SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY Dr. Konstantin Korotkov: Seeing the Unseen With Electrophotonics - P2/3    
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The seers, the sages, and the pure in the heart can see our aura. If we do something right, we are God-realized, we are God-loving and one with God, our aura is golden, it’s brilliant. If we do something wrong, we hurt other people emotionally, physically, or mentally, or spiritually, our aura is dark. People can see us. We cannot cheat. That's why we have to keep ourselves beautiful.

Welcome to this week’s Science and Spirituality where, in the second in a three-part series, we highlight the highly intriguing work of Russian biophysicist, inventor, and pioneer of the innovative scientific field called electrophotonics, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

One of the instruments to measure energy are bioelectrography instruments. It was in 1777 when a German physicist found that in electrical fields, you can see light coming from some subjects. It is all related to electricity and photons. Our team was able to transform this to a new stage. So it is transformation from photography to digital computer processing, and digital analysis.

In electrophotonics, after 15 years, of development, we have developed it to a very high technological status using a lot of computer processing. All the information that we have is based on non-linear mathematics for modern image processing.

The Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique invented by Dr. Korotkov allows for the real-time study of energy fields, or auras, emanating from humans and other objects. In today’s discussion, he’ll cover some of the properties of these energy fields as well as explore the realms of consciousness and intention. In his scientific investigations Dr. Korotkov has discovered that the energy field that each of us has varies in size by time of day. He now explains more.

We have a notion of cycle of activity for everybody. Typically, we start from a low amplitude and go to a high amplitude during the day, then we come to a low amplitude again by 5, 6 PM. It’s a normal, typical cycle related to the activity of the sun. So it’s related to light and of course the cycle’s good when the person’s in good health. When there are some disturbances, for example, you change your time by flying or you change your time by some different behavior or you don’t sleep at night, you work hard at night, you drink, you smoke, then of course it can change the cycle. So for healthy people, for children, the cycle is very clearly presented.

One way to expand our energy field is through exposure to the sun.

Everything that we have around us, they originate from the sun, from photons. Because plants receive photons, they use water and air, and they create matter. So of course the sun is one of the obligatory essences for our life.

Studies by many renowned scientists have shown that our intentions or thoughts are enormously powerful and affect our energy field as well as the energy fields of those around us. Dr. Korotkov has performed much research regarding this phenomenon.

Energy is one of the key notions of science. Energy can transform from one form to another. We now have the understanding that we can generate our inner energy by our mental intention, by our mental force. And this of course is a topic of new science, new biophysics, and we are developing this both from the conceptual point of view and from the practical point of view, from instrumentations. We are really the masters of our energy field and our energy field strongly depends on anxiety, on stress.

So if people have inner anxiety, if they’re troubled about something all the time, if they have negative emotions, negative thoughts, then it will have a tremendous influence on their energy field. So you can change your own inner world. You can come to inner peace. You can get rid of negative thoughts, negative emotions. Then you may have a really strong energy field. And the first indications, those are dreams. If you have positive dreams, interesting dreams, then you are in a positive state.

Some people have a very strong, powerful energy field and if they send negative information, then this negative information may have a tremendous influence on other people. So it is very important to understand that by our intention, by our mood, we influence the world, we influence other people and we can really change the conditions of other people around ourselves. We have a lot of experiments on how people interact with each other and how they influence each other.

And we really can measure how people change other’s energy field with their own energy field. We can tell about the energy of love. If it is conditional love, or unconditional love, then it has a tremendous influence on the energy field and the well-being of a person. Now it is proven in many experiments that when children are raised up in love, they are much more healthy, much more established in their life compared with children who are raised up without care, without real love. So it is experimentally proven.

Science now acknowledges the existence of a vast ocean of cosmic energy that embraces all the planets, stars, moons and celestial objects in the universe. The same energy field – sometimes referred to as an intelligent, cosmic consciousness – connects us to everyone and everything else in the cosmos.

Now in the 21st century, we finally started developing the science of consciousness.

A lot of people with a high spiritual level, high consciousness level, have very strong, very powerful energy fields. When people achieve this level of consciousness, they create for themselves very good energy fields. You can do it in real life, everyday life. It’s possible. Then you’ll have the same type of energy field as the most sacred saint.

Through the operation of the conscious sea of energy around us, the entire universe manifests and unfolds according to our thoughts, dreams, ideas and intentions. In the Bible, our heavenly nature is affirmed in the following verse: “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.” (Psalm 82:6). We are truly participants in the evolution of the universe, our world and the space we occupy in the vastness of the material dimension. Dr. Korotkov’s work makes us aware that our focused intentions play an important role in influencing physical reality and the direction of our world.

And in our research, we have a lot of experiments where we try to prove that our intention, our conscience has an absolutely direct influence on the world. It’s a new line of science that is trying to prove that our consciousness has an absolutely clear influence on generations. So how you raise your children, in which condition, not material, but consciousness condition, spiritual condition, will influence their development, and their lifespan. So consciousness may have an influence on energy. Consciousness may change the material world. And this is a very, very important message for humankind, for people to get this understanding that with our consciousness, we really govern our world.

Dr. Korotkov is also the author and co-author of several books, including “Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Science,” “Science, Aura and Consciousness: New Stage of Scientific Understanding” and “Light after Life.” “Light after Life” takes a close look at the afterlife.

I have a special book published, “Light after Life.” And it’s published in different languages. It was a big series of experiments in human energy, in life stages and what would be the transformation of energy after death.

It was inspired by a book of Raymond Moody who describes the process of transition from life to death. So we did a series of experiments in a clinical environment with a big team of doctors supervising this process. And it was found that after death, we have this transformation of energy. So it’s not the end of everything. It is transformation. We can tell about transition from life to death. We can tell about threshold, when people transform to another state. And now we know that there are a lot of cases when people can pass this threshold, but then come back.

So it was found that energy has the cycle of transformation after death. And it finally comes to some inanimate state. So we interpreted this as a process of separation between our informational self or between our soul and physical body. It takes several days, it depends on different conditions. And this is a process of separation. In all religious traditions, that is the process of how people separate from this world to another world.

Those who study reports of near death experiences also state that death is a transition – the end of one journey and the beginning of another. This matches what those who practice meditation say regarding the soul leaving the body on the physical plane and entering the astral plane or higher.

I’ve been discussing with people in Tibet, in India who practice this journey to another state. They tell that it’s possible to travel outside of the body. You can train your spirit, your soul to travel outside of the body. But please don’t try to go to another abode.

For any spiritual practice, of course you need a teacher. And this is an oriental tradition, to have a good teacher.

We try to establish a bridge between western science, our understanding of nature and oriental wisdom.

We’re grateful to you, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, for opening new avenues to scientific research connecting the physical and unseen worlds of energy, cosmic consciousness and intentions. Your research has shown that as we delve more deeply into the profound nature of science, we come face to face with our spiritual essence, our higher self.

For more information on Dr. Korotkov, please visit

Dr. Korotkov’s book "Light after Life: A Scientific Journey into the Spiritual World" is available at

Thoughtful viewers, please join us again next Monday on Science and Spirituality, when we’ll conclude our discussion with Dr. Korotkov. Thank you for your presence today on our program. Up next on Supreme Master Television is Words of Wisdom, after Noteworthy News. May virtue and beauty always fill our world.
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