What the Animals Tell Me: Renowned Telepathic Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick - P3/3    
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Hallo, amiable viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. On today’s program we present the conclusion of a three-part series featuring Sonya Fitzpatrick, one of the most widely recognized and respected telepathic animal communicators in the world.

She has worked with clients from around the globe, including Hollywood actress Tori Spelling and vegan talk show host and actress Ellen DeGeneres and is the author of several popular books including “What the Animals Tell Me,” and “Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick also hosts a weekly call-in radio show called “Animal Intuition” on Sirius Satellite Radio and previously hosted a series on the television channel Animal Planet called “The Pet Psychic.” The UK-born Ms. Fitzpatrick currently lives in Texas, USA with five dog and 12 cat companions as well as a family of frogs.

Why I love working with animals is because they don’t carry any baggage and they’re very honest and they’re very straight. They’re not complicated. Human beings complicate everything, don’t they, at times, some of them. Animals don’t. They’re just wonderful to work with. They always have love, they are always honest. And I much prefer working with animals than humans.

Let us now hear about the emotional lives of animals from Sonya Fitzpatrick. For example, do animals experience grief in the same way we do?

The thing is, they feel stronger than people do. They have very strong emotions. When a dog dies, when an animal dies in the house, the other animals grieve. They’re grieving. They miss that animal. They miss the animal being around just like a human does. It takes them time, and sometimes they never get over it.

Now this little girl had two Spaniards, and they were really, really close. And Daisy died. And then Sally went and laid by the grave. She wouldn’t eat. In a week, she died of starvation. She couldn’t live without the dog. And that is very strong emotions. They feel everything.

Do the animals sometimes get frustrated with their human companions?

They get depressed and the frustration sometimes comes out in different ways. With the birds, they’ll peck their feathers out. They haven’t got anyone to talk to. And if you get a kitten, get two cats, not one. They always have company with each other. And they always have each other to be with. But if you get only one cat, then you suddenly leave her for hours and hours on end, and she gets depressed. They get frustrated. They don’t understand why they are being left. Or you have a dog, and you just suddenly put him out in the yard, and they never have any interaction. It’s so hard and cruel to do that to them.

I always say to people, “Put yourself in the animal’s place, and see how you would feel. That’s the best way you can do it. How would you feel if you were in a cage all day? Some people go out and leave their animal in a tiny cage all day.

Ms. Fitzpatrick can converse inside with amphibians and reptiles as well. She rescued some frog friends she discovered languishing away in a retail store and has a wonderful relationship with them.

They were suffocating in a little container. So many of them were dead. And so I gently got the ones that were alive, put them on the cart, got a big tank and a pump, because they needed to live not just in a jar. They'll die in a jar. They need oxygen. And I'm coming through the checkout and the woman said to me, "Oh you don't want to take those. They're nearly dead.” And I just looked at her, and I said to her, “That is why I'm taking them. I'm hoping that they're going to survive.”

And now, I've had them for seven years. And they're a big part of my family. They live in my kitchen. I talk to them every morning. And they are intelligent. And they have great love for each other. I mean, they have taught me a lot since I’ve had them because I've never lived with frogs so close before. I had always loved frogs outside, but I had never actually lived with these frogs. And they came into my life and they are very important to me now.

They love each other. They understand. I talk to them and they come up. And they look at me. They know when the food is going in. And sometimes I’d perhaps be rushing around and I haven’t always fed them, you don’t have to feed them every day, and sometimes if I don’t feed them every day, they get upset about it. And I hear them telling me in my shower, “We need food!”

So I will come and give them food. But when I’m living with the animals, I’m usually watching TV. They’re watching TV with me. And they understand a lot of TV too. Your emotions, your feelings are going up when you’re watching a film, and they understand it.

Do you think being vegetarian or vegan is helpful in communicating with animals?

Yes, eating meat is deadening. It’s dead flesh. It holds you down. Spiritually, it holds you down. And I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be as accurate and as good at what I do. I always say to people, “It is not I that does this. I receive and transmit. I receive the animal’s language.” I can’t take credit for that. It’s just that I find that by not eating meat, that I’m lighter. To me, there is no difference between eating a cat to me than eating a cow.

How do they help humanity, (Love) the animals?

All the time you see animals going into nursing homes, and they’re helping people. They make people feel joyful when they stroke an animal, their blood pressure goes down. They say people who have animals, their blood pressure is lower than people who don’t have animals. So we feel the love. They’re putting love out all the time. And they teach people to love. I think that’s the incredible thing.

People love their animals; some people love their animals with a passion. They love them more than any other human being. And so therefore they teach us how to love. They’re constantly putting out love, and we feel love for them. So I think that’s a very important thing, the fact that animals do teach us love, because that’s what the universe wants.

I mean the Beatles wrote that song, “All the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love,” and that’s exactly right. That’s the message that they give to me. To the world, love is the most important thing, and that’s the message from the animals that they give out. Love is the most important thing. And it is.

What can we do to help the animals?

If we see an animal in distress, get up, do something, and help him. That’s what we can do. You see a dog walking along the road or a cat in distress, help her. If you see a wild animal in distress, there are all these wonderful places that people run and work with possums and raccoons. And you can get them to a facility where they can be helped if they’re injured, or a bird has a wing that’s broken.

I picked a bird up once, it was a big pelican actually, a pelican type bird. And she had a fishing hook in her wing. So we went out and we threw a blanket over her. And we held onto her beak so she couldn’t bite. And I took her in the garage and I had this chair with an iron back. And she sat there all night. And the next morning we phoned up the bird sanctuary and we asked them, “Could we come in?” They said “Yes.” They mended the bird’s wing.

They found out where I picked the bird up, they brought her back and they let her go. And I was walking my dogs the next day, and that bird circled around me, barely just over my head and thanked me, and went away. That’s how intelligent and how much they know.

I always say that’s what feeds people’s souls is when they do something for an animal or they do something for a human being. It makes you feel so good. It’s a wonderful feeling. Love is the most important thing in the universe. Love for each other. Love for the animals. Love for the environment. Love for everything.

In a February 2005 gathering of our Association members in Hungary, Supreme Master Ching Hai discussed an episode of Sonya Fitzpatrick’s program “The Pet Psychic” she had viewed where Ms. Fitzpatrick explained why a dog was not well.

The animal world is fascinating, fascinating. If you can talk to the animals, they tell you a lot of things. There was one show in America, when I was there. There was a psychic, an animal psychic. She can talk to dogs, dogs or other animals. And it was a live show. They bring different dogs there. And then one time, the owner was asking why his dog had been sick, like tired and not active anymore. And the doctor didn't know what was wrong.

So the psychic concentrated and talked to the dog. And then she said that “Your dog tells you that, because you use all these chemicals to clean the house, so he cannot bear it, and he's sick. So he begs you not to clean with the chemicals anymore.” And at that moment, that dog went and put the paw into her hand, you know, like “Shake hands.”

That dog never knew her before. He came to her and then put the paw on her arm. It was very touching. The dog came to her and put the paw on her arm, in her hand, like that. And then, oh, it was very touching. At the moment she finished the sentence, he came and did that. And it's so obvious, you know? (Thank You for telling us.) Thank you! Ah, he was so happy.

Many thanks to you, Sonya Fitzpatrick, for sharing these fascinating insights about the inner lives of our animal co-inhabitants. Your work builds a bridge of better understanding between us and our animal friends, helping to create greater peace and harmony in our world. May Heaven forever bless you, and all the animals.

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I’m Sonya Fitzpatrick.
Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Thank you, tender-hearted viewers, for your company today on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. May all beings know true happiness in a vibrant vegan world.
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