. It is a gentle alternative which is also suitable for children, for babies, or anybody with fear of needles.

Ms. Oberhofer says each person has their own distinctive vibrational pattern that was set by their star sign and their ascendant or the star sign rising over the horizon at the time of their birth.

Mental blockages, or the illnesses they may cause, are always due to the body being out of tune. A further possibility is of course to play your very personal vibrational pattern. That is really the fundamental vibration of your life. If we know your birth dates, we know your star sign, we know your ascendant, that means we know the constellation of all the planets at the time of your birth. And this can of course be wonderfully done by tuning into the vibration with the tuning forks through hearing and additionally putting these vibrations onto the (Kosmoton) couch. That means you’re lying in your own vibration pattern. That’s really wonderful.

Ms. Oberhofer now demonstrates how a client with Parkinson’s disease, a condition often marked by uncontrollable shaking of the body, is treated using physical vibrations from planetary tuning forks that correspond to his astrological sign.

So, now we start. With Mr. Holzschuh, I have used the primordial principles at the beginning stages of our treatment. In the case of Parkinson’s they are Saturn and Uranus. Mr. Holzschuh has been coming for a year now, and we started at the beginning with his star sign and his ascendant. And that is Aquarius and Capricorn. And Saturn and Uranus are the respective planets which correspond in the archetypal medicine with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Here both even fit together. And now we start purging the body of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) wind damage. Because wind damage represents the lungs. And this in turn is also critical for the shaking, for problems with movement, for motor dysfunction. And there are some acupuncture points, which we worked on last week, and today we continue there.

The therapy lasts at least for two to two and a half hours, so that we can stimulate these points slowly. That’s what I’m doing now. The vibration which I apply will be the Schumann vibration, because Schumann will boost this harmony in him. He will be in an absolute state of calmness.

On the couch I always use the Schumann I frequency for Mr. Holzschuh. just because it promotes a state of deep relaxation, as you can see, so that all muscles can relax completely and he can really recuperate for one hour. Mr. Holzschuh, that’s it for today. How do you feel?

Good, very good!

Now you are really relaxed again.

Everything is relaxed!

Everything is relaxed. And very still. That must feel very nice for you. For one hour without the usual symptoms... that is of course very important. That is also very good. That is very important for you.

I feel like a new man!

Thank you! That’s nice.

Our appreciation Anne Oberhofer, for your introduction to the work of the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center and the science of planetary sounds. Indeed, Phonophorese therapy is an intriguing art that showcases the close relationship between science and spirituality.

For more details on the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center, please visit

Cordial viewers, please join us again next Monday, August 8, on Science and Spirituality for the conclusion of our two-part program on planetary vibrations and Phonophorese therapy.

Thank you for your presence today on our program. Words of Wisdom is coming up next, after Noteworthy News. May the Word of God forever resonate within us.
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