Science & Spirituality Harmony and Self-Realization through the Sound of the Planets - P2/2 (In German)    
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Today’s Science and Spirituality will be presented in German, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

Everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies and as many spiritual and religious traditions teach, vibration is our core. The cosmos is a huge orchestra in which every planet, every entity, even the tiniest particle, plays its harmonious part. And on this vibrational level, everything is connected. Since ancient times, music has played a vital role in bringing us well-being and joy, reminding us of our very essence and of our own tune in the cosmos. Music creates resonance, consonance, unity and harmony with all life.

The Pythagoreans, or followers of the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, believed that all the planets in the heavens have their own melodies related to each other by musical intervals, while moving in symphonic orbits. They called it the “music of the spheres.” The planets in our Solar System are closely interrelated with our lives. Some say they determine the unique vibrational frequency each of us possesses at the time of our birth. In modern music therapy, trained practitioners are using planetary sounds that are replicated by tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, gongs, etc. to facilitate their clients’ self-healing.

The Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center, in Immenstadt, Germany offers Phonophorese therapy, also known as sonopuncture, services as well as classes in the field. The highly innovative Kosmoton vibration couch was developed there by Michael Schmiedel. In this concluding episode of our two-part program, we will find out about planetary vibration therapy using the couch and hear from therapists who say the device helps bring their clients back in tune with the cosmos.

Michael Schmiedel and Anne Oberhofer, both experienced Phonophorese therapists working at the Center, now give background on the Kosmoton vibration couch and its many functions.

The concept for our sound and vibration couch stems from our Phonophorese therapy training. Originally, we developed it as a supporting feature to our tuning fork treatments. But very soon it turned out to be an independent instrument, functioning on its own. We can use the couch for many, many alternative tasks. We can use it in sound therapy. We can use it merely as a vibration couch.

There are many, many ways of using it. Our foremost thought for it, though, was to take the vibrations or the sounds out of the audible range, and into the range that can no longer be acoustically heard. Because we noticed again and again: Especially the deep vibrations have a very intense effect on the human subconscious. You only feel this vibration, you do not hear it. We just bypass the ear and let the vibrations flow directly into the body.

In developing the Kosmoton Sound and Vibration Couch, four levels of vibration technology, among others, have been taken into account:

Acoustic sound vibration

The first level is the acoustic sound vibration. The second level is the mechanical vibration. The third level is the magnetic field. And the fourth level is the electromagnetic vibration. On the first level, that of the acoustic sound vibration, the Kosmoton Sound and Vibration Couch was developed in a way that turns the body of the person on the couch into a sounding box. A “sounding box” means like (the cavity) in a guitar, a drum or a piano. The instrument only comes alive through its sounding box. The Kosmoton Sound and Vibration Couch puts us in a deep meditative state. This leads to a general calming of the brain waves or the brain activity, which in turn is accompanied by deep relaxation, as well as stress relief, enhanced creativity and a sense of self-awareness. It is possible to bypass the brain and the ear and directly access the subconscious with primal tones and sounds.

Mechanical vibration

Secondly, through the mechanical vibration, the vibrations are brought into the body through the Kosmoton Sound and Vibration Couch. Since a human being consists of 70 % water, and water is an excellent carrier of vibrations, the therapeutic and relaxing vibrations easily reach every muscle, every joint, every organ and cell. Thus, through the subtle mechanical vibrations of the Kosmoton Sound and Vibration Couch, we are prompting the natural vibration of the organs in our body at a very exact frequency, which in turn builds up into resonant energy there and counteracts vibrational deficits or imbalances, in turn replenishing necessary energy.

Magnetic field

Thirdly, a strong, static, permanent magnetic field is integrated into the Kosmoton Sound and Vibration Couch. Which is also permanent, i.e. it is always there, even when the couch has been turned off. It represents the cosmic power in its original state, as it can be found everywhere in nature. Just like the Earth is a giant magnet with a North and South pole, in the Chinese teachings this can be expressed as Yin and Yang with the energy flow, the Qi. With the help of a magnetic field, the cell metabolism improves considerably, and at the same time the amount of oxygen in the blood also increases. And dwindling cell energy necessarily leads to decreased capacity to resist.

Electromagnetic vibration

As for number four: the electromagnetic vibration: For the electromagnetic vibration, the findings of Professor Max Born were used. Max Born proved the lattice space structure, the structural makeup of crystals, with the atoms being the building blocks of the space lattices. The lattices are shaped according to a fixed law:

You can assume that all beings with all their organs are made up of different space lattices. If a lattice system enters an external field of tension, the atoms shift in one direction, while the electrons shift in the other. Through the influence of external forces, these lattices could shift against each other and then fall back into their original position.

External fields of tension, such as electrosmog, stress, mechanical impacts like force, accidents, acoustic impairment, noise, thermal load, heat, cold, artificial light, poisoning through toxins, such as amalgam, chemical substances etc. as well as thought energy… these produce an energetic field of tension. If these elastic movements of the lattices remain blocked, tense, for a longer period of time, these tensions will manifest and functional disorders, also called blockages, develop in that part of the human body. By using acoustic, mechanical as well as electromagnetic vibrations, blocked crystal lattices are freed from, shaken out of their blockages due to their electromagnetic properties, so they will again vibrate in their own original, healthy and natural frequency.

Let us now see a brief treatment session using the couch and how the client feels after the experience.

You may lie down now and relax completely. For counterbalance, I have put a shungite stone on your head, because I know that it has a strong effect on you. As usual, we begin with the liver Qi blockage. Today, we would like to eliminate the interference field of your scars. Scars on the body can stem from a psychological level or be completely visible scars, caused by an injury. The removal of injuries and scars on the physical level through outer bodily harms or internal illnesses should be removed again and again. Internal illnesses: This could for instance be in the case of meningitis, that scars are left on the brain, and these also should be harmonized. For clearing or harmonizing scars, I will use the geomagnetic field tuning fork. And injuries are always the archetypal principles of Uranus. This is the vibration that we will put on the couch.

Are you doing well? As a counterbalance, again against possible physical imbalances, I am harmonizing the entire body’s energy field. Thank you.

It’s a pity. That was a very short (session).

Next time a little longer.

Thank you.

You may get up now. How are you feeling? What about your feet?

Somehow they feel totally light. Well, it all feels as if it was somehow harmonious again, well, alright. Harmonious.

And you did not feel any pain, directly on your scar?

No, not at all. Neither on this side, nor on the other.

That is good. That is good. Because sometimes you might have a tingling feeling, if the scars are totally blocked. Then we did well.

I had a sense of deep relaxation that I have not had for a long time when you were harmonizing my entire energy field. I felt that somehow I am falling into myself. I felt very relaxed.

Yes, those are the deep frequencies that really bring you into total relaxation. The Terrana tuning fork has the vibration of the black tourmaline (stone). It is especially deep and it simply balances. So the body feels this in the energy field just the same as if I am applying the tuning forks.

I am also somehow feeling as if everything was more big and free, somehow. Very pleasant, I must say.

Like soothing music, the calming effect of planetary sound vibrations imitate the inner sound of Heaven that we all can experience if we practice the Quan Yin method of meditation. Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken on many occasions about the Divine nature of the inner sound.

We contemplate and listen to the inner Sound and see the inner Light. That is our Godly nature; it’s more beneficial. Outer music is also helpful somehow to most of the people when they don’t even meditate. It’s relaxing people’s mind; also sometimes relaxing your mind. It’s good. It’s good. But inner Music will liberate the soul, see?

It’s a different thing. (Thank you, Master.) Yes, the benefit of the people, like musicians and all that, they do have. They earn their merit for helping people to relax, but nothing compared to the meditation on the Light and the Sound of God, your own original glorious nature. It’s different. (Thank you, Master.)

At the conclusion of our visit to the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center, we presented Anne Oberhofer with a copy of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international best-selling book, “The Noble Wilds.”

The Noble Wilds. Very beautiful. The Swan. “We do not have to use verbal language, we communicate in silence. We communicate through vibrations." Oh, it is very beautifully designed! Thank you. I had not expected, of course, that I would even be given a present. Very beautiful photos. I would like to thank your channel for having taken the time for this interview, so that I can share my great dream about what vibrations can do in our lives. Thank you.

Thank you Anne Oberhofer and Michael Schmiedel, for acquainting us with the Kosmoton vibration couch and its varied uses to enhance your clients’ well-being. Through your kind introduction to Phonophorese therapy, we see it is an intriguing art that showcases the close relationship between science and spirituality. We wish you both the very best in your future noble endeavors.

For more details on the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center, please visit

Blessed viewers, thank you for your gentle presence on this week’s edition of Science and Spirituality. Words of Wisdom is coming up next, after Noteworthy News. May we all connect with Heaven’s vibrations each day.
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